Alabama has 8 and Clemson has 8 and Georgia has 5 of the top 100 players in America in college football 2018 season according to Sports Illustrated. The facts are EVERYONE has these 3 teams as the top 3 teams 2018. But I am concerned about Kirby passing the ball 2018 again after # 97 for 2016 and # 106 for 2017 season passing the ball. We do have 7 losses Kirby’s first two years averaging 3 and a half losses which is NO BETTER than we FIRED Mark Richt for and he could THROW the forward pass. Kirby can NOT.

Talent at Alabama is better than the talent at Georgia according to EVERY LIST I have seen for 2018 but Georgia is the # 3 most-talented team 2018.  We were right there 2017 too.


Despite all this talent, Kirby’s refusal to ATTEMPT to pass the ball down the field has COST Kirby dearly in years one and two and certainly appears to be our WEAKEST LINK on our team for 2018 as well.


I do have the expectations that Kirby knows this and will 2018 throw the football.


But we DO HAVE the HISTORY of Kirby that Kirby will NOT throw the football in 2018.


James Coley appears to have been promoted to cater to Justin Fields at QB so that we can improve upon :


# 97 passing offense of Jacob Eason 2016 season

# 106 passing offense of Jake Fromm 2017 season


But Kirby HAS RECRUITED THE TALENT to compete with the top 2 teams in the nation 2018 Alabama and Clemson.


However Alabama threw 3 TD passes against Kirby in our last game to beat us and Clemson also is quite adept at passing the ball as well.


Clemson was the # 7 best passing offense in Kirby’s first season as head coach 2016 when he had Jacob Eason at QB.


Clemson just passes the ball much more effectively than Kirby’s teams.


Dabo Swinney  became a head football coach because he was a GREAT WIDE RECEIVER’S COACH.


This is Kirby’s single WEAKEST LINK.


Wide Receivers.


Of course Dabo Swinney was Alabama’s wide receiver.


At Alabama Dabo Swinney lettered 3 years at wide receiver including the national championship 1992 for Alabama.


All Dabo Swinney EVER has done is play and coach wide receivers.


I thought I would share that his alma mater Alabama has MORE TALENT than us this up-coming season and that not only Alabama but that Clemson does as well have better talent 2018 than us but that Kirby is right behind those 2 at # 3 most talent 2018.  However BOTH of them pass the ball better than Kirby – a LOT better.  Kirby does NOT believe in the forward pass.


THAT is the difference in Alabama Clemson and Georgia 2018.  Kirby has to prove he can SHAKE this reputation for his inability to throw the forward pass especially against the top teams who certainly CAN THROW THE FORWARD PASS ON KIRBY.


And did.


And continue to.


And will again 2018.


Unless Kirby can make James Coley make Justin Fields flash his great preeminent arm DOWNFIELD 2018 for a change for Kirby, our season will hang in the balance.  We need our passing game to MAKE-UP for the loss of 20 men from last year’s team who all 20 STARTED for Kirby.


We’ll see.


The season hangs in the balance.