Winning Percentage for Georgia UGA Bulldogs’ Starting Quarterbacks of the combined Kirby Smart and Mark Richt eras (Mark Richt / Bryan McClendon era) :

.00 Faton Bauta win % as Starting QB 0-1

.40 Joe Tereshinski III win % as Starting QB 2-3

.61 Jacob Eason win % as Starting QB 8-5

.64 Joe Cox win % as Starting QB 9-5

.67 little Aaron Murray win % as Starting QB 35-17

.73 Hutson Mason win % as Starting QB 11-4

.80 Matthew Stafford win % as Starting QB 27-7

.81 David Greene win % as Starting QB 42-10

.83 DJ Shockley win % as Starting QB 10-2

.84 Greyson Lambert win % as Starting QB 11-2*

.85 Jake Fromm win % as Starting QB 12-2


*Mark Richt purposely started Faton Bauta vs Florida 2015 when he had zero snaps at QB all season prior yet had the starting QB for 2015 for Mark Richt Greyson Lambert started vs Florida he would have ended his crappy career .7857 win % as starting QB


Mark Richt coddled Greyson Lambert


Mark Richt was DESPERATE vs Florida 2015 – the game which cost Mark Richt his job


Mark Richt would NEVER have been vulnerable to lose his job were it not for little Aaron Murray who did NOT win his games as our Starting QB finding 5 other starting quarterbacks for Mark Richt here at Georgia who won a higher percentage of their games with them as starting QB.


When David Greene went 42-10 as starting QB for Mark Richt then winning percentage as starting QB was the measuring stick for whom it is who are the best quarterbacks for Georgia UGA Bulldogs as starting quarterbacks.


Then a completely DIFFERENT sets of stats was determined to be how to judge Starting Quarterbacks at Georgia once little Aaron Murray came along and set-up Mark Richt to be FIRED.


If little Aaron Murray had won as high a percentage of games he started here as DJ Shockley or David Greene did then Mark Richt would have just made the mistake of Faton Bauta vs Florida 2015.


If a bullfrog had wings he could fly instead of bumping his ass on the rocks.


But the facts are that Mark Richt set himself up for being FIRED as he was in fact by starting little Aaron Murray who could NOT win against the top teams and who also lost to CUPCAKES every year of his sorry-assed career here as starting QB.


.67 little Aaron Murray win % as Starting QB 35-17


Then little Aaron Murray graduated from Georgia and NEVER DID EVER throw a single solitary pass in the NFL as I guaranteed to you he NEVER WOULD in 2009.  Go look up my posts 2009.


2009 I told you little Aaron Murray would COST MARK RICHT HIS JOB.


Afterwards I told you he did.


You tried to shut me up.


I was right all along.


Wasn’t I ?


David Greene and little Aaron Murray both started 52 games at Georgia as the starting QB.


David Greene won 42

little Aaron Murray won 35


David Greene lost 10

little Aaron Murray lost 17


In the same number of games as our Starting QB David Greene won 7 more and lost 7 fewer than little Aaron Murray yet to the day there are screwed-up fans who think little Aaron Murray was a better QB than David Greene.


No he was NOT.


Little Aaron Murray called his own number like he was great but the facts are that 10 percent of little Aaron Murray’s play calls were interceptions fumbles and sacks for his entire career here at Georgia.  And of course little Aaron Murray is NOT eligible for the College Football Hall of Fame.



I hated little Aaron Murray and still do.


I hate little Aaron Murray with a God Damn Passion and always have ever since Mark Richt refused to start Zach Mettenberger against Okie State in Stillwater when Joe Cox had the flu and chronic shoulder.


Mark Richt knew that if he started Zach Mettenberger vs Okie State in Stillwater OK 2009 when little Aaron Murray was at the time injured that little Aaron Murray would go on to having NEVER started a game here.


Because we would’ve then WON that game.


You know what ?


You hated me telling you all this then.


You hate it even more now.


I told you so.