Darriel contends that # 97 Passing Offense all 2016 season for Jacob Eason and # 106 Passing Offense all 2017 season with Jake Fromm is meaningless yet Jacob Eason LOST HIS JOB over it and now Jake Fromm is in a fight for his life against Justin Fields 2018 over it. Kirby promoted James Coley to Offensive Coordinator over this FAILING – our weakest link as a team – our utter inability on forward pass Kirby’s entire head coaching career so far. Thus Kirby brought-in the # 1 or # 2 best overall prospect in the nation a dual-threat QB and has made EVERY effort to speak clearly that he is NOT HERE to redshirt but TO PLAY 2018 and in fact to play in EVERY GAME 2018 SEASON to fix our weakest link.

Which is it ?


We don’t have a weak link ?


Or we are non-competitive with the forward pass Kirby’s entire head coaching career as former defensive coach who has demonstrated an utter lack of interest even in the forward pass ?


There is no secret that despite the tireless efforts of Kirby to bring wide receivers here 2016 and 2017 and frankly 2018 too – that he has been for the most part unable to sign # 1 top wide receivers nationally – including an entire host of them from the state of Georgia all signing with EVERY OTHER team in the nation instead.


Because Kirby is not competitive with the forward pass in 2018 after # 97 Passing Offense 2016 then last season 2017 down even further to # 106 Passing Offense.


Clearly Kirby is going to need his Passing Offense to pick up the slack with the great exodus of former players Kirby had started here on our team who are not here now 2018 season.


Kirby can not continue to average the # 102 Passing Offense and expect to be the # 2 team nationally.


Obviously Kirby can not continue to average the # 102 Passing Offense and continue to miss-out on the nation’s top # 1 wide receivers.


Obviously Kirby can not continue to average the # 102 Passing Offense yet again 2018 season now up-coming and thus promoted James Coley to Offensive Coordinator to FIX our WEAKEST LINK.


And obviously Kirby has done all he can do to point-out to you that Justin Fields is going to play in every God Damn game 2018 season as Quarterback.


You have to have a balanced attack to beat the top football teams and we don’t and have not had.


Obviously Nick Saban felt that Jalen Hurts was ineffective with the forward pass against The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. And so when he fell behind watching as we scored the first 3 scores in the game and as we scored 4 of the first 5 scores of the game, Nick Saban yanked Jalen Hurts and inserted Tua Tagovailoa true freshman # 1 dual-threat quarterback last season as Justin Fields is this season. Tua Tagovailoa then promptly threw three (3) TD Passes and therefore BEAT us as a DIRECT RESULT thereof.


According to Darriel here on this blog yesterday however Alabama did NOT throw 3 TD Passes to beat us down as they were and desperate to get back into the game.


Uh yeah they did Darriel. Nick Saban had Alabama throw 3 TD Passes with Tua Tagovailoa and thus beat us.


Were you watching perhaps some other game Darriel ?


Were you perhaps NOT at the National Championship Game at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium to witness this in-person as I Darriel ?


Is this why you LIE and state that Alabama did NOT throw 3 TD Passes to beat us ?


That that was NOT IMPORTANT.


That that was NOT how the game was won and lost ?


Well punk ?


Hiding are you Darriel ?


The facts are that this is 2018 and you have to have a more balanced attack than only throwing 31 percent of our offensive play calls all 2017-2018 season if you want to be successful against the top defenses.


You give-away your game plan if all you do is run first down, run second down and sometimes run on third down too as we did all 2017-2018 season.


That works fine against cupcakes.


That will NOT WORK against top defenses.




Despite your musings to the contrary Darriel.






And despite YOUR LIES Darriel that Alabama did NOT beat us by throwing 3 TD Passes.


Sure they did.


That is EXACTLY that which they did which you state as fact they don’t do.


They did do.


Dumb shit.


Precisely what they DID DO liar Darriel.


It was what Alabama HAD TO DO to beat Kirby’s Defense clearly stopping Alabama until Nick Saban inserted Tua Tagovailoa to throw the 3 TD Passes which were then how they beat us as a DIRECT RESULT thereof.


Jesus Christ how in the living hell can you state as fact that Alabama did NOT DO THAT to us. That Alabama did NOT throw 3 TD Passes against us to beat us ?


You can’t be that God Damn stupid can you Darriel ?


We attempted 305 passes all season long of 975 offensive play calls.


31 % of Kirby’s play calls all season long were Passing Plays.


That is run first down.

Run Second down.

And if it were PASS third down then it would be 33 and a third percent passing plays but Kirby did NOT last season at 31 percent of his offensive play calls passing plays.  It was only 31 percent passing plays all 2017-2018 season Darriel and thus some third downs Kirby ran again then too.  That’s bullshit Darriel.  That is a bad offensive play call strategy and must be corrected.


You can’t tip your opponent off on your play calls like that.


DO NOT ATTEMPT to tell ME you can.  You can NOT.  I played defense.  What did you play Darriel ?  You God Damn Dumb SHIT Darriel.


Why did Alabama beat us Darriel ?


Because they THREW THREE (3) TD PASSES and we didn’t.


Do NOT lie to me Darriel that Alabama did not throw 3 TD Passes to beat us.


Yes they did.


Alabama has recruited # 1 wide receivers very well and Kirby has been largely ineffective 2016 and 2017 and 2018 at signing # 1 wide receivers Darriel.   Calvin Ridley for example # 1 WR. Amari Cooper # 1 WR for example. Julio Jones # 1 WR for example. Where are Kirby’s wide receivers like these Darriel ? He can’t get them here throwing only 31 percent of his offensive plays 305 passing plays of 975 plays when the 2 losses last season were marred by our utter lack of a passing offense costing us the national championship directly.


You seem content with this Darriel.


Excuse me I am NOT.


I demand a more balanced offensive attack than 305 passing attempts of 975 plays for the # 2 team in the nation last year – us.


Enter James Coley and Justin Fields.


According to you they have nothing to do as we are just fine when the whole entire reason we lost to Alabama was that Alabama threw 3 TD Passes and we did NOT and thus we LOST.


Dumb shit.


Tua Tagovailoa threw a TD Pass to get Alabama into the game.  Then Calvin Ridley’s TD catch finally pulled Alabama even with us.  And then Alabama broke our backs with yet another TD pass to win the national championship.  Kirby had no answer to either stop Tua Tagovailoa nor to match it with his offensive game plan of just run.


Why don’t you tell me again how Alabama did NOT throw the 3 TD Passes to beat our asses Darriel ?


The fact of the matter is that Alabama with Nick Saban has made quite a name for itself recruiting the top # 1 wide receivers while Kirby has NOT here for us and stands on the precipice of establishing himself here as a defensive coordinator who categorically refuses to throw the forward pass and thus can’t get the top # 1 wide receivers to come here with Kirby’s # 97 Passing Offense 2016 season followed now by last year 2017 season the # 106 Passing Offense.


WORSE than Alabama.


This is WORSE than Alabama 2016 season and 2017 season and directly against Alabama WORSE than Alabama.  You said Alabama did NOT throw 3 TD Passes to beat us.  Sure they did Liar.  Their 3 TD Passes were EXACTLY PRECISELY how and why they beat us and thus why we LOST to Alabama despite your LIES to the contrary Darriel.


Don’t tell me that # 106 Passing Offense after # 97 Passing Offense his first season is not Kirby’s weakest link or that Alabama did not beat him by passing the God Damn Football with 3 TD Passes Darriel.  You are not smart enough to have a conversation with me where you make that point.  I graduated from UGA in the top 5 % of my graduating class and you sir are a dumb shit who did NOT.  So don’t call me put-down names on MY BLOG and think I shall NOT reply.  I was on the debate team at Georgia and represented us in national debates asshole.  Darriel what kind of God Damn name is that anyway ?


Kirby knows he has to fix this.


You don’t.


This is the difference dumbass Darriel that Tua Tagovailoa threw 3 TD Passes for Alabama to beat Kirby proximately while all Jake Fromm could do was to throw one TD Pass against Alabama which therefore is the difference in the game and thus our weakest link Kirby KNOWS he MUST fix 2018 to sign the top # 1 wide receivers here and to improve upon his average of # 102 Passing Offense his entire head coaching career here.  It cost us 2016 and it cost us 2017 so Kirby knows he must fix it.  Only you do not Darriel.