9-0 Georgia Bulldogs went to Auburn on the road us as the # 1 team in the nation in the College Football Official Playoff Poll and we NOT ONLY LOST we got BLOWN-OUT @ Auburn 17-40. Auburn was a Top 10 team November 11 when we played them there too. They told us the reason why we had to play there twice in a row was to balance SEC schedule SEC West teams vs SEC East teams. Now Auburn wants us back at their home on even years not odd years. Fine play 2 games @ Sanford in a row now and don’t give me any shit about it.

Auburn was a Top 10 team at home November 11 when they welcomed us to their stadium us as the undefeated # 1 team in the nation.  That was a HUGE ADVANTAGE for Auburn to have us there.  In fact Auburn does not beat us anywhere but there.


That is the ONLY time we have EVER been # 1 in the College Football Playoff Official Poll.  We were on a roll.  We were the best team in the nation.  If Auburn does not have 2 home games against Georgia and Alabama they NEVER are in The SEC Championship Game.


Now that that stretch is OVER Auburn having Alabama and Georgia at their house now they want to change it all.  Fine.  Play here twice in a row at our house and pay that debt back fair-is-fair and I am happy to play any God Damn day you want to play anywhere anytime.  Otherwise go screw yourself Auburn.


58-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry


Fair is fair God Damn it.  And unfair is unfair.  We get 2 games in a row @ Sanford or NO you will play this current schedule until the cows come home.


I am sick and tired of being taken advantage of.  And we sit here and rationalize this bullshit.


It is NOT our idea.  It’s Gus Malzahn . So give us our 2 home games in a row or shove it up your ass Gus Malzahn


And get the game out of Jacksonville while you are at it and quit playing Georgia Tech who has not played football after 1957.  Nothing to gain and everything to lose.

# 49 in won/loss record starting 1957 Georgia Tech 383-312-13 how sorry is that ?






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