Honest assessment of the game ahead 20-7 and lost. We scored the first 3 scores of the game and lost. We scored 4 of the first 5 scores of the game and lost. Oh and excuse me the God Damn Big 10 Officials sucked.

A poll of those watching the game showed everyone felt the Big 10 officials sucked.  They could not get any of the calls right.  No wonder Big 10 football plays second-fiddle to The SEC.  On Sony Michel’s TD for example the camera clearly showed his heel on the line.  It was very poorly officiated.  I would hope that these ratings of their Big 10 Officials would result in demotion.  Of all the 12 College Football Playoffs so far this was rated the dead last worst officiated game of all games in the entire history.  Both teems suffered.  The point is the game was poorly officiated and EVERYONE says this.  The announcers did a good job of pointing them all out.  There was one every few minutes.  It was God Awful.


There were only 3 teams who had more talent than Georgia 2017 season and Alabama was one.   These teams DESERVED better officiating.  Those officials would have to admit that themselves.  We ALL saw.


I also believe you could say that Kirby was out-coached.  Despite the struggles of Jake Fromm Jacob Eason is now transferring NOT given the same shot Nick Saban gave Tua his back-up.


And we could not run the ball on Alabama yet 18 times Nick Chubb was sent to run 1 yard per 18 carries.  Kirby redshirted 3 of the top 5 OL in the nation.  1 might transfer as a result.  Kirby had no answer for Tua having redshirted his freshmen defensive backs too.  Nick Saban does NOT do that as you saw.


Congratulations to Alabama but we had you 20-7 like Falcons in the Super Bowl and BLEW-IT with Jim Chaney’s conservative play calls when what got him the 20-7 lead was ANYTHING but conservative play calls.  He sat on it except the play where Jake Fromm hit the defender in the helmet throwing underarm upwards from the line of scrimmage. Kirby just had no answers.  Given 2 weeks Kirby might have prepared for the # 1 Dual-Threat QB in the nation being brought in since Kirby certainly did stop Jalen Hurts.  Nick Saban plays his players.  This was our best shot 2017.  This 2018 can NOT be by comparison and is 12-3 I think.


Alabama has had the # 1 recruiting class 7 years in a row now today and Georgia # 3 class last year 2017 sits at # 1 this year 2018 in recruiting.  2016 Kirby was # 7.  Then 2015 was # 8.  Then 2014 was # 8.  Then 2013 was # 10.  Then 2012 was # 8.  Then 2011 was # 6.  Then 2010 was # 11.  All of those classes were all # 1 Alabama.  Still the nation WANTED us to win so they tuned-in.  When he could turn to Tua off the bench left handed stout guy solid hard to tackle and strong # 1 dual-threat QB in the nation 2017 of their # 1 ranked recruiting class to Kirby # 3 we had no answer with 7 days to prepare.  We had stopped their starter Jalen Hurts.  There is little doubt that the vastly increased TV ratings were all there to watch Georgia bring Alabama down.  Without Tua we do.


The team with more talent won.


The team with better coaching won.


Alabama out-played Georgia and Nick Saban out-coached Kirby.


The officials still were the WORST OFFICIALS of all 12 College Football Playoff Games so far.


Big 10 refs sucked.


Here is another TRUTH about the game : Mark Richt would NEVER have had us in that game.  He lost to Pittsburgh for God’s sake 5-7 losing record not even in a bowl game Pittsburgh.


Now what was it that Jake Fromm said TODAY June 9 about the game ?




This is what happened in the game.


It’s over Jake Fromm.


We lost.


You were # 105 passing offense Jake Fromm.  So we lost.  Their back-up QB for Alabama was better than you Jake Fromm.


Now what was it you said today Jake Fromm about the game ?



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