Kirby and Jim Chaney are # 97 Passing Offense all 2016 season with Jacob Eason then all 2017 last season with Jake Fromm # 106 Passing Offense. If you are going say what we did 2016 and 2017 try telling the truth that our Passing Offense sucks and is NOT competitive. In addition Jake Fromm was sacked 4 times in BOTH the Auburn and in the Alabama losses. James Coley and Justin Fields MUST fix this 2018 season. Got it ? Well do you ?

Where we rank in The SEC is meaningless.  Our defense has been fine both of Kirby’s two years as a defensive coordinator in charge of both our defense and offense and special teams.


It is our PASSING OFFENSE which sucks.


# 97 for 2016 season Passing Offense Kirby and Jim Chaney

# 106 for 2017 season Passing Offense Kirby and Jim Chaney


We have to fix this shit 2018 and hiding the truth about our Passing Offense is NOT going to fix it 247 Kipp Adams.


Do NOT obfuscate the obvious Kipp Adams call it like it is and be upfront and clear about it.


And if you don’t know then don’t talk about it Kipp Adams you dumbass.  I detest liars.  If you are a God Damn LIAR then TRY to hide the fact that both 2016 with Jacob Eason # 97 Passing Offense and 2017 with Jake Fromm # 106 Passing Offense Kirby and Jim Chaney were shit-ass passing offenses weren’t they Kipp Adams ?  You can’t bring yourself to state this truth of our Passing Offense but feel that you did justice to the discussion ?  That’s bullshit.


James Coley and Justin Fields are HERE to fix this bullshit 2018.


We can NOT continue to be the # 2 team in the nation with such a glaringly horrible # 97 and # 106 Passing Offense.


Kirby has plenty of talent and loads of coaches who should be able to make our Passing Offense competitive which it has NOT BEEN with Jacob Eason nor Jake Fromm.


Our losses are directly attributed to our lousy stinking Passing Offense.


The rest of the team is doing fine and this stands as a black mark against Kirby and Jim Chaney that all he can muster is # 97 his first year and # 106 his second year in Passing Offense.


What the hell kind of offense are Kirby and Jim Chaney running here – the flexbone offense ?  The wishbone offense ?


What the hell ?


# 97 Passing Offense 2016

# 106 Passing Offense 2017


Fix it Kirby.  Let Justin Fields and James Coley do as they will be to fix this shit for you Kirby.


You are going to need your offense to show-up 2018 with all the losses of personnel across the board 20 of whom were STARTERS for you Kirby 2016 and 2017 seasons.


Pass the God Damn FOOTBALL Kirby.



Do NOT obfuscate our failed Passing Offense Kipp Adams you dumbass son a bitch.




Kirby did NOT promote James Coley to Offensive Coordinator 2018 nor bring-in # 1 or # 2 best overall player and # 1 or # 2 best dual-threat QB 2018 to sit him on the bench and NOT take advantage of fixing our WEAK LINK.


Make no mistake about it.


Our weak link is Passing Offense both years under Kirby.


If Kirby is unable to fix this again 2018 he will have established himself as a head coach who doesn’t want to complete a forward pass in 2018.


If you do NOT know how to say it Kipp Adams trust me now I do sir.


I mince no words on the topic.


You do.


Call it like it is.


We are NOT going to fix this shit by hiding the truth.