Kipp Adams here is what happened : You wrote an article and TRIED to HIDE that Kirby has MADE A NAME FOR HIMSELF as head football coach who used to be ONLY a defensive coordinator who totally refuses to throw the forward pass. So I called you out on THAT and put the URL Link to your bullshit TRYING TO HIDE that Kirby WILL NOT LET ANYONE THROW THE GOD DAMN FOOTBALL in his ENTIRE CAREER as head coach. Kipp Adams you sir PUPROSELY TRIED TO HIDE THIS FACT about Kirby’s entire head coaching career REFUSING TO THROW THE GOD DAMN FOOTBALL. I called you out on THIS Kipp Adams. You read my post and RE-WROTE it the next day June 11 Monday listing MY FACTS that Kirby is # 97 for 2016 forward pass and # 106 for 2017 forward pass.

We went all around about this Kipp Adams – you and I on THIS BLOG Monday last week so you REWROTE your article and specifically listed my facts you LEFT OUT on PURPOSE.


# 97 Passing Offense 2016 entire season with Jacob Eason Jim Chaney and Kirby

# 106 Passing Offense 2017 entire season with Jake Fromm Jim Chaney and Kirby


I take exception to GOD DAMN LIARS Kipp Adams


There is NO DIFFERENCE in LYING and obfuscating the truth.


I do give credit to you for rewriting the article ostensibly the SAME EXACT article Monday June 11 with MY CRITICISM of you trying to HIDE # 97 Passing Offense 2016 and # 106 Passing Offense 2017 seasons.


So you wrote those FACTS.


Still you wrote a lot MORE BULLSHIT to again obfuscate the truth of # 97 then # 106 Passing Offenses of Kirby his entire head coaching career.


Enter James Coley.

Enter Justin Fields.


I stated we will NOT be # 97 Passing Offense # 106 Passing Offense of 2016 and 2017 seasons this up-coming 2018 season.


I state that Kirby can not afford to have that label pasted on his friqin’ forehead in neon averaging number 102 passing offense his entire head coaching career.


ALREADY Kirby has lost major wide receivers in this state of Georgia and beyond our own borders while being :

(1) non-competitive at signing the top # 1 wide receivers & other top # 1 athletes who are WR

(2) non-competitive at passing offense


The rest of our team is fine.


The rest of our team’s recruiting is more than fine.


While I have been working on research on our recruiting losses at wide receiver despite overall excellent recruiting and have pinpointed Kirby’s FAILURES at passing offense his entire head coaching career I have as well had to redirect my efforts to your just lies Kipp Adams


So back I come this morning a week later and remind you AGAIN that I blew the whistle on you last Monday now this Monday that you obfuscate the truth.


Kirby’s has lost street cred on his passing offense and the kids are NOT BUYING into this passing offense of Kirby.  Thus James Coley promotion.  Thus Kirby MUST PLAY Justin Fields EVERY GAME 2018 and FIX THIS SHIT.


And what shit is that Kipp Adams ?


THAT Kirby is # 97 passing offense 2016 with Jacob Eason and # 106 passing offense 2017 with Jake Fromm.


# 97 passing offense 2016 with Jacob Eason and # 106 passing offense 2017 with Jake Fromm.


Here is the offending post by you I replied to last Monday prompting you to re-release it right after I did 11 June 2018 last Monday Kipp Adams :



If you are going to say something then God Damn it say it 247 Kipp Adams.


Call it like it is.


I have no trouble making my point.


You rewrote your article twice and still can not say with mine as guide that which I simply stated once and have had to repeat myself about because of your bullshit 247 Kipp Adams.


I do not know if you are trying to have perspective as a sports writer or whether you like I are in fact a Georgia Bulldogs’ football fan as I clearly always have been all my life but I can tell you this 247 Kipp Adams that you sir are unable to belly up to the bar and have your say sir.


Why is that ?


It is MY CONTENTION that Kirby MUST SHED THIS REPUTATION and fix his recruiting of the top # 1 wide receivers and other # 1 athletes who are wide receivers – that the reason we LOST the national championship game in our last game was that Nick Saban threw 3 TD Passes while Kirby threw one and LOST as a direct result thereof 247 Kipp Adams.


This is what I know.


This is what Kirby must fix.


This my focus only.


I am NOT SATISFIED with our passing offense 2016 nor 2017 with Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm.  I believe that you call it like it is and work on it trying to improve our weakest link on our team.  I firmly am convinced we do our team no favor trying to hide our heads in the sand about weaknesses everyone else is already entrenched in their knowledge of about us with Kirby.  Kirby is hard-headed.


Now I wake-up this morning and read you tell ME that you wrote this offending article this time last week which I then took exception to and that you state now this morning a week later that you made it part of a series correcting this offending article you wrote with ONLY THEN a discussion of Kirby’s passing stats so that fans of our football program would know that which every rival coach has engrained in their brain about Kirby’s passing offense.


That is NOT WHAT HAPPENED Kipp Adams


What happened is that you wrote a bullshit piece not in the least to the point.  I then called you OUT on it.  You rewrote it word for word but ADDING in my facts of # 97 for 2016 and # 106 for 2017 Passing Offense nationally – obviously non-competitive and you posted THAT a few seconds after my post criticizing your post.


THIS is what happened Kipp Adams  Do NOT even try to lie about it Kipp Adams.  You just dig your hole even deeper this morning.


How can you write about a team and not have some focus Kipp Adams ?  You either are a fan of this program as I and want the best for us by exposing our weaknesses so that we can FIX these or you are NOT and have SOME OTHER FOCUS.


Right now I am not sure what your focus is Kipp Adams


It appears to be that your focus is to tell us that what is isn’t and that what isn’t is.  Sure it is Kipp Adams – wake-up.






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