Paul Johnson and his bullshit flexbone offense is # 43 in won/loss record at Georgia Tech since he got there for the 2008 season. When are folks going to QUIT MAKING EXCUSES for Paul Johnson who has not even been to a bowl game now 2 of the last 3 seasons. He is 61 this year and is 5-7 losing record in bowl games because teams have time to prepare for his chop blocks. Paul Johnson has a LOSING RECORD 9-16 in the STINKING ACC the last 3 years. $ 3.25 million year through 2022 when he would be 66 years old. He’s NOT worth $ 3 and quarter million year. Anywhere else where they cared about football he would be FIRED. A new contract for that ? Bullshit Paul Fish Fry Johnson.

Paul Johnson also PUT Georgia Tech on NCAA Probation 2009 season forcing him to VACATE his 2009 ACC Championship Game win over Clemson.


As we go through this season and TAKE SHIT from EVERYONE about our sorry-assed schedule 2018-2019 remember that I told you this Georgia Tech bullshit football program has NOT PLAYED FOOTBALL after 1957.


61 years of total futility # 49 won/loss record Georgia Tech after 1957.


Why play them ?


They have EVERTYING to win and nothing to lose.


We have EVERYTHING to lose and NOTHING to gain.


We are going to take shit about basically Georgia Tech AGAIN all this year.


If our permanent opponent was Clemson instead of Georgia Tech then we would be deemed as having a GREAT out-of-conference schedule playing # 3 Clemson us # 4 Georgia Bulldogs.


The time when Georgia Tech mattered in college football was a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG time ago – before 1957.


61 years ago.


Georgia Tech doesn’t care about football.  If they did they would NOT KEEP Paul Fish Fry Johnson.


Compare The University of Georgia with the Georgia Institute of Technology.


# 49 won/lost record Georgia Tech after 1957 and getting WORSE yet Paul Johnson new contract :


# 43 Paul Johnson


NCAA Probation Paul Johnson


6.2 wins per year last 61 years after 1957 Georgia Tech

5.1 losses per year last 61 years after 1957 Georgia Tech


How the HELL is that relevant for Georgia Tech in football after 1957 ?


Georgia Tech has gone 6-5 after 1957 in football # 49 team in the nation.







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