Who is your all-time favorite UGA football player at each position?

Cy Brown this fool has a stupid list but below here is MY LIST :





Herschel Walker Tailback

Frank Sinkwich Back

Charley Trippi Halfback

Terrell Davis Back-up Tailback

Hines Ward Wide Receiver

AJ Green Flanker

Jon Stinchcomb Right Offensive Tackle

Matt Stinchcomb Left Offensive Tackle

Royce Smith Right Offensive Guard

Mike “Moonpie” Wilson Left Offensive Guard

Fran Tarkenton Starting Quarterback

Matt Robinson 4th Down Back-up Quarterback

Mack Strong Fullback

Ben Watson Tight End

David Pollack Defensive End

Vernon “Catfish” Smith End

Richard Seymour Right Defensive Tackle

Bill Stanfill Left Defensive Tackle

Bill Goldberg Nose Tackle

Champ Bailey Left Cornerback

Scott Woerner Right Cornerback

Jake Scott Strong Safety

John Little Free Safety

Bill Krug Rover

Terry Hoage Safety

Roquan Smith Inside Linebacker

Jarvis Jones Outside Linebacker

Kevin Butler Kicker

Drew Butler Punter

Kirby Smart Head Coach

Offensive Coordinator Johnny Rauch

Erk Russell Defensive Coordinator

Larry Munson Announcer





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