“There may not be a more beloved quarterback in Georgia history than Aaron Murray.” That is DOG SHIT Joe Vitale UGAwire.com today

“There may not be a more beloved quarterback in Georgia history than Aaron Murray.”


I just LOVED his ass – so wonderful how he LOST to CUPCAKES several of them EVERY YEAR for 4 years AND how he LOST every BIG GAME too.


286 rushing attempts for 396 rushing yards

98 sacks

32 Fumbles

.6731 Aaron Murray Starting QB UGA win percentage win 2 lose 1 at 35-17

Averaged one yard per rush attempt Aaron Murray

10 % of his play calls were FUMBLES, INTERCEPTIONS, or SACKS

171 Interceptions, Sacks and Fumbles 10 % of his plays – unpropitious moments, badly timed

2009 – redshirted because of shoulder injury Fall 2009 leaving Joe Cox to go 8-5

2010 – not 1st team or 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP

2011 – not 1st team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP, is 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ & AP

2012 – not 1st team or 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP

2013 – not 1st team or 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP

ineligible for College Football Hall of Fame therefore no notoriety except with YOU Joe Vitale

NEVER threw the first pass EVER in the NFL – most beloved UGA QB all-time ?


Bull shit


Joe Vitale




There may not be a more beloved quarterback in Georgia history than Aaron Murray.”


Jesus God Damn CHRIST ALMIGHTY GOD Joe Vitale.  WTF are you smoking ?  Little Aaron Murray cost Mark Richt his job all by himself.


The fact is that Mark Richt was doing fine with David Greene and DJ Shockley as his Starting Quarterbacks and that Aaron Murray not only could NOT win the BIG GAMES for Mark Richt any longer but that in addition to all that disappointment in the ALL the big games little Aaron Murray threw in LOSSES to CUPCAKES every year for 4 entire excruciating years as well – sometimes multiple cupcakes lost to every year for 4 years Joe Vitale.


Get your head out of he threw for this number of TD Passes.


Despite being surrounded by the MOST TALENTED PLAYERS in college football with the highest recruiting averages and most NFL players from his teammates little Aaron Murray could not beat his way out of wet paper bag against top teams nor against CUPCAKES neither Joe Vitale you dumb shit.  Aaron Murray’s teammates averaged the # 7 ranked recruiting class according to Scout.com Aaron Murray’s entire career here.  Yet he was only 35-17 win 2 lose 1 his entire career.


It was devastating to Mark Richt’s career here that for the entire 5-year period of Aaron Murray little Aaron Murray could NOT do SHIT with all the talent around him calling ONLY HIS OWN FREAKING NUMBER on every play and then in key moments of crucial games fumbling throwing interceptions or being sacked.  Sometimes ALL 3 on the same play just with the game on the line.  Against CUPCAKES and against ALL ranked teams.


Mark Richt NEVER RECOVERED from the Aaron Murray debacle as Starting QB.


Mark Richt had 5 starting Quarterbacks himself at UGA (five) 5 who did better than Aaron Murray here.






What is wrong with this picture Joe Vitale you God Damn DUMBASS ?


Mark Richt himself had 5 Starting Quarterbacks who all 5 were BETTER than Aaron Murray as his starting QB or door number two little Aaron Murray is the MOST BELOVED GA QB EVER IN OUR ENTIRE HISTORY chalk full of All-America Quarterbacks and College Football Hall of Fame Quarterbacks neither of which Aaron Murray is.


Which is it Joe Vitale ?


Most beloved ?


5 better starting quarterbacks here at GA just in Mark Richt era alone ?


Door one ?


Or Door 2 ?


Go ahead…


You can tell us…


We all know.


Where the HELL were you ?


When Mark Richt was doing well with David Greene and DJ Shockley all was well in Bulldog Nation.




Then Mark Richt assigned Aaron Murray as Starting QB who called his OWN NUMBER EVERY FRIQIN’ PLAY and fumbled threw interceptions and was sacked at such an alarming rate at the most inauspicious times in the games that he LOST a game won 2 LOST a game won 2 for 4 painful years.




When Mark Richt took his designated starter out against our # 1 Rival Florida and inserted Faton Bauta who had not one single snap at QB all season long and made him the starter well Mark Richt could NOT weather that storm Joe Vitale because well Aaron Murray was brought up and thus : “Mark Richt has NOT done well against top 15 teams for the LAST ENTIRE 8 years of the Mark Richt/Brian McClendon Era of head coaches after 2007 until end 2015 losing 18 of his last 24 such games AND lost to 12 CUPCAKES unranked in the AP and Coaches’ Polls time of game or for season after 2007.”


If Aaron Murray had won like David Greene and DJ Shockley Mark Richt would still be our coach.


Even with the Faton Bauta bullshit Joe Vitale.



I have read a lot of bullshit in my day but THIS takes the God Damn freaking CAKE Joe Vitale you dumbass son of a bitch.


GET LOST telling ME how great he was LOSING EVERY GAME as he did.


Only when he was NOT our QB have we won.