What are the best rivalries involving SEC teams and why then is The SEC always totally considered the TOP COLLEGE FOOTBALL CONFERENCE ?

Georgia Auburn (not considered Michigan Ohio State)

Alabama Auburn (better than Oklahoma Texas)

Georgia Florida (lot better than Harvard Yale nowadays)

Florida Tennessee (better than Yale Princeton)

Georgia Clemson (recently better than Southern Cal Notre Dame recently)

Arkansas Texas (not as good as Texas Oklahoma)

Missouri Arkansas (better than California Stanford)

Georgia Tennessee (better than Southern Cal UCLA recently because UGA better)

Florida Florida State (better than Michigan Michigan State)

Florida Miami of Florida (better than Wisconsin Minnesota)

Alabama Tennessee (better than North Carolina Virginia)

LSU Alabama (better than Oklahoma Oklahoma State)

Florida Auburn (better than Nebraska Oklahoma)

LSU Texas A&M (better than Michigan Notre Dame recently)

Texas A&M Texas (better than Oregon State Oregon)

Georgia Georgia Tech (better than Army Navy because Georgia better)




What does that say that the # 1 and # 7 best players in the state of Florida choose Georgia Bulldogs ? What does that say that the # 4 and # 13 best players in the state of Louisiana both choose Georgia Bulldogs ? What does it say that the # 3 and # 21 best players in the state of Tennessee the # 13 player in Mississippi and the # 1 in Rhode Island all 8 select us out-of-state of our 16 commitments to push us to # 2 best class in America for the 3rd time in a row for Kirby in recruiting ? It says that Kirby’s recruiting is truly nationwide. THAT is what it says.



Kirby goes out-of-state to pick up three more top picks overnight :



John Emery Jr 5-Star running back the # 4 best player in the entire state of Louisiana



Rian Davis one of the 5 best linebackers in the entire nation from Florida

Makiya Tongue  one of the 15 best athletes in the entire nation from Baton Rouge
What Kirby is doing here in Georgia in-state is being recognized by the best players in the nation.  When did The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs EVER go out-of-state to pick-up commitments from 3 like this in one day ?










If your Scouts knew what the F they were doing, GM Ryan Pace then why are you insisting on a clause that IF Roquan does not make the team, then you can reduce the $18 million the NFL says you MUST PAY Roquan ? And what is this shit that you want to pay Roquan in LATER YEARS when you OWE Roquan NOW the mandated $ 18 million ?

-decreases the Bears’ financial responsibility if Smith is cut and signs with another team

-decreases the money in earlier years and increases the money in later years

-decreases if Roquan Smith is charged with lowering his helmet making one tackle

-gm Ryan Pace 14 wins 3 years


The Bears wouldn’t owe Roquan Smith the full amount of what their contract of $18 million says in a host of different situations if Roquan signs what Ryan Pace is offering.


Well yeah they do. And they have to pay Roquan that $ 18 million earlier not later.


The Bears want to be able to kick Roquan off the team and not pay him the total if he is cut by the Bears and gets another job with another team. What Roquan haggles with a new team in that scenario, is Roquan’s business – not the Chicago Bears’ business. After all the Bears fired Roquan in that scenario.


That is what this is all about.


For the Bears to put THAT CLAUSE in the contract for Roquan to argue about, the Bears have to fire Roquan – and still think they can reduce what the Bears pay Roquan.


That is just wrong. Look this Bear’s GM Ryan Pace has gone 5-11 last year without Roquan. They need him.  Bears need difference makers.  Instead he is playing on Roquan to just cave-in and sign anyway.  What if Roquan gets injured ?  He would be getting the lesser amount up-front and he would let the Bears off the hook for part of his $18 later-on too.


That’s bullshit.


2016 Ryan Pace was 3-13 for the Bears.


And 2015 Ryan Pace was 6-10.


Ryan Pace hasn’t done shit since taking over as GM for the Chicago Bears and now he has a new unproven head coach too.


The Bears are doing all they can to get better than 14 wins the last 3 years?


I do NOT see it personally.  Not in these negotiations.  The bears are trying to get out of paying Roquan what the NFL mandates they must pay Roquan.


Now the NFL is TELLING Ryan Pace that he MUST pay Roquan Smith $18 million. The players negotiated for this in the latest bargaining agreement with the NFL and the players’ association.


Now Ryan Pace is trying to send the message to the world that he’d like to NOT PAY Roquan $18 million if he can get Roquan to sign that.


I am NOT signing that if I were Roquan.  It is too easy to get injured.  Now he has MISSED time to learn his LB position and how the new coach plans to fix the team.


And make no mistake the Chicago Bears with 14 wins total in the most-recent 3 years, need fixing.


That is not my fault that I say Roquan should NOT sign this bullshit contract from this loser GM Ryan Pace.




Ryan Pace has ADDED WORDS to Roquan’s contract that Ryan Pace does NOT have to pay Roquan the signing bonus in a timely manner EITHER.


Pay the mandated signing bonus but over a longer number of years.  That is bullshit too.  Pardon my God Damn English.


It’s a bad contract.


Everyone knows that.


So here’s the argument : I scouted the nation and determined our pick would be Roquan but if he doesn’t make the team I don’t want to pay him the full $18 million NFL says I must. I also want to pay him the $ 18 million not in today’s money but in 2023 money. There is a time value to money. Pay Roquan later. Now whose damn fault is that Dave Wannstedt that Roquan hasn’t signed such a silly-assed worded contract ?



Dave Wannstedt you’re a fool of the highest order to criticize Roquan Smith on this you God Damn idiot.


And Roquan takes exception to MORE in the contract offer from Ryan Pace such as the helmet rule.  The Bears want to be able to not pay the $ 18 million if Roquan ever is called with that penalty of lowering his helmet.  That was not a concern in his college days but Ryan Pace wants to MAKE IT ONE now.


This is the 14th day of hold-out and 9th missed practice with Bears in dire need of a linebacker today.  Don’t expect Roquan anytime soon unless the Bears fix this shit.  The season starts this week for the Bears.



I am RIGHT. But I am way too mad to tell folks to STFU making EXCUSES about how Mark Richt was mistreated here ?



We played in the national championship game.


We WON The SEC Championship.


We recruited the consensus # 1 recruiting class in the nation.


We are ranked # 2 in the nation consensus in EVERY poll.


We WON the Rose Bowl.  We beat Oklahoma. We beat Auburn.


We beat Notre Dame at Touchdown Jesus.


We lost to no cupcake and beat Mississippi State.


We have 2 really good quarterbacks.


We have 10 really good OL.


We have 4 top-notch running backs.


We recruited some really good wide receivers.


We have 3 of the top TE in the nation.


Our Assistant Head Football Coach and running backs’ coach Dell McGee kicked Mark Richt off his high school program’s campus and told him to never come back.


So I have to hear excuses 3 years later about our offense 2015 ?  Forget you.


And DAILY some bullshit dumb shit wants to tell us that :


“2015 Chubb was hurt, Andrews left for NFL, Schotty only had 1 year, nothing to work with, Keith Marshall was hurt, Ramsey sucked worse than Bauta, Bauta couldn’t even start for Bobo at CSU. Not fair to use unnamed player/coaches quotes. Should use professional coach critics”


And admitted Mark Richt could not win the big games after 2007 with Mike Bobo as Offensive Coordinator.


Failed to point-out the dozen losses to unranked teams after 2007 until he was FIRED.


Failed to point-out that 63 of his last 146 signed scholarship recruits were GONE for various reasons but not on the team for Kirby.


Failed to point-out that he only won 53 % of the games against teams who played as one of the 80 bowl teams the year he played them after 2007 three games over .500


Mark Richt’s staffs were horrible and with his “let them do whatever they want attitude” the players and his staff made sure that Mark Richt was seen as running a program which was OUT OF CONTROL.


Daily all we get are post after post about how Mark Richt was treated unfairly and was the best coach ever when Kirby has a higher win percentage and a better average recruiting class.


I really frankly do NOT give a shit what you think about how I hate Mark Richt and what he did to our program from 2008 until 2015 when finally folks read my blog and fired the dumbass.


I was right and proven right.




Here stick THIS up your God damn novice assholes 3 years after I was proven correct that Mark Richt had to be FIRED with reason that you still write pieces MAKING EXCUSES FOR HIM.


There is NO EXCUSE for what he did to my alma mater for his last entire 8 years here.


FU and F him.


And CB the writer of RiverbendRunDown blog is full of shit to TRY to make EXCUSES for 2015 for Mark Richt 3 years later.


I could care if you can be bothered to read THAT or not either.


We’ve MOVED-ON.  The Mark Richt Apologists who say they are Miami of Florida fans now can kiss my ass.




Y’all will never one-line Mark Richt’s career here at UGA or after other than that he was good 2001 to 2007 and then gave-up on football to be a God Damn preacher man.  Stephen Hawking said that God did NOT create the universe and there is no afterlife.  I am not here to live up to your expectations.  I am here to give hell to dumbasses.  I graduated in the top 5 % of my graduating class at UGA honored at Foy Fine Arts for such.  Every word of what I have said for the last 11 years has become total vindication of my facts as presented on these blogs about Mark Richt.  So you can STICK it up your ASS !



RiverbendRunDown blog author CB now wants to MAKE EXCUSES for Mark Richt and his God Damn “coaching staffs.” This the same CB who said Ohio State was so great the year before last when Penn State BEAT them who LOST to 8-5 Pitt and when Clemson beat the ever living shit out of Ohio State 31 to freaking NOTHING.

It kept Ohio State OUT of the play-offs last year that these facts persist from the year before last losing to Penn State – who lost 3 games including to 8-5 should have been 7-6 Pitt and who also got blown-out 31 to nothing by Clemson.


So CB stick THIS up your God Damn NOVICE asshole.


CB 3 pissing up a rope years after we FIRED Mark Richt.


CB who has an entire rant about English done in poor English himself yesterday.


CB defending Mark Richt and “staff” by MAKING EXCUSES which is what the DISNEYdawgs.com Mark Richt Apologists did for 8 friqin’ years from 2008 until 2015.  And now again still 3 more years tacked-on.




I hate Mark Richt.


I hate everything about the son of a bitch sorry ass preacher man.


Don’t write articles to ME where you paid a dollar to read shit you disagree with because – well he put shit on Mark Richt 3 years later.


Guess what ?


I gave Mark Richt total Hell in every post from 2008 when all our players got arrested us ranked # 1 consensus preseason Polls AP and Coaches.  And I kept giving him total Hell every day on EVERY BLOG in America until when we FIRED his sorry ass 8 years later.


Mark Richt did NOT do shit in those 8 years of futility for us CB.


See if YOU CAN SAY THAT dumbass ?


Ranked opponents ?  CB says Mike Bobo as his Offensive Coordinator and Mark Richt were NOT GOOD AT ALL against ranked opponents.


How about the 12 unranked opponents time game or for season Mark Richt lost to after 2007 until we FIRED his sorry ass for it CB ?  Can’t bring yourself to DISCUSS that at all ?


What about the bowl game teams Mark Richt played after 2007 until we FIRED his Christian freaking puckered asshole 8 years later ?  Mark Richt 2008 to 2015 inclusive played teams who went on to a bowl game that season (bowl team opponents that year he played them) and was only 3 games over for the entire 8 years at 53 % win percentage.  And that with the average # 8 recruiting classes.


This is because he nursed 63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits who were all 63 kicked-off failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit.


Look CB you God Damn Mark Richt Apologist – who gives a SHIT what you think about how great Mark Richt was or what GOD DAMN EXCUSES you can try to make up for what our program was way back then ?


Mark Richt sucked.  Mark Richt also is NOT doing as well as Kirby is now.


When Mark Richt was here his winning percentage here and his recruiting average ranking were WORSE than Kirby’s are now for us –  in comparing win percentages or recruiting.


AND Mark Richt is not doing as well as Kirby comparing Mark Richt at Miami of Florida to Kirby either such as win percentages and recruiting again now.


Forget Mark Richt.


I fired his ass.  I did so RIGHT HERE on this blog and on EVERY OTHER BLOG IN AMERICA.  I wrote on EVERY BLOG in America how Mark Richt screwed this up or that from 2008 until he was fired.  3 years later now you think you can write a piece making EXCUSES for 2015 season only and I shall not reply ?


You’re dumb as shit then.


Mike Bobo did not do SHIT here except for his one senior season as our QB.  Then he took the demotion to a losing record program Colorado State which has SUCKED since he took it over as well.  This  was what I guaranteed he would do at Colorado State.


Why did you think Mark Richt and “staff” got FIRED CB ?  Because your excuses NOW held water 3 years’ ago for that season 2015 ?


(Or hold water as excuses for 2014 or 2013 or 2012 or 2011 or 2010 or 2009 or 2008) ?  You really think it was all a load of hogwash that Mark Richt was FIRED ?


What the hell circles do you live your life in CB where that is ACCEPTABLE ?


Yes Mark Richt (and Mike Bobo OC) LOST to 18 of their last 24 games against top 15 opponents.


That was the # 42 best team nationally at that stat but with the # 8 average recruiting classes here.


But THAT pales in comparison to his losses to unranked teams with same # 8 average recruiting classes after 2007.  And his loss to Pitt last year another unranked loss for Mark Richt, this time at Miami of Florida.  This just is continuing his tradition here now down there at Miami of Florida – Mark Richt losing to unranked 5-7 Pittsburgh to end his run last year 2017.


As he ended his run at Georgia every year with LOSSES to unranked CUPCAKES.


You are NOT going to tell ME what the EXCUSES are for Mark Richt and “staff” 2015 God Damn it CB.  I have had more than enough of that SHIT for a God Damn LIFETIME.


You can take that to the bank CB.


Quit trying.


Write an APOLOGY to ME CB that you are such a dumb shit that 3 years later you still sit there squirming in your not big boy panties whining about EXCUSES how Mark Richt was mistreated.


Bullshit boy.


When the PLAYERS tell you CB that they DISCONNECTED from Mark Richt and his “staff” when he selected Faton Bauta as his Starting QB vs. our # 1 Rival when he had NOT TAKEN A SINGLE SNAP at QB all season long THEN TRY believing that.  And he left him in after 4 interceptions NEVER calling a running play for the running QB.  Try to listen CB boy.  It was THE DAY Greg McGarity made the decision to FIRE Mark Richt and “staff.”


You are the ONLY person on the planet who thinks Greg McGarity should have done otherwise CB.


Not FIRE Mark Richt for his bullshit against # 1 Rival Florida 2015 ?  Sure that is a FIRING offense.  God damn it CB.  The other Mark Richt Apologists all long-since have kicked Mark Richt from pillar to post for Mark Richt’s offensive game plan against our # 1 Rival Florida 2015.


How in the Hell can you try to make excuses for that CB ?


Honestly it is one of the dumbest coaching decisions of all-time ever anywhere at any level of any sport – his entire offensive game strategy against Florida 2015.


And YOU make EXCUSES for it 3 years’ later CB.


You should be flogged for that blog post yesterday CB.  Consider this your public flogging for it making up excuses.


Oh Jesus Christ !


Even David Greene gave Mark Richt HELL for that.


You know more than he too ?


Trying to cover-up their defense of Mark Richt.


There is no defense of Mark Richt.


2008 to 2015 was miserable football for us.


It became fashionable 3 years’ ago to put shit on Mark Richt for his entire last 8 years here.  Here you defend him 3 years after that CB – the author of RiverBendRunDown blog.




Hey CB how great was Ohio State the year before last again dumbass ?





Fourth 5-Star Travon Walker added for next Fall with classes starting now 2 weeks and 5 days from now moving Kirby to # 4 class 2019 beating-out Alabama and Clemson for this state’s # 1 overall player and # 7 best overall in the nation who also is a star Upson-Lee basketball player. The other schools have a LOT more available scholarships for 2019 than Kirby but at 6′ 5″ and 270 lbs. THIS is MAJOR GET now 4 of the top 10 in-state and 8 of the top 40 in-state for 2019.

When our 4th recruit of this stature and 9th of the ESPN Top 150 pushes us from # 11 all the way to # 4 ranked recruiting class for 2019 – obviously this is huge.

Kirby now has 11 of the ESPN coveted Top 300 overall football recruits for the next recruiting cycle.  There is no question that Kirby is just way better than Mark Richt at recruiting.

Mark Richt was an easy-going guy who let whatever happens happen with his hands-off approach to football as unimportant compared to leading the boys to Christ.

The top football players like this just want to win and when for his last 8 seasons here Mark Richt averaged 4 losses a season Mark Richt was a JOKE among the top football players.

Mark Richt might have only left Kirby with only a dozen scholarship seniors 2018 but Kirby is certainly doing a great job of filling those damn few open scholarships for next year with the best available he can get with his hands-on approach to seeking and going-after with dogged determination the elite in-state and across the nation.


# 6 class Kirby 2016

# 3 class Kirby 2017 (one service has Kirby at # 2)

# 1 class Kirby 2018

# 4 class Kirby 2019


With the general lack of seniors provided by Mark Richt for Kirby 2018 of a dozen only we can not expect to remain the # 4 class nationally 2019 but Kirby is doing all he can do to fill the slots available with the best men.


Congratulations to  Travon Walker and to Kirby in our quest for our football program to be better than averaging 4 losses a season for the last 8 years of the Mark Richt era 32 losses starting 2008 through when he was finally FIRED for it in 2015.


Kirby has lost 7 games his first two seasons and averages MORE than 10-wins a season which Mark Richt did NOT do.


21-7 Kirby with one national championship game

19-7 Mark Richt at Miami of Florida


.75 win percentage Kirby whom everyone said would play Hell matching Mark Richt’s

.73 win percentage Mark Richt at Miami of Florida since we FIRED him here


When we FIRED Mark Richt Mark Richt told little Aaron Murray that he was SURPRISED he was FIRED.


Readers of this blog were NOT.


It was way overdue.


Mark Richt averaged the # 8 recruiting class. Kirby is averaging # 3 recruiting class.


The difference is Kirby is KEEPING his recruits AND they are far better at the top-end.


Mark Richt LOST his recruits because of his lack of control LOSING CONTROL of his God Damn FOOTBALL PROGRAM.


It was some kind of a God Damn JOKE among the Mark Richt Apologists that Mark Richt was somehow NOT RESPONSIBLE for the actions of HIS recruits. Sure he was.  Mark Richt was 100 percent accountable for the fact that 63 of his last 146 signed scholarship recruits were kicked-off the team flunked-out never qualified failed to show up or quit.  I kept a RUNNING LIST which MANY BLOGS posted to YOUR CHAGRIN.  You joked that Mark Richt did NOT LOSE CONTROL of shit you said.  I remember you said that Mark Richt was NOT responsible for this.  He not only was but was FIRED for it you God Damn Dumbasses.


Mark Richt has only won 164 of 222 games a .7387 win percentage when you add back in what Mark Richt did 2001 through 2007 inclusive his first 7 years here when we ALL me included were NOT on Mark Richt’s case because we were winning.


But we quit winning.  It started with the Alabama black-out game at home and Mark Richt NEVER recovered from being FAVORED TO WIN and being blown-out nothing to 31 at halftime on national TV.


It was quite the statement with Mark Richt looking like he did not give a shit on the sidelines.




He let the coaches do whatever the hell they wanted to do and the players as well.


He didn’t give a shit.


.7387 is NOT as good as Kirby’s .7500


# 8 is not as good average recruiting ranking as Kirby’s # 3 and a half either.


I told you we would recruit BETTER AFTER Mark Richt was FIRED.


You said he wasn’t going anywhere.


THIS is what YOU SAID you God Damn LIAR.

THIS is what I promised you and guaranteed to you would be the case today.

To which YOU SAID I was wrong and you a better Bulldog than I because I dared to want more.


You said Mark Richt was the greatest coach we ever had.


I said bullshit he was and should be FIRED for what he has NOT DONE after 2007 his last entire 8-year period here.


I was RIGHT and you gave me HELL that I was wrong.


You were WRONG.




Weren’t you punk ?


Go ahead.


You can say it.


We all know.


YOU SAID and still try to that Mark Richt averaged 10-win season.  Bullshit he did.  THAT was the problem. In 15-game seasons for the top teams which we were NOT he average 9.6 wins a year.  Liar.

Of 196 games at Georgia Mark Richt won 145 in 15 seasons obviously NOT 10-wins a year.

.7398 Mark Richt win percentage at Georgia (32 losses after 2007 avg 4 per season)

.7157 win percentage 73-32 Mark Richt’s last entire 8-year period here


You slapped each other on the back and said BAN THIS BOY’S POSTS as he is NOT a Georgia Bulldog but a Georgie tek fan despite the fact that you know and did know I am and have been a far better fan than you ever will be of my beloved football program of my alma mater.  You just didn’t want to hear that Mark Richt did NOT walk on God Damn Water.


63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits either flunked-out were kicked-off failed to qualify never showed-up or quit 43% from 2010 to 2015 just were NOT HERE for Kirby.


THIS is what they don’t tell you when they KEEP BRINGING BACK UP THIS MARK RICHT SHITHEAD COACH and why they don’t.


Mark Richt not only did not recruit as well as Kirby and I told you we would be better at recruiting after we FIRED Mark Richt and lost 63 of his last 146 signed scholarship recruits but as a direct result thereof lost 18 of his last 24 games against the top 15 time game # 42 nationally at that with # 8 average recruiting class and threw in for good measure 12 losses (12) to unranked teams time of game or for season 2008 until he was FIRED for it.  You did NOT want to hear that.  So here we are years later and STILL you try to SAVE FACE discussing MY FIRING OF MARK RICHT.


There is NO END to your bullshit trying to save face about you standing behind Mark Richt and defending him against me.


So not only does Mark Richt NOT RECRUIT as well as Kirby does but Mark Richt LOST CONTROL of HIS GOD DAMN FOOTBALL PROGRAM and couldn’t keep his recruits inline nor his coaching staff and got FIRED for it to YOUR CHAGRIN and to my complete vindication.



Terence Jariviz Barnes TJ BARNES runs his GOD DAMN MOUTH on Twitter when he hasn’t played in 3 years anywhere and did not even make double-digit tackles in his ENTIRE STINKING CAREER in the NFL that he says he was 1-4 against The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. Well let’s look at that. TJ Barnes did NOT play in the Game in 2008. He is unlisted in the participation report. More GOD DAMN LIES from TJ Barnes 0-4 vs UGA in his playing career NOW OVER.

Enterprise Alabama ranked # 59 player at his position and unranked nationally a two to three star recruit ended-up at Georgia Tech because no one else wanted him.


“I was 1-4 at Georgia Tech against UGA” TJ Barnes brags on Twitter yesterday.


Trying to make a name for himself because he sure as shit did NOT as a player.





42-10 UGA beat his ass 2012


31-17 UGA beat his sorry ass 2011


42-34 UGA beat the shithead 2010


30-24 UGA beat this son of a bitch in football 2009


TJ Barnes did NOT play in the Game in 2008.  He is unlisted in the participation report.  More GOD DAMN LIES from TJ Barnes.






Cece Jefferson 6’1” 261 lbs. Florida gator senior 2018 sacks 9.5 solo 53 assisted tackles 52 : “I kind of wish we went to Georgia and played at Georgia. I wouldn’t mind it. I ain’t going to lie; it gets lit between the hedges at night I’ve seen where they light the cell phones up. It gets loud in there. I wouldn’t mind going from our stadium to their stadium every year. We don’t have to go to Jacksonville every year.”




Joe Vitale aka dumbass states Auburn was not Auburn in 2nd Georgia game last year but Auburn LOST FOUR (4) GAMES last year 4 including Central Florida BEAT AUBURN last year and LSU BEAT AUBURN last year. LSU LOST 4 games themselves last year and THEY BEAT Auburn.

I submit Auburn WAS Auburn in the second game.    The only reason Auburn won the first meeting was that it was a HOME GAME for Auburn who also had a HOME GAME against Alabama since Auburn got to play us back-to-back HOME GAMES 2012 and 2013.


Give us our HOME GAME back-to-back Auburn and quit your bullshit God Damn whining about a 4-loss team was so friqin’ great with your 2 HOME GAMES against Georgia and Alabama last year at YOUR HOUSE.


U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges :

# 1 Princeton

# 2 Harvard

# 35 Georgia Institute of Technology

# 56 University of Georgia

# 92 Florida State University

# 99 Auburn University


Auburn has had only 232 players drafted in the NFL Draft, and mostly they are from here in the state of Georgia is where they came from as high school players here in the state of Georgia they stole from us with lies.


Georgia has had 291 players drafted in the NFL Draft and damn few of those came from the state of Alabama since Alabama high school football does not hold a damn candle to state of Georgia High School Football and NEVER HAS.

808–420–54 (.651) Georgia Bulldogs


766–437–47 (.633) Auburn



Auburn is 23–17–6 (.53) in bowl games.


Georgia is 31-20–3 (.60) in bowl games.


Who has Won This SEC Conference Championship the MOST ?  Auburn with 8 or Georgia with 13 ?


Consensus All-Americans 30 Auburn
Consensus All-Americans 32 Georgia



UGA is the # 1 mascot all-time.

And Athens compared to Auburn Athens is named the # 1 college football town in the nation.  Auburn certainly is not.  What a hell hole.


Only 8 Auburn players while 12 Georgia Bulldogs are in the College Football Hall of Fame from each school.  So there is that as well of 50 % more Georgia Bulldogs.



See you and your loud mouth high school coach Gus Malzahn at OUR HOUSE this year in The Deep South’s Oldest Football Rivalry 58-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry Mighty Georgia Bulldogs # 2 best team in the nation AHEAD in our Rivalry by SEVERAL GAMES and counting…


Quit your whining you God Damn BABIES.


And UGAwire.com Joe Vitale you can KISS MY ASS that that was NOT Auburn in YOUR FREAKING opinion.


Auburn Players Discuss SEC Championship Loss To Georgia: "It Simply Wasn't Us"


“We whipped the dog crap out of them – didn’t we?”  So after you said THIS pre-game then post game you run your God Damn Mouths again that it just wasn’t you.  Sure it was.  We kicked your ass like we ALWAYS do at EVERYTHING.


It damn sure was Auburn – the Auburn we DOMINATE anyway.





David Greene can criticize Mark Richt but Aaron Murray says Jeremy Pruitt can NOT. Sure he can. And Aaron Murray is just WRONG AGAIN.

6-7 his first season as Starting QB Georgia Bulldogs Aaron Murray 13-2 Jake Fromm. 171 interceptions sacks and fumbles for Aaron Murray here before NEVER throwing one pass in the NFL.


3-12 against ranked teams here at UGA Aaron Murray SUCKED the hind tit against the good teams while he was here and threw in for good measure six (6) losses to UNRANKED teams as our Starting QB as well.


But the real kicker is that Aaron Murray says we LOSE last year to Mississippi State. I said pre-season last year that we would WIN SEC Championship 2017. We did. Aaron Murray said we LOSE to Mississippi State. We did NOT.


In fact we ran roughshod over them 31 to 3.


Aaron Murray disagreed with Mark Richt 3 times in front of me that Aaron Murray thought that he should SPIKE IT against Alabama 2012 in The SEC Championship Game. Mark Richt told little Aaron Murray NO 3 times in front of me do NOT SPIKE it Aaron Murray Mark Richt told him.


But now this fool this LOSER Aaron Murray who is NOT eligible for the College Football Hall of Fame and NEVER was All-American and who has NEVER thrown any pass in the NFL either thinks that Mark Richt walked on water and that Jeremy Pruitt should not criticize Mark Richt.


THAT is what Aaron Murray said today.


Mark Richt told Cam Newton during recruiting him here that Mark Richt had little Aaron Murray so all Cam Newton could do here was to play Tight End.


So now Aaron Murray tells Jeremy Pruitt that Jeremy Pruitt is wrong to criticize Mark Richt.


No he is NOT.


David Greene says : “Here we are in November and we still don’t know which direction they’re going in. It’s tough to be this deep in the season really without any identity offensively. Unfortunately it’s not just one thing. Offensively right now it’s very stale. Special teams has really struggled. There’s a lot of talent on the team but sometimes the players just aren’t making plays. As an entire team they just kind of seem lost…like they just don’t know what they want to do and how they want to do it. A good example of that is starting Faton Bauta when he has zero starting experience. It just goes to show that what they’ve been trying to do just isn’t working.”




David Greene can criticize Mark Richt but Aaron Murray says Jeremy Pruitt can NOT.


Sure he can.


And did.


And Aaron Murray is just WRONG AGAIN.




Kirby’s latest quote makes you think Justin Fields is redshirted 2018 ?

“He’s going to come in and compete very similar to the way Jake Fromm came in and competed with Eason.  Justin Fields is coming in to compete and learn our system. He’s made the players around him better. He’s embraced the challenge of learning the offense, and he’s a very bright young man.”


If you think that sounds to you like Kirby is redshirting Justin Fields or that he should be then you are a complete dumbass.



Willie McClendon All-Time Great Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Star’s nephew Warren McClendon accepts Kirby’s Scholarship offer at 6′ 4″ and 318 lbs. # 21 best offensive tackle in the nation.

Willie McClendon is way far up on my Favorite Bulldog of all-time list.


Warren McClendon is Willie McClendon’s nephew.





Warren had 18 scholarship offers before pushing Kirby’s 2019 class inside the top 10 in the nation.


Sam Pittman gained Warren McClendon’s Commitment for us over offers Warren McClendon has from Alabama, Clemson, Auburn, Florida, Michigan, Miami of Florida and Oklahoma.



Zion Logue 6′ 6″ and 287 lbs. DE picks Kirby over Alabama and over Florida moving Kirby up from # 16 to # 11 for 2019 class of now 11 commitments.

Zion Logue is one of the top dozen overall football players in the state of Tennessee.  Losing Zion Logue to The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs is a major blow to vols.



California Golden Bears 5-7 both years Demetris Robertson was out there in the Land of Fruit and Nuts in San Francisco Berkeley with his 4.32 speed in the 40-yard dash with one 5-star one 4-star and the rest all 2 and 3-star recruits. I told Demetris Robertson not to go there. Welcome back.

Not Stanford.  2813 miles on I-40.  They do NOT play football there.  I told Demetris Robertson that this is EXACTLY precisely what would happen at California.  His brother Carlos it is said was TOLD by Demetris that two 5-7 seasons is NOT what he expected.


We had idiotic blog writers who since have quit posting who said that they did not care where Demetris Robertson plays football.


They wrote that BEFORE he chose California on his brother Carolos’ suggestion.


I wrote here that that was WRONG that UGA would be a far better destination in his profession.


I always wanted Demetris Robertson here.


I am vindicated.  Look at all the 5-star players he joins here at UGA Georgia Bulldogs.



Assistant Head Football Coach Dell McGee – Kirby’s Assistant Head Football Coach – Coach Dell McGee – I love him !

Coach Dell McGee is MY HERO.


I love Coach Dell McGee.


I wanted to make him Offensive Coordinator year 2.


Assistant Head Football Coach – assistant to Kirby.




That sounds right to me.


There is NOT a finer Coach on our Staff than Coach Dell McGee.


I Love The MAN.





40-yard dash time 4.55 seconds and 42.2 inch vertical leap puts defensive end commit to Kirby for next year # 1 player in the nation status which Justin Fields won for this year on ESPN recruiting ranking. Nolan Smith II is # 1 player on 247Sports.com Composite Ranking for next year.

Nolan Smith II is a fine young man who represents himself well when talking to the media and knows his senior season he is a target now overtaking an Ohio State prospect.




Friday 13th July 2018

Phil Steele ranks Georgia # 67 team in experience this up-coming 2018 season because well Mark Richt did NOT leave as much talent as Kirby Smart has been getting for us so our 2-Deep for 2018 is mighty weak on seniors and juniors. All 3 of Kirby’s classes are HIGHER RANKED than Mark Richt’s average # 7 ranking at # 6 # 3 and # 1 for Kirby instead.



Alabama is # 31 in experience 2018 so they are twice as highly rated in talent as we are 2018 at # 67.


Phil Steele # 1 Pre-Season Magazine is in the stores now.  If you are only going to buy one Phil Steele is the correct pre-season magazine to purchase.  It is easiest to read has everything for Georgia on 2 facing pages and is renown for being the MOST ACCURATE.



“Comparing Jake Fromm and Aaron Murray’s first years as Georgia’s quarterback : Fromm led his team to a 13-2 record, an SEC Championship victory, Rose Bowl victory and a narrow loss in overtime in the National Championship.” WELL EXCUSE THE LIVING HELL OUT OF ME Michael Hebert Sports Editor THE RED AND BLACK student newspaper but AARON MURRAY WENT 6-7 LOSING RECORD. Why can’t you SAY THAT.

13-2 for 1st Year Jake Fromm True Freshman Starting Georgia Bulldogs’ Quarterback

6-7 LOSING GOD DAMN RECORD Little Aaron Murray True Freshman Starting UGA QB


Let’s compare the 2 true freshmen starting Georgia quarterbacks.


Jake Fromm went 13-2 won The SEC Championship won the God Damn Rose Bowl and was way ahead in the national championship game when the God Damn Officials STOLE the game from Jake Fromm calling EVERY call by the Big 10 Officials for Alabama to get Alabama back into the game.


Aaron Murray LOST to Colorado 2010 for crying out loud.  Colorado went 5-7 LOSING RECORD and FIRED THEIR COACH but little Aaron Murray gave the game away.


Florida should have been a 6-loss team 2010 but they too beat little Aaron Murray.


Even George O’Leary 2010 beat little Aaron Murray with God Damn UCF.


41 Interceptions

32 Fumbles

98 Sacks

171 Interceptions, Sacks, Fumbles.

10 % Interception Sack Fumble Percentage of Total Player Plays


295 Made 3rd Down Conversions.

688 Opportunities 3rd Downs on Offense.

42 % for 3rd Down Conversion Percentage.


Lost to 6 UnRanked Cupcakes.

0 Passes Thrown in the NFL.

7 Number of Quarterbacks Taken NFL Draft before he is taken.

0 SEC Championships.

0 National Championships.

0 All-SEC 1st Team.






32-5 record

65 % completion percentage

96 TD Passes

56 Sacks

27 Interceptions

22 Fumbles






vs Ranked Teams Time of Game :




3-12 record

54 % completion percentage

25 TD Passes

42 Sacks

14 Interceptions

10 Fumbles


35-17, Aaron Murray at the most in-opportune time threw interceptions, fumbled and got sacked.


41 interceptions, 98 sacks, 32 Fumbles


171 Interceptions, Sacks and Fumbles 10 % of his plays – unpropitious moments, badly timed.


Let’s compare Jake Fromm Year One versus Aaron Murray Year One.


God Damn FOOL.