Kirby’s misses at Wide Receiver extend well beyond Demetris Robertson with Kirby’s # 97 Passing Offense 2016 followed by # 106 Passing Offense of 2017 while Alabama has come over to this state and taken Wide Receivers at WILL and so too has Clemson and so has Louisville even. Even guys like Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby did get have been misused and held back – wasted in 2016 and only 25 targets 2017. Ahkil Crumpton only 5 targets all 2017. Deangelo Gibbs bungled 2017 also. Jeremiah Holloman who should have been featured instead one pass thrown to all 2017 as well. Then there are Tight Ends as well who have not been used by Kirby in this bullshit passing offense 2016 and 2017.

It has been this blog’s contention that Kirby is purposely holding back our passing offense.


I am making the point that this FAILURE by Kirby at passing offense as a head football coach has cost Kirby in recruiting wide receivers.


Kirby got a reputation right out of the gate in 2016 recruiting when he stated that “fewer bad results occur when you run than when you pass the football.”  Kirby has been largely unable to shake that rap.


“Georgia does NOT pass the football.”  This is what everyone says about Kirby’s lack of a passing game.


Look at all the top receivers and athletes Kirby missed out on 2016 as a result :


2017 was more of the same :


2018 Kirby is behind the 8-ball trying to retool his offense to include the forward pass.


Even the ones he does have he will NOT throw the ball to.


And the quarterbacks who can throw the football are not allowed to.


Kirby allowed our passing offense to pass the ball actually only 31 percent of our offensive play calls all last season.


THIS is where our passing offense is 2018 now June.


Frankly with the OL undersized whom Kirby prefers despite all the huge OL who could be blocking for downfield passing and for making the running game more consistent against the top defenses Kirby has faced so far – it is yet another proof that Kirby does not want his passing offense to get off the ground with no one to block for the pass either.


So we see games like Auburn in the regular season last year whom Kirby did not pass against and lost and Alabama who certainly did throw 3 TD Passes against us with a back-up dual threat QB and so we lost that game as a direct result thereof as well.  And it is NOT just 2017 last season.


We had 5 more losses 2016 where Kirby eschewed the forward pass too.



Marquez Callaway vols doing better than all our WR yet we have his QB as our QB from Warner Robins.

Our Tight Ends not thrown to at all.

Deangelo Gibbs all but forced off the team with Kirby’s lack of targeting him too.

Kirby categorically wasting not only Deangelo Gibbs 2017 but frankly Mecole Hardman Jr 2016.

OL failures of Kirby 2016 and 2017 preferring smaller guys who can not block for the pass

Demetris Robertson who is doing very well at California.  California God Damn it.

Kyle Davis Auburn.

Frankly the list is never-ending of our FAILURES recruiting receivers with Kirby


Are we competitive at passing offense with Kirby ?


Well ?


Are we ?


Or is this our weakest link ?


What is our weakest link with Kirby ?


What should we be working on now this 2018 season with all our 2018 offensive players joining the team now ?


Is it your idea that # 97 passing offense all 2016 followed by # 106 passing offense all 2017 seasons are not remaining as an issue at all ?


What is an issue ?


What should we be working on fixing ?


Nothing because we are the # 2 team in the nation ?


Satisfied with everything ?


Alabama did not beat us with 3 TD Passes when we scored the first 3 scores in our last game and when we scored 4 of the first 5 scores our last game and LOST ?


Is Kirby really getting the top # 1 wide receivers and is Kirby really balancing his offense to keep rivals off balance ?  Or is what Kirby is in fact doing actually making it easier on Kirby as a defensive coordinator to defend against by running Nick Chubb up the gut 18 times in a row against Alabama for 25 yards ?


18 Nick Chubb runs for 25 yards in total Kirby having scored the first 3 scores and 4 of the first 5 – telegraphing Nick Chubb as Kirby’s primary offensive strategy against Alabama up the gut – that is dumbass of me to point-out ?


That’s working ?


Against top defenses ?


I can’t say this ?



18 Nick Chubb rushes 25 yards 1.38 yards per rush vs Alabama – THAT instead is a BETTER offensive strategy than Alabama throwing 3 TD Passes to beat Kirby as a result when Kirby too was stopping their runs ?


Well which is it punk ?


I am the genius ?


I am Albert Einstein ?


Oh you are ?


We are doing just fine ?


There is no room for criticism here.


This is all bull shit.


Alabama’s Nick Saban sends in Tua Tagovailoa to throw 3 TD Passes while Kirby sends in Nick Chubb to rush 18 times right up the gut for 25 yards 1.38 yards per carry for the game for this FAILED strategy and I’m the Einstein.


“Passing stats do not matter.”



It is unsustainable that we are # 102 in passing offense every year with Kirby at Georgia.


Kirby must fix this 2018 with James Coley and with Justin Fields.





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