Georgia is # 64 career starts of our 2018 offensive line which is # 10 in The SEC

This is an area where Kirby has been particularly successful recruiting top OL and equally particularly pitiful at getting them out there playing preferring the itty-bitty teenie-weenie OL Mark Richt left Kirby behind instead.


Again 2018 like 2016 and 2017, Kirby is NOT starting his big highly-touted OL but preferring his smaller less talented guys who have NO HOPE of ever playing in the NFL.



Alabama has 8 and Clemson has 8 and Georgia has 5 of the top 100 players in America in college football 2018 season according to Sports Illustrated. The facts are EVERYONE has these 3 teams as the top 3 teams 2018. But I am concerned about Kirby passing the ball 2018 again after # 97 for 2016 and # 106 for 2017 season passing the ball. We do have 7 losses Kirby’s first two years averaging 3 and a half losses which is NO BETTER than we FIRED Mark Richt for and he could THROW the forward pass. Kirby can NOT.

Talent at Alabama is better than the talent at Georgia according to EVERY LIST I have seen for 2018 but Georgia is the # 3 most-talented team 2018.  We were right there 2017 too.


Despite all this talent, Kirby’s refusal to ATTEMPT to pass the ball down the field has COST Kirby dearly in years one and two and certainly appears to be our WEAKEST LINK on our team for 2018 as well.


I do have the expectations that Kirby knows this and will 2018 throw the football.


But we DO HAVE the HISTORY of Kirby that Kirby will NOT throw the football in 2018.


James Coley appears to have been promoted to cater to Justin Fields at QB so that we can improve upon :


# 97 passing offense of Jacob Eason 2016 season

# 106 passing offense of Jake Fromm 2017 season


But Kirby HAS RECRUITED THE TALENT to compete with the top 2 teams in the nation 2018 Alabama and Clemson.


However Alabama threw 3 TD passes against Kirby in our last game to beat us and Clemson also is quite adept at passing the ball as well.


Clemson was the # 7 best passing offense in Kirby’s first season as head coach 2016 when he had Jacob Eason at QB.


Clemson just passes the ball much more effectively than Kirby’s teams.


Dabo Swinney  became a head football coach because he was a GREAT WIDE RECEIVER’S COACH.


This is Kirby’s single WEAKEST LINK.


Wide Receivers.


Of course Dabo Swinney was Alabama’s wide receiver.


At Alabama Dabo Swinney lettered 3 years at wide receiver including the national championship 1992 for Alabama.


All Dabo Swinney EVER has done is play and coach wide receivers.


I thought I would share that his alma mater Alabama has MORE TALENT than us this up-coming season and that not only Alabama but that Clemson does as well have better talent 2018 than us but that Kirby is right behind those 2 at # 3 most talent 2018.  However BOTH of them pass the ball better than Kirby – a LOT better.  Kirby does NOT believe in the forward pass.


THAT is the difference in Alabama Clemson and Georgia 2018.  Kirby has to prove he can SHAKE this reputation for his inability to throw the forward pass especially against the top teams who certainly CAN THROW THE FORWARD PASS ON KIRBY.


And did.


And continue to.


And will again 2018.


Unless Kirby can make James Coley make Justin Fields flash his great preeminent arm DOWNFIELD 2018 for a change for Kirby, our season will hang in the balance.  We need our passing game to MAKE-UP for the loss of 20 men from last year’s team who all 20 STARTED for Kirby.


We’ll see.


The season hangs in the balance.





Most underrated UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2018 season ? That is an easy list.

    1. Justin Fields-e Harrison Kennesaw 5-star # 1 prospect in the nation overall # 1 QB nationally 4.51 at 6’3″ and 221 lbs. big boy
    2. JR Reed 6′ 195 DB played as redshirt freshman at Tulsa in 2015. Dad Jake Reed NFL not J.R. Reed NFL db. This is our top recruit’s cousin DeAngelo Gibbs. 
    3. # 2 Athlete Nationally *DeAngelo Gibbs 4.52 Nike 40-yard dash 6’ 2” 204 lbs. Grayson # 25 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 40 overall and # 3 Safety by Composite # 10 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation  Signed Enrolled 1-9-17
    4. # 2 Safety *Richard LeCounte 4.51 Nike 40-yard dash 6′ 1″ 186 lbs. Liberty County Hinesville # 43 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 27 overall by Composite # 11 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation Signed Enrolled 1-9-17
    5. # 3 QB *Jake Fromm 6′ 2″ 203 lbs. Houston Warner Robins # 28 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 46 overall and # 3 PRO QB by Composite Signed Enrolled 1-9-17
    6. # 4 Running Back *D’Andre Swift 5′ 9.5″ 214 lbs. with 4.43 Nike 40-yard dash Philadelphia Joseph’s Prep School # 37 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 36 overall and # 4 RB by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    7. # 4 OG *Netori Johnson 6′ 3.5″ 348 lbs. Cedar Grove # 82 overall and # 5 OG prospect nationally 2017 by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    8. # 6 ILB *Nate McBride 6′ 2″ 225 lbs. 4.53 in 40-yard dash 10.5 in 100 meters Vidalia # 92 overall and # 2 ILB prospect nationally 2017 by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    9. # 7 OT *Isaiah Wilson 6′ 7″ 350 lbs. Brooklyn New York # 42 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 32 overall by Composite # 2 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    10. # 7 OLB *Walter Grant 6′ 4″ 235 lbs. Cairo # 93 overall prospect nationally 2017 Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    11. # 8 DE *Robert Beal 6′ 3.5″ 234 lbs. Norcross IMG Academy Bradenton FL # 74 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 81 overall and # 5 DE by Composite # 4 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    12. # 9 ILB Monty Rice of James Clemens High in Madison ALABAMA 6′ 2″ 228 lbs. Nike 40-yard dash time 4.62 ! the # 221 best overall prospect nationally regardless of position 2017 by 4-Star obviously with that size length and speed and ranks Monty Rice the # 9 Inside Linebacker in the nation 2017. Signed Enrolled 1-9-2017
    13. # 10 OLB Jaden Hunter 6′ 2″ 212 lbs. 4.81 Nike 40-yard dash Westlake Atlanta # 136 overall prospect nationally 2017 by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    14. # 11 OT *Andrew Thomas 6″ 4.5″ 318 lbs. Pace Academy # 54 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 74 overall and # 12 OT by Composite # 38 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    15. # 13 DT Devante Wyatt 6′ 3″ 298 lbs. 4.59 in 40-yard dash Towers # 230 overall prospect nationally 2017 Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    16. # 14 nationally overall JUCO # 2 JUCO OT *D’Marcus Hayes 6′ 5″ and 320 lbs. Madison Central Mississippi JUCO # 5 JUCO overall prospect nationally 2017 # 14 nationally JUCO by Composite Signed Enrolled 1-9-2017 
    17. # 14 OG Justin Shaffer 6′ 5″ 346 lbs. also Cedar Grove # 243 overall prospect nationally 2017 Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    18. # 16 CB *William Poole III 4.52 Nike 40-yard dash 6′ 179 lbs. Hapeville College Park # 46 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation # 180 overall prospect nationally 2017 by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    19. # 16 CB Tray Bishop 6′ 2″ 185 lbs. Terrell County Dawson # 113 overall prospect nationally 2017 by Composite # 156 overall # 10 CB Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    20. # 18 DE *Malik Herring 6′ 4″ 265 lbs. Mary Persons # 84 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation # 150 overall prospect nationally 2017 by Composite  DL  Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    21. # 19 WR Mark Webb Jr. also Philadelphia 6′ 2″ and 195 lbs. # 134 overall and # 20 WR prospect nationally 2017 by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
    22. # 19 WR *Jeremiah Holloman 6′ 2″ 195 lbs. with 4.48 time 40-yard dash Newton High # 98 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation  # 135 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 131 overall and # 19 WR by Composite Signed Enrolled 1-9-17
    23. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle DT
    24. Michael Barnett DE
    25. Natrez Patrick ILB Star-in-the-making 6′ 3″ 238 lbs. Mays High Atlanta
    26. Jonathan Ledbetter 6′ 4″ 269 lbs. could be future Star 
    27. Deandre Baker  CB
    28. D’Andre Walker LB 6′ 3″ 223 lbs. Fairburn
    29. Michail Carter  DL
    30. Julian Rochester fabulous McEachern 6′ 5″ 316 lbs. DL  NFL bound 
    31. Tyler Clark  DL
    32. David Marshall  6′ 3″ 273 lbs. DE listed as OLB Thomaston he’s great 
    33. Elijah Holyfield 5′ 11″ 215 lbs. RB injured early fell behind 2016 wasted redshirt year
    34. Riley Ridley  6′ 2″ 200 lbs. WR Deerfield Beach
    35. Charlie Woerner  6′ 5″ 251 lbs. Rabun County Starter 2016 TE
    36. Brian Herrien  6′ 210 lbs. not used nearly enough 2016 big year
    37. Isaac Nauta  TE Buford Georgia Consensus Freshman All-America forgot throw him ball
    38. Mecole Hardman Jr.  KOR listed ATH said DB wasted so far big year 2017  I still say WR
    39. Solomon Kindley   6′ 4″ 336 lbs.
    40. Ben Cleveland OL Redshirted 2016 as a Freshman
    41. Jake Camarda-s Norcross Keith Maloof 6′ 2″ 175 lbs. # 7 Kicker nationally 5-star Punter & Kicker
    42. John Fitzpatrick-s Marist School  6′ 6″ 230 lbs.  4-Star # 121 national prospect # 5 Tight End
    43. Kearis Jackson-e Peach County Fort Valley # 26 national prospect # 4 Wide Receiver 4.53 at 5′ 11″ and 203 lbs.
    44. Trey Hill-e Houston County Warner Robins 6′ 3.5″ 346 lbs. # 38 national # 2 Offensive Guard
    45. James Cook-s Miami Northwestern HS 5′ 11″ 183 lbs. # 31 national # 3 Running Back 4.69
    46. Jamaree Salyer-s Pace Academy 5-star 6′ 4″ 342 lbs. # 10 national prospect # 1 Offensive Guard
    47. Zamir White-e Scotland NC 5-star  6′ 1″ 220 lbs. # 6 national prospect # 1 Running Back 4.39 will be redshirted because of his ACL surgery you just lose a year if you want him to be right at 6′ 1″ and 220 lbs.
    48. Azeez Ojulari-s Marietta  6′ 3″ 230 lbs. # 79 national prospect # 7 Defensive End 4.69
    49. Adam Anderson-s Rome 6′ 5″ 225 lbs. 5-star # 18 national prospect # 1 Outside Linebacker
    50. Cade Mays-e Knoxville  6′ 6″ 318 lbs. 5-star # 16 national prospect # 2 Offensive Tackle
    51. Brenton Cox-e Stockbridge 5-star 6′ 4″ 250 lbs. 5-star # 22 national prospect # 2 Defensive End
    52. Nadab Joseph-s Miami 6′ 180 lbs. # 155 national prospect # 10 Cornerback
    53. Luke Ford-s Carterville Illinois 6′ 6″ 248 lbs. # 49 national # 2 Tight End
    54. Channing Tindall-s Columbia SC 6′ 2″ 213 lbs. # 19 national prospect # 5 Outside Linebacker 4.86
    55. Otis Reese Leesburg GA # 56 overall prospect in the nation # 5 OLB
    56. Tyson Campbell 5-Star Am Heritage Ft Lauderdale # 12 nation overall # 2 CB
    57. Quay Walker 5-Star Cordele # 2 best OLB nation # 31 overall JaQUAvian


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these 57 are ALL 57 way underrated UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2018 season.



Las Vegas says Georgia plays for SEC Championship and that Georgia finds only 2 other teams with a higher chance of winning national championship 2018. Alabama and Clemson are the only 2 higher ranked by Las Vegas while Florida is only 50 to 1 Texas A&M is only 66 to 1 with LSU 33 to 1 and Auburn 25 to 1.



5th criminal allegation against Jameis Winston including third sexual allegation – only 2 shoplifting allegations including crab legs video are NOT sexual allegations against Jameis Winston.

Jameis Winston is a THUG.


This is ALL he ever has been.


Florida State paid-off one million dollars on just one of these charges against Jameis Winston.


FSU has tried to cover-up ALL of this.




Compare The University of Georgia with Florida State University.


What next for Jameis Winston ?


NFL suspension now.


Multiple games.


Nice Jameis Winston you GOD DAMN sexual predator.



Justin Fields will be the # 12 starting QB for Georgia since Mark Richt and Kirby Smart became our head coaches

  1. 00 Faton Bauta win % as Starting QB 0-1
  2. .40 Joe Tereshinski III win % as Starting QB 2-3
  3. .61 Jacob Eason win % as Starting QB 8-5
  4. .64 Joe Cox win % as Starting QB 9-5
  5. .67 little Aaron Murray win % as Starting QB 35-17
  6. .73 Hutson Mason win % as Starting QB 11-4
  7. .80 Matthew Stafford win % as Starting QB 27-7
  8. .81 David Greene win % as Starting QB 42-10
  9. .83 DJ Shockley win % as Starting QB 10-2
  10. .84 Greyson Lambert win % as Starting QB 11-2*
  11. .85 Jake Fromm win % as Starting QB 12-2



Roquan Smith led Georgia with 137 tackles 2017-2018 season also good for # 13 all-time for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

All-Time Record Georgia Bulldogs :

Single Season

Total Tackles

1. Knox Culpepper (1984) ……. 170

2. Knox Culpepper (1983) ……. 166

3. Ben Zambiasi (1977) ………… 165

4. Ricky McBride (1978) ……… 160

5. John Brantley (1986) ………… 160

6. John Brantley (1987) ………… 154

7. Keith Harris (1974) ………….. 148

8. Ben Zambiasi (1975) ………… 148

9. Bill Mitchell (1985) …………. 145

10. Ben Zambiasi (1976) ………… 144

11. Greg Bright (1996)……………. 143

12. Thomas Davis (2003)………… 138

13. Roquan Smith (2017)………… 137




Most Likable Georgia Bulldogs on the Football Team of All-Time :

Most Likable Georgia Bulldogs on the Football Team of All-Time :


Herschel Walker Tailback

UGA – mascot

Charley Trippi halfback

Sony Michel Tailback

Nick Chubb Tailback

Frank Sinkwich Running Back

Terrell Davis Tailback

Hines Ward Wide Receiver

AJ Green Flanker

Jon Stinchcomb Right Offensive Tackle

Matt Stinchcomb Left Offensive Tackle

Royce Smith Right Offensive Guard

Mike “Moonpie” Wilson Left Offensive Guard

Fran Tarkenton Starting Quarterback

Johnny Rauch Quarterback and Assistant Coach

Matt Robinson Quarterback

Mack Strong Fullback

Ben Watson Tight End

David Pollack Defensive End

Vernon “Catfish” Smith End

Richard Seymour Right Defensive Tackle

Bill Stanfill Left Defensive Tackle

Bill Goldberg Nose Tackle

Champ Bailey Left Cornerback

Scott Woerner Right Cornerback

Jake Scott Strong Safety

John Little Free Safety

Bill Krug Rover

Terry Hoage Safety

Roquan Smith Inside Linebacker

Jarvis Jones Outside Linebacker

Kevin Butler Kicker

Drew Butler Punter

Vince Dooley coach

Wally Butts coach

Kirby Smart coach

Erk Russell Defensive Coordinator

Larry Munson Announcer




“There may not be a more beloved quarterback in Georgia history than Aaron Murray.” That is DOG SHIT Joe Vitale today

“There may not be a more beloved quarterback in Georgia history than Aaron Murray.”


I just LOVED his ass – so wonderful how he LOST to CUPCAKES several of them EVERY YEAR for 4 years AND how he LOST every BIG GAME too.


286 rushing attempts for 396 rushing yards

98 sacks

32 Fumbles

.6731 Aaron Murray Starting QB UGA win percentage win 2 lose 1 at 35-17

Averaged one yard per rush attempt Aaron Murray

10 % of his play calls were FUMBLES, INTERCEPTIONS, or SACKS

171 Interceptions, Sacks and Fumbles 10 % of his plays – unpropitious moments, badly timed

2009 – redshirted because of shoulder injury Fall 2009 leaving Joe Cox to go 8-5

2010 – not 1st team or 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP

2011 – not 1st team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP, is 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ & AP

2012 – not 1st team or 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP

2013 – not 1st team or 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP

ineligible for College Football Hall of Fame therefore no notoriety except with YOU Joe Vitale

NEVER threw the first pass EVER in the NFL – most beloved UGA QB all-time ?


Bull shit


Joe Vitale


There may not be a more beloved quarterback in Georgia history than Aaron Murray.”


Jesus God Damn CHRIST ALMIGHTY GOD Joe Vitale.  WTF are you smoking ?  Little Aaron Murray cost Mark Richt his job all by himself.


The fact is that Mark Richt was doing fine with David Greene and DJ Shockley as his Starting Quarterbacks and that Aaron Murray not only could NOT win the BIG GAMES for Mark Richt any longer but that in addition to all that disappointment in the ALL the big games little Aaron Murray threw in LOSSES to CUPCAKES every year for 4 entire excruciating years as well – sometimes multiple cupcakes lost to every year for 4 years Joe Vitale.


Get your head out of he threw for this number of TD Passes.


Despite being surrounded by the MOST TALENTED PLAYERS in college football with the highest recruiting averages and most NFL players from his teammates little Aaron Murray could not beat his way out of wet paper bag against top teams nor against CUPCAKES neither Joe Vitale you dumb shit.  Aaron Murray’s teammates averaged the # 7 ranked recruiting class according to Aaron Murray’s entire career here.  Yet he was only 35-17 win 2 lose 1 his entire career.


It was devastating to Mark Richt’s career here that for the entire 5-year period of Aaron Murray little Aaron Murray could NOT do SHIT with all the talent around him calling ONLY HIS OWN FREAKING NUMBER on every play and then in key moments of crucial games fumbling throwing interceptions or being sacked.  Sometimes ALL 3 on the same play just with the game on the line.  Against CUPCAKES and against ALL ranked teams.


Mark Richt NEVER RECOVERED from the Aaron Murray debacle as Starting QB.


Mark Richt had 5 starting Quarterbacks himself at UGA (five) 5 who did better than Aaron Murray here.






What is wrong with this picture Joe Vitale you God Damn DUMBASS ?


Mark Richt himself had 5 Starting Quarterbacks who all 5 were BETTER than Aaron Murray as his starting QB or door number two little Aaron Murray is the MOST BELOVED GA QB EVER IN OUR ENTIRE HISTORY chalk full of All-America Quarterbacks and College Football Hall of Fame Quarterbacks neither of which Aaron Murray is.


Which is it Joe Vitale ?


Most beloved ?


5 better starting quarterbacks here at GA just in Mark Richt era alone ?


Door one ?


Or Door 2 ?


Go ahead…


You can tell us…


We all know.


Where the HELL were you ?


When Mark Richt was doing well with David Greene and DJ Shockley all was well in Bulldog Nation.




Then Mark Richt assigned Aaron Murray as Starting QB who called his OWN NUMBER EVERY FRIQIN’ PLAY and fumbled threw interceptions and was sacked at such an alarming rate at the most inauspicious times in the games that he LOST a game won 2 LOST a game won 2 for 4 painful years.




When Mark Richt took his designated starter out against our # 1 Rival Florida and inserted Faton Bauta who had not one single snap at QB all season long and made him the starter well Mark Richt could NOT weather that storm Joe Vitale because well Aaron Murray was brought up and thus : “Mark Richt has NOT done well against top 15 teams for the LAST ENTIRE 8 years of the Mark Richt/Brian McClendon Era of head coaches after 2007 until end 2015 losing 18 of his last 24 such games AND lost to 12 CUPCAKES unranked in the AP and Coaches’ Polls time of game or for season after 2007.”


If Aaron Murray had won like David Greene and DJ Shockley Mark Richt would still be our coach.


Even with the Faton Bauta bullshit Joe Vitale.



I have read a lot of bullshit in my day but THIS takes the God Damn freaking CAKE Joe Vitale you dumbass son of a bitch.


GET LOST telling ME how great he was LOSING EVERY GAME as he did.


Only when he was NOT our QB have we won.





Knowshon Moreno was high school All-American 2nd All-Time in New Jersey history rushing yards and finished 1st in points All-Time in New Jersey. In addition he won 3 state championships in track and field – three (3.) Ranked in the top 10 best running backs Michigan and Florida both highly coveted Knowshon Moreno who won 3 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in football as well in New Jersey. SEC Freshman of the Year. Semi-Finalist for Maxwell Award. Semi-Finalist for Doak Walker Award. AFCA Coaches’ All-America. Mark Richt aka dumbass REDSHIRTED him so we only got to see him 2 years then # 1 NFL Draft Pick of all running backs # 12 overall Denver Broncos after 3379 yards and 32 TD in just two years here at UGA. Chip Towers says today it is Mark Richt’s greatest regret as head coach ever and Chipper Towers figures-out Knowshon Moreno could have done something about 4 losses in 5 games for Mark Richt 2006 WITHOUT KNOWSHON MORENO vols Vanderbilt Florida and Kentucky for GOD’S SAKE beat Mark Richt 2006 WITHOUT Knowshon. “Oh the new NCAA redshirt rule would’ve allowed Mark Richt to FIND-OUT how great Knowshon Moreno was preventing the losses to Vanderbilt Kentucky Florida and vols 2006 without Knowshon Moreno – redshirted.” God Damn bullshit artist Chipper Towers thinks of only THIS when he thinks of new redshirt rule to save face for Mark Richt. “Oh if they just had THIS RULE then…” Bullshit Chip Towers you God Damn Dumbass Mark Richt was destined to screw-up Knowshon Moreno ANYWAY.

I thought Mark Richt was your God Damn HERO Chip Towers you God Damn dumbass.


You figured-out this redshirt rule for the NCAA 2006 would have saved Mark Richt his job because then Mark Richt would’ve been able to play Knowshon Moreno and find-out he was REALLY GOOD.


God Damn shit-ass news’ reporter Chip Towers.


Everyone in the God Damn NATION knew Knowshon Moreno was GREAT.


Mark Richt was bound and determined to screw it up with Knowshon Moreno no matter what the NCAA had allowed or not 2006.


Jesus Christ you are one dumb son of a bitch Chip Towers.


AJ-C DawgNation Chipper Towers – remains Apologist a God Damn Liar.


Chipper Towers figures-out how Mark Richt could have saved his job by NOT redshirting Knowshon Moreno 2006.


No Mark Richt was destined to mismanage his talent.  It was ordained from God.


Knowshon Moreno was a huge big recruit for Mark Richt who just WASTED HIM knowing full well he was great.   Don’t try to cover-up for Mark Richt.




Winning Percentage for Georgia UGA Bulldogs’ Starting Quarterbacks of the combined Kirby Smart and Mark Richt eras (Mark Richt / Bryan McClendon era) :

.00 Faton Bauta win % as Starting QB 0-1

.40 Joe Tereshinski III win % as Starting QB 2-3

.61 Jacob Eason win % as Starting QB 8-5

.64 Joe Cox win % as Starting QB 9-5

.67 little Aaron Murray win % as Starting QB 35-17

.73 Hutson Mason win % as Starting QB 11-4

.80 Matthew Stafford win % as Starting QB 27-7

.81 David Greene win % as Starting QB 42-10

.83 DJ Shockley win % as Starting QB 10-2

.84 Greyson Lambert win % as Starting QB 11-2*

.85 Jake Fromm win % as Starting QB 12-2


*Mark Richt purposely started Faton Bauta vs Florida 2015 when he had zero snaps at QB all season prior yet had the starting QB for 2015 for Mark Richt Greyson Lambert started vs Florida he would have ended his crappy career .7857 win % as starting QB


Mark Richt coddled Greyson Lambert


Mark Richt was DESPERATE vs Florida 2015 – the game which cost Mark Richt his job


Mark Richt would NEVER have been vulnerable to lose his job were it not for little Aaron Murray who did NOT win his games as our Starting QB finding 5 other starting quarterbacks for Mark Richt here at Georgia who won a higher percentage of their games with them as starting QB.


When David Greene went 42-10 as starting QB for Mark Richt then winning percentage as starting QB was the measuring stick for whom it is who are the best quarterbacks for Georgia UGA Bulldogs as starting quarterbacks.


Then a completely DIFFERENT sets of stats was determined to be how to judge Starting Quarterbacks at Georgia once little Aaron Murray came along and set-up Mark Richt to be FIRED.


If little Aaron Murray had won as high a percentage of games he started here as DJ Shockley or David Greene did then Mark Richt would have just made the mistake of Faton Bauta vs Florida 2015.


If a bullfrog had wings he could fly instead of bumping his ass on the rocks.


But the facts are that Mark Richt set himself up for being FIRED as he was in fact by starting little Aaron Murray who could NOT win against the top teams and who also lost to CUPCAKES every year of his sorry-assed career here as starting QB.


.67 little Aaron Murray win % as Starting QB 35-17


Then little Aaron Murray graduated from Georgia and NEVER DID EVER throw a single solitary pass in the NFL as I guaranteed to you he NEVER WOULD in 2009.  Go look up my posts 2009.


2009 I told you little Aaron Murray would COST MARK RICHT HIS JOB.


Afterwards I told you he did.


You tried to shut me up.


I was right all along.


Wasn’t I ?


David Greene and little Aaron Murray both started 52 games at Georgia as the starting QB.


David Greene won 42

little Aaron Murray won 35


David Greene lost 10

little Aaron Murray lost 17


In the same number of games as our Starting QB David Greene won 7 more and lost 7 fewer than little Aaron Murray yet to the day there are screwed-up fans who think little Aaron Murray was a better QB than David Greene.


No he was NOT.


Little Aaron Murray called his own number like he was great but the facts are that 10 percent of little Aaron Murray’s play calls were interceptions fumbles and sacks for his entire career here at Georgia.  And of course little Aaron Murray is NOT eligible for the College Football Hall of Fame.



I hated little Aaron Murray and still do.


I hate little Aaron Murray with a God Damn Passion and always have ever since Mark Richt refused to start Zach Mettenberger against Okie State in Stillwater when Joe Cox had the flu and chronic shoulder.


Mark Richt knew that if he started Zach Mettenberger vs Okie State in Stillwater OK 2009 when little Aaron Murray was at the time injured that little Aaron Murray would go on to having NEVER started a game here.


Because we would’ve then WON that game.


You know what ?


You hated me telling you all this then.


You hate it even more now.


I told you so.




Kirby’s misses at Wide Receiver extend well beyond Demetris Robertson with Kirby’s # 97 Passing Offense 2016 followed by # 106 Passing Offense of 2017 while Alabama has come over to this state and taken Wide Receivers at WILL and so too has Clemson and so has Louisville even. Even guys like Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby did get have been misused and held back – wasted in 2016 and only 25 targets 2017. Ahkil Crumpton only 5 targets all 2017. Deangelo Gibbs bungled 2017 also. Jeremiah Holloman who should have been featured instead one pass thrown to all 2017 as well. Then there are Tight Ends as well who have not been used by Kirby in this bullshit passing offense 2016 and 2017.

It has been this blog’s contention that Kirby is purposely holding back our passing offense.


I am making the point that this FAILURE by Kirby at passing offense as a head football coach has cost Kirby in recruiting wide receivers.


Kirby got a reputation right out of the gate in 2016 recruiting when he stated that “fewer bad results occur when you run than when you pass the football.”  Kirby has been largely unable to shake that rap.


“Georgia does NOT pass the football.”  This is what everyone says about Kirby’s lack of a passing game.


Look at all the top receivers and athletes Kirby missed out on 2016 as a result :


2017 was more of the same :


2018 Kirby is behind the 8-ball trying to retool his offense to include the forward pass.


Even the ones he does have he will NOT throw the ball to.


And the quarterbacks who can throw the football are not allowed to.


Kirby allowed our passing offense to pass the ball actually only 31 percent of our offensive play calls all last season.


THIS is where our passing offense is 2018 now June.


Frankly with the OL undersized whom Kirby prefers despite all the huge OL who could be blocking for downfield passing and for making the running game more consistent against the top defenses Kirby has faced so far – it is yet another proof that Kirby does not want his passing offense to get off the ground with no one to block for the pass either.


So we see games like Auburn in the regular season last year whom Kirby did not pass against and lost and Alabama who certainly did throw 3 TD Passes against us with a back-up dual threat QB and so we lost that game as a direct result thereof as well.  And it is NOT just 2017 last season.


We had 5 more losses 2016 where Kirby eschewed the forward pass too.



Marquez Callaway vols doing better than all our WR yet we have his QB as our QB from Warner Robins.

Our Tight Ends not thrown to at all.

Deangelo Gibbs all but forced off the team with Kirby’s lack of targeting him too.

Kirby categorically wasting not only Deangelo Gibbs 2017 but frankly Mecole Hardman Jr 2016.

OL failures of Kirby 2016 and 2017 preferring smaller guys who can not block for the pass

Demetris Robertson who is doing very well at California.  California God Damn it.

Kyle Davis Auburn.

Frankly the list is never-ending of our FAILURES recruiting receivers with Kirby


Are we competitive at passing offense with Kirby ?


Well ?


Are we ?


Or is this our weakest link ?


What is our weakest link with Kirby ?


What should we be working on now this 2018 season with all our 2018 offensive players joining the team now ?


Is it your idea that # 97 passing offense all 2016 followed by # 106 passing offense all 2017 seasons are not remaining as an issue at all ?


What is an issue ?


What should we be working on fixing ?


Nothing because we are the # 2 team in the nation ?


Satisfied with everything ?


Alabama did not beat us with 3 TD Passes when we scored the first 3 scores in our last game and when we scored 4 of the first 5 scores our last game and LOST ?


Is Kirby really getting the top # 1 wide receivers and is Kirby really balancing his offense to keep rivals off balance ?  Or is what Kirby is in fact doing actually making it easier on Kirby as a defensive coordinator to defend against by running Nick Chubb up the gut 18 times in a row against Alabama for 25 yards ?


18 Nick Chubb runs for 25 yards in total Kirby having scored the first 3 scores and 4 of the first 5 – telegraphing Nick Chubb as Kirby’s primary offensive strategy against Alabama up the gut – that is dumbass of me to point-out ?


That’s working ?


Against top defenses ?


I can’t say this ?



18 Nick Chubb rushes 25 yards 1.38 yards per rush vs Alabama – THAT instead is a BETTER offensive strategy than Alabama throwing 3 TD Passes to beat Kirby as a result when Kirby too was stopping their runs ?


Well which is it punk ?


I am the genius ?


I am Albert Einstein ?


Oh you are ?


We are doing just fine ?


There is no room for criticism here.


This is all bull shit.


Alabama’s Nick Saban sends in Tua Tagovailoa to throw 3 TD Passes while Kirby sends in Nick Chubb to rush 18 times right up the gut for 25 yards 1.38 yards per carry for the game for this FAILED strategy and I’m the Einstein.


“Passing stats do not matter.”



It is unsustainable that we are # 102 in passing offense every year with Kirby at Georgia.


Kirby must fix this 2018 with James Coley and with Justin Fields.




Kipp Adams here is what happened : You wrote an article and TRIED to HIDE that Kirby has MADE A NAME FOR HIMSELF as head football coach who used to be ONLY a defensive coordinator who totally refuses to throw the forward pass. So I called you out on THAT and put the URL Link to your bullshit TRYING TO HIDE that Kirby WILL NOT LET ANYONE THROW THE GOD DAMN FOOTBALL in his ENTIRE CAREER as head coach. Kipp Adams you sir PUPROSELY TRIED TO HIDE THIS FACT about Kirby’s entire head coaching career REFUSING TO THROW THE GOD DAMN FOOTBALL. I called you out on THIS Kipp Adams. You read my post and RE-WROTE it the next day June 11 Monday listing MY FACTS that Kirby is # 97 for 2016 forward pass and # 106 for 2017 forward pass.

We went all around about this Kipp Adams – you and I on THIS BLOG Monday last week so you REWROTE your article and specifically listed my facts you LEFT OUT on PURPOSE.


# 97 Passing Offense 2016 entire season with Jacob Eason Jim Chaney and Kirby

# 106 Passing Offense 2017 entire season with Jake Fromm Jim Chaney and Kirby


I take exception to GOD DAMN LIARS Kipp Adams


There is NO DIFFERENCE in LYING and obfuscating the truth.


I do give credit to you for rewriting the article ostensibly the SAME EXACT article Monday June 11 with MY CRITICISM of you trying to HIDE # 97 Passing Offense 2016 and # 106 Passing Offense 2017 seasons.


So you wrote those FACTS.


Still you wrote a lot MORE BULLSHIT to again obfuscate the truth of # 97 then # 106 Passing Offenses of Kirby his entire head coaching career.


Enter James Coley.

Enter Justin Fields.


I stated we will NOT be # 97 Passing Offense # 106 Passing Offense of 2016 and 2017 seasons this up-coming 2018 season.


I state that Kirby can not afford to have that label pasted on his friqin’ forehead in neon averaging number 102 passing offense his entire head coaching career.


ALREADY Kirby has lost major wide receivers in this state of Georgia and beyond our own borders while being :

(1) non-competitive at signing the top # 1 wide receivers & other top # 1 athletes who are WR

(2) non-competitive at passing offense


The rest of our team is fine.


The rest of our team’s recruiting is more than fine.


While I have been working on research on our recruiting losses at wide receiver despite overall excellent recruiting and have pinpointed Kirby’s FAILURES at passing offense his entire head coaching career I have as well had to redirect my efforts to your just lies Kipp Adams


So back I come this morning a week later and remind you AGAIN that I blew the whistle on you last Monday now this Monday that you obfuscate the truth.


Kirby’s has lost street cred on his passing offense and the kids are NOT BUYING into this passing offense of Kirby.  Thus James Coley promotion.  Thus Kirby MUST PLAY Justin Fields EVERY GAME 2018 and FIX THIS SHIT.


And what shit is that Kipp Adams ?


THAT Kirby is # 97 passing offense 2016 with Jacob Eason and # 106 passing offense 2017 with Jake Fromm.


# 97 passing offense 2016 with Jacob Eason and # 106 passing offense 2017 with Jake Fromm.


Here is the offending post by you I replied to last Monday prompting you to re-release it right after I did 11 June 2018 last Monday Kipp Adams :



If you are going to say something then God Damn it say it 247 Kipp Adams.


Call it like it is.


I have no trouble making my point.


You rewrote your article twice and still can not say with mine as guide that which I simply stated once and have had to repeat myself about because of your bullshit 247 Kipp Adams.


I do not know if you are trying to have perspective as a sports writer or whether you like I are in fact a Georgia Bulldogs’ football fan as I clearly always have been all my life but I can tell you this 247 Kipp Adams that you sir are unable to belly up to the bar and have your say sir.


Why is that ?


It is MY CONTENTION that Kirby MUST SHED THIS REPUTATION and fix his recruiting of the top # 1 wide receivers and other # 1 athletes who are wide receivers – that the reason we LOST the national championship game in our last game was that Nick Saban threw 3 TD Passes while Kirby threw one and LOST as a direct result thereof 247 Kipp Adams.


This is what I know.


This is what Kirby must fix.


This my focus only.


I am NOT SATISFIED with our passing offense 2016 nor 2017 with Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm.  I believe that you call it like it is and work on it trying to improve our weakest link on our team.  I firmly am convinced we do our team no favor trying to hide our heads in the sand about weaknesses everyone else is already entrenched in their knowledge of about us with Kirby.  Kirby is hard-headed.


Now I wake-up this morning and read you tell ME that you wrote this offending article this time last week which I then took exception to and that you state now this morning a week later that you made it part of a series correcting this offending article you wrote with ONLY THEN a discussion of Kirby’s passing stats so that fans of our football program would know that which every rival coach has engrained in their brain about Kirby’s passing offense.


That is NOT WHAT HAPPENED Kipp Adams


What happened is that you wrote a bullshit piece not in the least to the point.  I then called you OUT on it.  You rewrote it word for word but ADDING in my facts of # 97 for 2016 and # 106 for 2017 Passing Offense nationally – obviously non-competitive and you posted THAT a few seconds after my post criticizing your post.


THIS is what happened Kipp Adams  Do NOT even try to lie about it Kipp Adams.  You just dig your hole even deeper this morning.


How can you write about a team and not have some focus Kipp Adams ?  You either are a fan of this program as I and want the best for us by exposing our weaknesses so that we can FIX these or you are NOT and have SOME OTHER FOCUS.


Right now I am not sure what your focus is Kipp Adams


It appears to be that your focus is to tell us that what is isn’t and that what isn’t is.  Sure it is Kipp Adams – wake-up.





Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith recognized as Collegiate Athlete of the Year. In the 2017-2018 season Roquan Smith led his team in total stops 137 and was the first Georgia player to win the Butkus Award given to the nation’s top linebacker.


Rolando McClain then CJ Mosley then Reuben Foster 2009 2013 and 2016 won the Butkus Award for Alabama as the top linebacker before Roquan Smith broke this up.


Roquan Smith besides being the # 8 NFL Draft signee of Chicago Bears in the first round and being SEC Defensive Player of the Year had 6 and a half sacks and 14 tackles for a loss in his 137 tackles 2017-2018 season.


2 pass break-ups a forced fumble and 2 fumble recoveries along with 20 quarterback hurries set Roquan Smith apart.


Roquan Smith was not even going to come to Georgia but to UCLA.


Boy did UCLA mess up.



UGA Georgia Bulldogs are # 15 in most NCAA National Championships with 30 National Championships in total in qualifying national championships

Of course it is quite controversial which sports are included and which are NOT.  It’s pretty much bullshit which sports they do NOT consider national championships for Georgia while other schools in far more crappy assed sports are considered national championships.


It seems to me that if your school competes in the God Damn Sport then wins national championship in it such as Track and Field or Women’s Gymnastics or Equestrian then it is a GOD DAMN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in that sport.


But no.


Some schools it is and others it is NOT.



Academic All-American Candidates based on current grades and Starting Status as players Justin Fields along with Andrew Thomas Lithonia GA and D’Andre Swift Philadelphia PA and Jake Fromm Warner Robins and Jeremiah Holloman Covington GA and Elijah Holyfield College Park GA and Cade Mays Knoxville TN and Kearis Jackson Fort Valley GA and Charlie Woerner Tiger GA


Darriel contends that # 97 Passing Offense all 2016 season for Jacob Eason and # 106 Passing Offense all 2017 season with Jake Fromm is meaningless yet Jacob Eason LOST HIS JOB over it and now Jake Fromm is in a fight for his life against Justin Fields 2018 over it. Kirby promoted James Coley to Offensive Coordinator over this FAILING – our weakest link as a team – our utter inability on forward pass Kirby’s entire head coaching career so far. Thus Kirby brought-in the # 1 or # 2 best overall prospect in the nation a dual-threat QB and has made EVERY effort to speak clearly that he is NOT HERE to redshirt but TO PLAY 2018 and in fact to play in EVERY GAME 2018 SEASON to fix our weakest link.

Which is it ?


We don’t have a weak link ?


Or we are non-competitive with the forward pass Kirby’s entire head coaching career as former defensive coach who has demonstrated an utter lack of interest even in the forward pass ?


There is no secret that despite the tireless efforts of Kirby to bring wide receivers here 2016 and 2017 and frankly 2018 too – that he has been for the most part unable to sign # 1 top wide receivers nationally – including an entire host of them from the state of Georgia all signing with EVERY OTHER team in the nation instead.


Because Kirby is not competitive with the forward pass in 2018 after # 97 Passing Offense 2016 then last season 2017 down even further to # 106 Passing Offense.


Clearly Kirby is going to need his Passing Offense to pick up the slack with the great exodus of former players Kirby had started here on our team who are not here now 2018 season.


Kirby can not continue to average the # 102 Passing Offense and expect to be the # 2 team nationally.


Obviously Kirby can not continue to average the # 102 Passing Offense and continue to miss-out on the nation’s top # 1 wide receivers.


Obviously Kirby can not continue to average the # 102 Passing Offense yet again 2018 season now up-coming and thus promoted James Coley to Offensive Coordinator to FIX our WEAKEST LINK.


And obviously Kirby has done all he can do to point-out to you that Justin Fields is going to play in every God Damn game 2018 season as Quarterback.


You have to have a balanced attack to beat the top football teams and we don’t and have not had.


Obviously Nick Saban felt that Jalen Hurts was ineffective with the forward pass against The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. And so when he fell behind watching as we scored the first 3 scores in the game and as we scored 4 of the first 5 scores of the game, Nick Saban yanked Jalen Hurts and inserted Tua Tagovailoa true freshman # 1 dual-threat quarterback last season as Justin Fields is this season. Tua Tagovailoa then promptly threw three (3) TD Passes and therefore BEAT us as a DIRECT RESULT thereof.


According to Darriel here on this blog yesterday however Alabama did NOT throw 3 TD Passes to beat us down as they were and desperate to get back into the game.


Uh yeah they did Darriel. Nick Saban had Alabama throw 3 TD Passes with Tua Tagovailoa and thus beat us.


Were you watching perhaps some other game Darriel ?


Were you perhaps NOT at the National Championship Game at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium to witness this in-person as I Darriel ?


Is this why you LIE and state that Alabama did NOT throw 3 TD Passes to beat us ?


That that was NOT IMPORTANT.


That that was NOT how the game was won and lost ?


Well punk ?


Hiding are you Darriel ?


The facts are that this is 2018 and you have to have a more balanced attack than only throwing 31 percent of our offensive play calls all 2017-2018 season if you want to be successful against the top defenses.


You give-away your game plan if all you do is run first down, run second down and sometimes run on third down too as we did all 2017-2018 season.


That works fine against cupcakes.


That will NOT WORK against top defenses.




Despite your musings to the contrary Darriel.






And despite YOUR LIES Darriel that Alabama did NOT beat us by throwing 3 TD Passes.


Sure they did.


That is EXACTLY that which they did which you state as fact they don’t do.


They did do.


Dumb shit.


Precisely what they DID DO liar Darriel.


It was what Alabama HAD TO DO to beat Kirby’s Defense clearly stopping Alabama until Nick Saban inserted Tua Tagovailoa to throw the 3 TD Passes which were then how they beat us as a DIRECT RESULT thereof.


Jesus Christ how in the living hell can you state as fact that Alabama did NOT DO THAT to us. That Alabama did NOT throw 3 TD Passes against us to beat us ?


You can’t be that God Damn stupid can you Darriel ?


We attempted 305 passes all season long of 975 offensive play calls.


31 % of Kirby’s play calls all season long were Passing Plays.


That is run first down.

Run Second down.

And if it were PASS third down then it would be 33 and a third percent passing plays but Kirby did NOT last season at 31 percent of his offensive play calls passing plays.  It was only 31 percent passing plays all 2017-2018 season Darriel and thus some third downs Kirby ran again then too.  That’s bullshit Darriel.  That is a bad offensive play call strategy and must be corrected.


You can’t tip your opponent off on your play calls like that.


DO NOT ATTEMPT to tell ME you can.  You can NOT.  I played defense.  What did you play Darriel ?  You God Damn Dumb SHIT Darriel.


Why did Alabama beat us Darriel ?


Because they THREW THREE (3) TD PASSES and we didn’t.


Do NOT lie to me Darriel that Alabama did not throw 3 TD Passes to beat us.


Yes they did.


Alabama has recruited # 1 wide receivers very well and Kirby has been largely ineffective 2016 and 2017 and 2018 at signing # 1 wide receivers Darriel.   Calvin Ridley for example # 1 WR. Amari Cooper # 1 WR for example. Julio Jones # 1 WR for example. Where are Kirby’s wide receivers like these Darriel ? He can’t get them here throwing only 31 percent of his offensive plays 305 passing plays of 975 plays when the 2 losses last season were marred by our utter lack of a passing offense costing us the national championship directly.


You seem content with this Darriel.


Excuse me I am NOT.


I demand a more balanced offensive attack than 305 passing attempts of 975 plays for the # 2 team in the nation last year – us.


Enter James Coley and Justin Fields.


According to you they have nothing to do as we are just fine when the whole entire reason we lost to Alabama was that Alabama threw 3 TD Passes and we did NOT and thus we LOST.


Dumb shit.


Tua Tagovailoa threw a TD Pass to get Alabama into the game.  Then Calvin Ridley’s TD catch finally pulled Alabama even with us.  And then Alabama broke our backs with yet another TD pass to win the national championship.  Kirby had no answer to either stop Tua Tagovailoa nor to match it with his offensive game plan of just run.


Why don’t you tell me again how Alabama did NOT throw the 3 TD Passes to beat our asses Darriel ?


The fact of the matter is that Alabama with Nick Saban has made quite a name for itself recruiting the top # 1 wide receivers while Kirby has NOT here for us and stands on the precipice of establishing himself here as a defensive coordinator who categorically refuses to throw the forward pass and thus can’t get the top # 1 wide receivers to come here with Kirby’s # 97 Passing Offense 2016 season followed now by last year 2017 season the # 106 Passing Offense.


WORSE than Alabama.


This is WORSE than Alabama 2016 season and 2017 season and directly against Alabama WORSE than Alabama.  You said Alabama did NOT throw 3 TD Passes to beat us.  Sure they did Liar.  Their 3 TD Passes were EXACTLY PRECISELY how and why they beat us and thus why we LOST to Alabama despite your LIES to the contrary Darriel.


Don’t tell me that # 106 Passing Offense after # 97 Passing Offense his first season is not Kirby’s weakest link or that Alabama did not beat him by passing the God Damn Football with 3 TD Passes Darriel.  You are not smart enough to have a conversation with me where you make that point.  I graduated from UGA in the top 5 % of my graduating class and you sir are a dumb shit who did NOT.  So don’t call me put-down names on MY BLOG and think I shall NOT reply.  I was on the debate team at Georgia and represented us in national debates asshole.  Darriel what kind of God Damn name is that anyway ?


Kirby knows he has to fix this.


You don’t.


This is the difference dumbass Darriel that Tua Tagovailoa threw 3 TD Passes for Alabama to beat Kirby proximately while all Jake Fromm could do was to throw one TD Pass against Alabama which therefore is the difference in the game and thus our weakest link Kirby KNOWS he MUST fix 2018 to sign the top # 1 wide receivers here and to improve upon his average of # 102 Passing Offense his entire head coaching career here.  It cost us 2016 and it cost us 2017 so Kirby knows he must fix it.  Only you do not Darriel.



3 more Walk-Ons will be provided Full Scholarship for 2018 season but they might be one year only so far UGA Georgia Bulldogs 82 On-Scholarship 12 June 2018 of 85 allowed when the entire # 1 recruiting class nationally actually officially arrives right now

2 QB (2)- Jake Fromm (So), Justin Fields (Fr)


5 RB (5)- D’Andre Swift (So), James Cook (Fr), Brian Herrien (Jr), Elijah Holyfield (Jr), Zamir White (Fr) can petition for medical redshirt 2018 and not count toward 82 but indications are he might play 2018 so is included in 82.


5 TE (5)- Isaac Nauta (Jr), Charlie Woerner (Jr), Luke Ford (Fr), Jackson Harris (Sr),  John FitzPatrick (Fr)


11 WR (11)-  Tommy Bush (Fr) Mecole Hardman Junior (Jr), Riley Ridley (Jr), Jeremiah Holloman (rsFr), Kearis Jackson (Fr), Akhil Crumpton (Sr), Terry Godwin (Sr),  Jayson Stanley (Sr), Tyler Simmons (Jr), Trey Blount (rsFr), Matt Landers (rsFr), Michael Chigbu (Sr) (takes medical redshirt in my opinion after no catches 2017 thus not counted in the 11 WR), Caleeb Roberson was NEVER on-scholarship but offered preferred walk-on and gave up.


14 OL (14)- Andrew Thomas (So), Jamaree Salyer (Fr), Ben Cleveland (So), Trey Hill (Fr), Cade Mays (Fr), Isaiah Wilson (rsFr), Netori Johnson (So), D’Marcus Hayes (Sr), Warren Ericson (Fr), Kendall Baker (Sr), Lamont Gaillard (Sr), Solomon Kindley (So), Justin Shaffer (So), Owen Condon (Fr),  Sam Madden (Medical Redshirt Jr no longer counts toward 82 but does keep his Scholarship), Pat Allen (Jr) transferring, Chris Barnes (Sophomore moved from OL to DL) transfer


13 DL (13)- Daquan Hawkins-Muckle (Sr), Jonathan Ledbetter (Sr), Michael Barnett (Jr), Michail Carter (Jr), Tyler Clark (Jr), David Marshall (Jr), Julian Rochester (Jr), Justin Young (Jr), Malik Herring (So), Devonte Wyatt (So), Jordan Davis (Fr),   Jay Hayes senior transfer DT from Notre Dame stolen from Oklahoma, Natrez Patrick (senior on-scholarship  Kirby appears to clearly going to play), Tramel Walthour (was in-coming freshman DT 2018 then Gray Shirt now transferring to JUCO will attend Junior College Hutchinson Community College Kansas.)

15 LB (15)- Adam Anderson (Fr), Quay Walker (Fr), Brenton Cox (Fr), Azeez Ojulari (Fr), Otis Reese (Fr), Nate McBride (So), Monty Rice (So),  Channing Tindall (Fr), Keyon (Brown wants new name) Richardson (Sr), Juwan Taylor (Sr), D’Andre Walker (Sr), Tae Crowder (Jr), Walter Grant (So), Jaden Hunter (So), Robert Beal (rsFr), Rashad Roundtree (Medical Redshirt Sr no longer counts toward 82 keeps his Scholarship),  Jaleel Laguins (Jr) transferring.


13 DB (13)- Tyson Campbell (Fr), Deandre Baker (Sr), Jarvis Wilson (Sr), Tyrique McGhee (Jr), J.R. Reed (Jr), Tray Bishop (So), Richard LeCounte (So), William Poole (So), Ameer Speed (So), Eric Stokes (So), Mark Webb (So), Latavious Brini (rsFr), Chris Smith (Fr), Divaad Wilson (Fr – ACL March 2018 obvious medical redshirt as I see it 2018 not counted in 13 DB), Deangelo Gibbs (Grayson So) has not been on team since he left team when he was expected to play Safety AND receiver really hasn’t played either really on a team with none of either really (not counted in 13 DB because Kirby’s comments that he has work to do to make the roster), Nadab Joseph (was going to be 2018 in-coming Fr but now has enrolled at Independence Community College in Kansas.)


4 K/P (4)- Rodrigo Blankenship (Jr), Marshall Long (So), Jake Camarda (Fr), Landon Stratton (graduate transfer Murray State punter)


82 –   I do NOT list players not on the team right now 12 June 2018 as I am trying to get to 85 when Deangelo Gibbs is here but not on roster according to Kirby.  I do list Natrez Patrick  – on the team practicing – by all indications as I believe Kirby has given him his scholarship for 2018. If Deangelo Gibbs gets his scholarship back right now then we are at 83.  These guys are huge and I wish I was counting them making it 83.  Hopefully Deangelo Gibbs wants to complete his return as this blog hopes and wants Deangelo Gibbs to come back to UGA and thus lose not 2 seasons but the one already – mostly lost. Michael Chigbu whom I am granting medical redshirt to too.  Divaad Wilson I am petitioning the NCAA now for a medical redshirt 2018.  I think my list is obviously as correct as it can be.  That would be 85 if you counted Michael Chigbu and Divaad Wilson but clearly that would be stupid in both cases to count them toward 82 in fact scholarships 2018 June 12.


It’s 82.  We have NO ISSUE.


Never mind the LIES by Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation that it is 87 with NO NAMES LISTED.  Hey Chipper Towers how can it be God Damn 87 on-scholarship when you can’t be bothered to provide the names dumbass ?  Tell me that ?  I already miss Seth Emerson whom Chipper Towers ran-off with his lies and lazy ways.  Seth Emerson was ever the only one who did try to keep up with this as this blog only did and Seth would read my list and update his.


Well here is my list.  Who will step-up and print their list of whom it is we have for 2018 on-scholarship ?


Clearly it has NOT BEEN Chipper Towers the lazy lying son of a bitch.



Kirby and Jim Chaney are # 97 Passing Offense all 2016 season with Jacob Eason then all 2017 last season with Jake Fromm # 106 Passing Offense. If you are going say what we did 2016 and 2017 try telling the truth that our Passing Offense sucks and is NOT competitive. In addition Jake Fromm was sacked 4 times in BOTH the Auburn and in the Alabama losses. James Coley and Justin Fields MUST fix this 2018 season. Got it ? Well do you ?

Where we rank in The SEC is meaningless.  Our defense has been fine both of Kirby’s two years as a defensive coordinator in charge of both our defense and offense and special teams.


It is our PASSING OFFENSE which sucks.


# 97 for 2016 season Passing Offense Kirby and Jim Chaney

# 106 for 2017 season Passing Offense Kirby and Jim Chaney


We have to fix this shit 2018 and hiding the truth about our Passing Offense is NOT going to fix it 247 Kipp Adams.


Do NOT obfuscate the obvious Kipp Adams call it like it is and be upfront and clear about it.


And if you don’t know then don’t talk about it Kipp Adams you dumbass.  I detest liars.  If you are a God Damn LIAR then TRY to hide the fact that both 2016 with Jacob Eason # 97 Passing Offense and 2017 with Jake Fromm # 106 Passing Offense Kirby and Jim Chaney were shit-ass passing offenses weren’t they Kipp Adams ?  You can’t bring yourself to state this truth of our Passing Offense but feel that you did justice to the discussion ?  That’s bullshit.


James Coley and Justin Fields are HERE to fix this bullshit 2018.


We can NOT continue to be the # 2 team in the nation with such a glaringly horrible # 97 and # 106 Passing Offense.


Kirby has plenty of talent and loads of coaches who should be able to make our Passing Offense competitive which it has NOT BEEN with Jacob Eason nor Jake Fromm.


Our losses are directly attributed to our lousy stinking Passing Offense.


The rest of the team is doing fine and this stands as a black mark against Kirby and Jim Chaney that all he can muster is # 97 his first year and # 106 his second year in Passing Offense.


What the hell kind of offense are Kirby and Jim Chaney running here – the flexbone offense ?  The wishbone offense ?


What the hell ?


# 97 Passing Offense 2016

# 106 Passing Offense 2017


Fix it Kirby.  Let Justin Fields and James Coley do as they will be to fix this shit for you Kirby.


You are going to need your offense to show-up 2018 with all the losses of personnel across the board 20 of whom were STARTERS for you Kirby 2016 and 2017 seasons.


Pass the God Damn FOOTBALL Kirby.



Do NOT obfuscate our failed Passing Offense Kipp Adams you dumbass son a bitch.




Kirby did NOT promote James Coley to Offensive Coordinator 2018 nor bring-in # 1 or # 2 best overall player and # 1 or # 2 best dual-threat QB 2018 to sit him on the bench and NOT take advantage of fixing our WEAK LINK.


Make no mistake about it.


Our weak link is Passing Offense both years under Kirby.


If Kirby is unable to fix this again 2018 he will have established himself as a head coach who doesn’t want to complete a forward pass in 2018.


If you do NOT know how to say it Kipp Adams trust me now I do sir.


I mince no words on the topic.


You do.


Call it like it is.


We are NOT going to fix this shit by hiding the truth.






Auburn is ranked # 7 or # 8 for 2018 season by everyone. Florida is ranked # 17 to # 21 by everyone for 2018. South Carolina is ranked # 23 # 24 or # 25 by everyone for 2018. LSU is ranked anywhere from # 18 to # 25 by nearly everyone. Georgia Tech is ranked # 24 by ESPN FPI. Missouri is ranked # 29 by ESPN FPI. Then we play # 1 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game. Then according to USA Today we will play in the Sugar Bowl. 8 games against teams averaging Top 15.

  1. We play # 1 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game.
  2. Auburn is ranked # 7 or # 8 for 2018 season by everyone.
  3. Florida is ranked # 17 to # 21 by everyone for 2018.
  4. LSU is ranked anywhere from # 18 to # 25 by nearly everyone.
  5. South Carolina is ranked # 23  or # 25 by everyone for 2018.
  6. Georgia Tech is ranked # 24 by ESPN FPI.
  7. Missouri is ranked # 29 by ESPN FPI.
  8. Then according to USA Today we will play in the Sugar Bowl vs # 6 Oklahoma.


We play 8 games this up-coming season against teams averaging in the Top 15 and that looks plenty tough enough to me and to EVERYONE else too.



Honest assessment of the game ahead 20-7 and lost. We scored the first 3 scores of the game and lost. We scored 4 of the first 5 scores of the game and lost. Oh and excuse me the God Damn Big 10 Officials sucked.

A poll of those watching the game showed everyone felt the Big 10 officials sucked.  They could not get any of the calls right.  No wonder Big 10 football plays second-fiddle to The SEC.  On Sony Michel’s TD for example the camera clearly showed his heel on the line.  It was very poorly officiated.  I would hope that these ratings of their Big 10 Officials would result in demotion.  Of all the 12 College Football Playoffs so far this was rated the dead last worst officiated game of all games in the entire history.  Both teems suffered.  The point is the game was poorly officiated and EVERYONE says this.  The announcers did a good job of pointing them all out.  There was one every few minutes.  It was God Awful.


There were only 3 teams who had more talent than Georgia 2017 season and Alabama was one.   These teams DESERVED better officiating.  Those officials would have to admit that themselves.  We ALL saw.


I also believe you could say that Kirby was out-coached.  Despite the struggles of Jake Fromm Jacob Eason is now transferring NOT given the same shot Nick Saban gave Tua his back-up.


And we could not run the ball on Alabama yet 18 times Nick Chubb was sent to run 1 yard per 18 carries.  Kirby redshirted 3 of the top 5 OL in the nation.  1 might transfer as a result.  Kirby had no answer for Tua having redshirted his freshmen defensive backs too.  Nick Saban does NOT do that as you saw.


Congratulations to Alabama but we had you 20-7 like Falcons in the Super Bowl and BLEW-IT with Jim Chaney’s conservative play calls when what got him the 20-7 lead was ANYTHING but conservative play calls.  He sat on it except the play where Jake Fromm hit the defender in the helmet throwing underarm upwards from the line of scrimmage. Kirby just had no answers.  Given 2 weeks Kirby might have prepared for the # 1 Dual-Threat QB in the nation being brought in since Kirby certainly did stop Jalen Hurts.  Nick Saban plays his players.  This was our best shot 2017.  This 2018 can NOT be by comparison and is 12-3 I think.


Alabama has had the # 1 recruiting class 7 years in a row now today and Georgia # 3 class last year 2017 sits at # 1 this year 2018 in recruiting.  2016 Kirby was # 7.  Then 2015 was # 8.  Then 2014 was # 8.  Then 2013 was # 10.  Then 2012 was # 8.  Then 2011 was # 6.  Then 2010 was # 11.  All of those classes were all # 1 Alabama.  Still the nation WANTED us to win so they tuned-in.  When he could turn to Tua off the bench left handed stout guy solid hard to tackle and strong # 1 dual-threat QB in the nation 2017 of their # 1 ranked recruiting class to Kirby # 3 we had no answer with 7 days to prepare.  We had stopped their starter Jalen Hurts.  There is little doubt that the vastly increased TV ratings were all there to watch Georgia bring Alabama down.  Without Tua we do.


The team with more talent won.


The team with better coaching won.


Alabama out-played Georgia and Nick Saban out-coached Kirby.


The officials still were the WORST OFFICIALS of all 12 College Football Playoff Games so far.


Big 10 refs sucked.


Here is another TRUTH about the game : Mark Richt would NEVER have had us in that game.  He lost to Pittsburgh for God’s sake 5-7 losing record not even in a bowl game Pittsburgh.


Now what was it that Jake Fromm said TODAY June 9 about the game ?




This is what happened in the game.


It’s over Jake Fromm.


We lost.


You were # 105 passing offense Jake Fromm.  So we lost.  Their back-up QB for Alabama was better than you Jake Fromm.


Now what was it you said today Jake Fromm about the game ?


David Pollack was recruited here by Jim Donnan. Mark Richt would not have even offered him a Scholarship and said so.

Shiloh High School David Pollack was some kind of football player winning Defensive Lineman of the Year Award for the ENTIRE STATE of Georgia.


David Pollack was David Greene’s roommate.


Mark Richt did not recruit David Greene here EITHER.


They both were already here when Mark Richt started screwing-up our recruiting losing all the big games and losing to cupcakes every year too while being totally unable to keep anything near a 85-man roster getting down to 67 at one point before being FIRED for it.


Consensus 1st Team All-America is required to be in College Football Hall of Fame while Aaron Murray NEVER WAS on ANY All-America 1st Team.  David Pollack was 3 years.


  • SEC Player of the Year Award (2004)
  • SEC Player of the Year Award (2002)
  • 58.5 tackles for a loss in College
  • SEC Defensive Player of the Year Award (2004)
  • Chuck Bednarik Award (2004)
  • Ted Hendricks Award (2003, 2004)
  • Lombardi Award (2004)
  • Lott Trophy (2004)
  • Consensus 1st Team All-America 3 years joining only Herschel Walker
  • 36 college sacks Georgia career record and is 3rd best ever in NCAA history
  • 1st Round NFL Draft Pick great NFL career doing fantastic broke neck out of position at LB
  • DE is position where you GO FORWARD and get the opponent while LB is very much sit back tackle
  • 2 totally different positions one he best ever at other broken neck with NO TRAINING to do that
  • All-Time greatest Georgia Bulldogs Defensive End ever no one close
  • NFL first told him could NOT play DE in NFL only LB where they then broke his neck as result
  • 2019 National Football Foundation College Football Hall of Fame



I am so proud of David Pollack and for him standing-up to Mark Richt and telling him what a shit ass coach he is.


Make NO MISTAKE there is NO LOVE LOSS between David Pollack and Mark Richt whom David Pollack wanted FIRED.


THAT endeared himself to me as well.


David Pollack wanted Mark Richt fired for some time.


David Greene wanted Mark Richt fired for some time as well.  David Greene stated Mark Richt went up against our # 1 Rival without a plan and desperate STARTED a guy at QB who had NEVER EVEN HAD ONE SNAP AT QB ALL SEASON LONG.  That is what David Greene David Pollack’s roommate said.  David Pollack said and he LEFT HIM IN THERE despite throwing 4 interceptions.


David Greene and David Pollack stumped to GET RID OF MARK RICHT.


Thank God.


So did I.  I wanted Mark Richt gone after 2007 season.  The 2008 game against Alabama did it for me.  David Polack crawled all up Mark Richt’s butt as ESPN announcer and Mark Richt did NOT like it.  Mark Richt criticized David Pollack.  I love David Pollack.


I quoted David Pollack and David Greene DAILY on the Internet both of them trying to get Mark Richt FIRED.


Thank God for me.


I know David Pollack and David Greene would know that Mark Richt had to be FIRED.  I know I know.  I know they have read my blog posts – both of them.  We are on agreement that this was good for Georgia for Mark Richt to be FIRED.


If you were on the OTHER SIDE of that argument that you wanted Mark Richt retained as our best coach ever trust me on this I will ram it up your God Damn ASSHOLE the rest of your life and mine.



Because David Pollack said I was right and you were WRONG.


Oh you criticize David Pollack ?


You criticize Fran Tarkenton too and for the same damn reason.


Hey Mark Richt the player you said you WOULD NEVER HAVE RECRUITED HERE made it into the 2019 College Football Hall of Fame dumbass.



I hate dumbasses.


If I were David Pollack THAT is what I would say at the induction here in Atlanta.  That Mark Richt said he would NOT even have recruited me here.


So I wanted him FIRED.


Now I am in College Football Hall of Fame and he FIRED.


I guess I am right twice.



What say you ?


Was I correct for all those years for me quoting to you David Pollack ?


Well was I punk ?


Was I right for quoting to you David Pollack wanted Mark Richt FIRED ?


And was I right to quote to you that David Greene said he too insisted that Mark Richt HAD to be FIRED ?


Was I right ?


I ask you ?


Was I right ?


You can’t say it even now can you ?


At the time you stood on the outside of this argument and stated that I was NOT a Bulldogs’ football fan because I dared to quote to you David Pollack said Mark Richt had to be fired.


You put shit on me for saying this.


You banned my posts.


You did NOT want to have my research presented that Mark Richt is a poor football coach who has a completely different set of standards than we have as a football program – that wins and losses are NOT important and NOT how he would be judged Mark Richt told us all repeatedly.


“Wins and losses ?  I am not judged on wins and losses.  THAT is NOT how I am judged.  If I were just judged on being a football coach that would be bad because that just is not how I am judged” Mark Richt told us ALL repeatedly as he was losing 18 of his last 24 games vs top 15 time game and losing to cupcakes every year too.


Steve Spurrier put shit on Mark Richt for Mark Richt’s wins and losses and for Mark Richt’s inane musings daily for 14 years after David Pollack was recruited here by Jim Donnan that winning is not important.  That something else is.


WE put shit on Mark Richt.


Sure it is how he is judged by Steve Spurrier.


David Polack said so too that he judges Mark Richt on wins and losses.


I was right on top of all of this with David Pollack and with David Greene and with Fran Tarkenton that Mark Richt had to be FIRED.


Wasn’t I ?


You can say it.


UGA Thomas said that Mark Richt had to be fired after 2007.  I said that Mark Richt is a GOD DAMN DUMBASS and he is a poor coach with a completely different set of priorities of how Mark Richt is judged than we ALL have and have had.  Especially David Pollack took Mark Richt to task on his wins and losses and dumbass statements daily that somehow it was NOT important and NOT how he is judged.


When he was finally fired Mark Richt said that he was surprised.  He said he was NOT judged by wins and losses and therefore took exception to being fired for wins and losses after 2007.


You defended Mark Richt and put shit on me for daring to quote David Pollack to you.  THAT is what happened.  You TOLD EVERYONE that my posts should NOT be allowed.  That I could NOT even have that opinion according to you.




Shove THIS up your God Damn dumbass asshole.  David Pollack was quite clear as well on Mark Richt and David Greene and Steve Spurrier and Fran Tarkenton.  You said get on the bus.


You did not want to hear what David Pollack said about Mark Richt.


I told you I felt that Mark Richt HAD to be FIRED because David Pollack said Mark Richt had to be FIRED.


You thought you could pick on ME about that.


No sir.




Stewart Mandel who paid BIG BUCKS to RUIN Seth Emerson’s career covering Georgia Bulldogs from Tampa Bay Florida on a pay-per-view had said that Chris Petersen at Boise State AND Bill Snyder at Kansas State AND Les Miles at LSU AND Kevin Sumlin at Texas A&M AND Bobby Petrino at Western Kentucky AND Art Briles at Baylor are the Top 10 College Football Head Coaches. Now Stewart Mandel says Mark Dantonio is and Chip Kelly is now today with Kirby Smart # 10 worse than Chip Kelly and worse than Mark Dantonio.

Uh no.


Pay-per-view to read this bullshit ?


What the HELL for ?


Seth Emerson Pay-per-View


Seth’s pay-per-view site doesn’t even have a newspaper in Atlanta or ANYWHERE near here.


12 hours away is as close as he could get.








Boy I sure hate having Chipper Towers as our Beat Writer now because he lacks imagination is biased is a liar and he is lazy taking the day off all the time.

Chipper Towers sucks.


Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation lies.


Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation is a CONTROL FREAK.


Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation goes days on end with NO appreciable reporting.


Chipper Towers has no insight.


Chipper Towers is a Mark Richt Apologist to this very damn day.


Chipper Towers thinks he can MAKE UP SHIT whenever it suits his biases.


Chipper Towers is biased in his reporting.


Losing Seth Emerson is a huge big blow to this football program.  Seth Emerson’s pay-per-view site is not only a failed model but dooms us to losing our TOP UGA GEORGIA BULLDOGS’ BEAT WRITER.


Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation :

Said Justin Fields hit the wall Spring 2018 Kirby said he did NOT

Said that Jim Chaney is calling plays 2018 & that Kirby does not meddle with Offense

“I have a ton of family members who live in South Carolina and are alums of that school.”

“Hugh Durham believes Georgia can recapture hoops magic with right coach.” What HOOPS MAGIC CHIPPER TOWERS you dumb son of a bitch ? WTF are you talking about recapture hoops magic Chipper Towers ?

Chipper Towers says Mark Richt is the “FOUNDATION” here at Georgia for what Kirby is doing INSTEAD.  That all the players are Mark Richt’s players.  That all the improvements are ALL Mark Richt’s improvements.  That the recruiting is all Mark Richt’s FOUNDATION there too.  Bullshit Chip Towers Bullshit boy.


It’s a HI-RISK HIRE to hire Jeremy Pruitt Chipper Towers alias dumbass Chipper Towers says.


“For what it’s worth from the beginning or at least from the point that major candidates started turning them down I always thought Tennessee would do well to hire Tee Martin.”  There is NO FOUNDATION for that.


“Former Georgia D-coordinator Jeremy Pruitt a high-risk hire for Tennessee”


“I have to admit I was pretty taken aback when I saw that Tennessee hired Jeremy Pruitt as head coach on Thursday.”


Chipper Towers writes FLUFF PIECES.  Chipper Towers takes a hiatus.  Chipper Towers is AFRAID of the TRUTH.  Chipper Towers lies.  Chipper Towers does NOT get it.  Chipper Towers was NOT the beat writer for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs but Seth Emerson instead.  Chipper Towers was DEMOTED when Seth Emerson was hired to effectively replace Chip Towers as our UGA Georgia Bulldogs’ Beat Writer.



Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation bullshit artist says Mike Bobo’s team is “ROLLIN.” ?????????????????? He’s 7-6 at Colorado State both his first 2 years and no one wants to play for him with recruiting classes ranked # 100 every year. Rollin’ Chipper Towers ? So Chipper asks him want to play Georgia Mike Bobo ? Mike Bobo says “HELL NO.” Not just NO but “HELL NO.” Mike Bobo’s last game he gave up 61 points to Idaho. Idaho. Got it ?



“Surely Bobo would like to come back to Sanford Stadium and take on his old buddy on their old stomping grounds.” Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation reports.  That is what Chipper Towers writes a piece about.  This is what we are subjected to.




” ‘No, no, no!’ Mike Bobo said emphatically.“ Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation reports now.




Laugh out loud.


These types of biased reporting by Chip Towers are designed to only deceive with their lies and misrepresentations.  Chip Towers is not a Bulldog and NEVER has been.


Complain and what do you get ?


Chip Towers is AFRAID to have disagreeing opinions on his site.


Seth Emerson always allowed them.


If I ever disagreed with Seth Emerson my comments sat right there for all to read.






Who is your all-time favorite UGA football player at each position?

Cy Brown this fool has a stupid list but below here is MY LIST :



Herschel Walker Tailback

Frank Sinkwich Back

Charley Trippi Halfback

Terrell Davis Back-up Tailback

Hines Ward Wide Receiver

AJ Green Flanker

Jon Stinchcomb Right Offensive Tackle

Matt Stinchcomb Left Offensive Tackle

Royce Smith Right Offensive Guard

Mike “Moonpie” Wilson Left Offensive Guard

Fran Tarkenton Starting Quarterback

Matt Robinson 4th Down Back-up Quarterback

Mack Strong Fullback

Ben Watson Tight End

David Pollack Defensive End

Vernon “Catfish” Smith End

Richard Seymour Right Defensive Tackle

Bill Stanfill Left Defensive Tackle

Bill Goldberg Nose Tackle

Champ Bailey Left Cornerback

Scott Woerner Right Cornerback

Jake Scott Strong Safety

John Little Free Safety

Bill Krug Rover

Terry Hoage Safety

Roquan Smith Inside Linebacker

Jarvis Jones Outside Linebacker

Kevin Butler Kicker

Drew Butler Punter

Kirby Smart Head Coach

Offensive Coordinator Johnny Rauch

Erk Russell Defensive Coordinator

Larry Munson Announcer




Polly Wolly Doodle All the Day – despite losing 2 dozen all starters Georgia has quite the haul for AP All-SEC 2018 Pre-Season Selections

Offensive selections



Running backs


Wide receivers


All-Purpose Offense






Tight ends

Defensive selections

Defensive ends

Defensive tackles




Special teams



All purpose/return specialist



This looks quite a bit different from what will be the AP 2018 All-SEC football team Post-Season.  Still Polly Wolly Doodle All the Day would seem the general sentiment of the inclusion of a dozen UGA Georgia Bulldogs on the AP Poll 2018 Pre-Season All-SEC football team.








ESPN ranks Georgia all last season behind Jake Fromm # 106 at being sacked with 16 sacks. Now while I criticized Kirby’s choices on the OL as under-sized with far better OL sitting on the bench the fact is # 106 with Jake Fromm at being sacked. In the Alabama loss Jake Fromm was sacked four (4) times for 33 yards AND threw 2 interceptions. And in the Auburn loss Jake Fromm was also sacked four (4) times for 37 yards. We need James Coley and Justin Fields to STEP-UP our Passing Game and we need Kirby to actually PLAY all these stockpiled huge OL he has been recruiting 2016 and 2017 and 2018. Talk is cheap. The fact is we don’t pass the ball very well and NEED Justin Fields.

So while you sit there BRAGGING on Jake Fromm just recall that Jake Fromm is # 106 Passing Offense all of last season AND # 106 at being sacked as well.


Game manager ?  Well yeah.


The perception is that Jake Fromm does not pass the ball very well nor want to.


We recruited the # 1 or # 2 best quarterback in the nation and he is either the # 1 or # 2 best player overall in the nation Justin Fields.


Kirby has indicated to YOU every which way but loose that Justin Fields is playing in EVERY GAME all of 2018.


Then we have Justin Fields this year 2019 and the 2020 season before he is taken with one of the top 2 NFL Draft Picks.


We will NOT be sacked 16 times # 106 in the nation with James Coley and Justin Fields 2018 and we will NOT be the # 106 Passing Offense 2018 with THEM either.


Cease being biased in your reporting and bragging on Jake Fromm.


Jake Fromm is NOT NOW nor will he EVER BE a better quarterback than Justin Fields who beat Jake Fromm’s ass in the G-Day Game despite Justin Fields throwing to the WORST receivers AND despite having the WORST OL too.


Frankly Jake Fromm was NEVER in the G-Day Game and afterwards all Jake Fromm could do was BRAG on Justin Fields.


Wake up.


Without Sony Michel and Nick Chubb our most prolific duo tandem EVER it is paramount that James Coley and Justin Fields capitalize in our Passing Game 2018 season and beyond.


This is NOT the time to sit on our Laurels and act like Jake Fromm was not sacked 4 times for 35 yards against BOTH Alabama and Auburn last year.  Obviously both of those teams stand in our way 2018.


Obviously in BOTH LOSSES 2017 season Jake Fromm did NOT step-up leaving the door wide open for James Coley to try Justin Fields instead.  And he will.


Mark my words.




“Negative recruiting to me never works on the kind of kids and people you want in your program. If they buy into that then they are probably a little gullible.”


When you are spending your time negative selling :

1).You are NOT selling your product but doing your competitor a favor by talking on your dime about HIS or HER product instead.  You are giving your competitor another sales call when they are not even there.  Learn how to sell what you have.  What you have is NOT that your competitor isn’t good or his or her product is not good.  The prospect considers the competitor competitive.  You are telling the prospect that you think the prospect is stupid thinking that.  He may tune out your product and you completely.

2).Your objective for your sales call should be not only another appointment with the prospect but also to talk about your product in such a way as to make it the product that does something that you perceive the other products do NOT do.  If you let your competitors come in after you and say me too to your product presentation then you have WASTED your sales call and accomplished nothing.

3).This then presupposes that you know your competition. You should be certified on your competitor’s product and NEVER mention it.  Get the prospect to say that they want that which your competitor does NOT have.  That is selling YOUR PRODUCT.

4).You have  nothing better to do than to whine about your competitor and TRY to put their company or product down?  Think about the Coca-Cola ad where Coke’s competitor shows their cola and Coca-Cola and tells you their cola is better.  They have advertised Coca-Cola for God’s sake.

5).If you do not know how to sell you should take the classes at UGA.  You can NEVER recruit without having a complete understanding of selling techniques.  Negative Selling is NOT a precept of sales.  DO NOT negative sell.


Study your competitor and talk about your product by ONLY talking about what your product will do for the prospect that the competitor’s product will NOT do but just don’t name the competitor.  If you have surround 360 degree bird’s eye camera then demonstrate your car showing ONLY that.  Have the prospect tell you he will NOT buy a car without it.  That is easy to do.  You are selling your product not negative selling against your competitor and recruiting is selling.


Kirby gets selling.  Study Kirby.