“Comparing Jake Fromm and Aaron Murray’s first years as Georgia’s quarterback : Fromm led his team to a 13-2 record, an SEC Championship victory, Rose Bowl victory and a narrow loss in overtime in the National Championship.” WELL EXCUSE THE LIVING HELL OUT OF ME Michael Hebert Sports Editor THE RED AND BLACK student newspaper but AARON MURRAY WENT 6-7 LOSING RECORD. Why can’t you SAY THAT.

13-2 for 1st Year Jake Fromm True Freshman Starting Georgia Bulldogs’ Quarterback

6-7 LOSING GOD DAMN RECORD Little Aaron Murray True Freshman Starting UGA QB


Let’s compare the 2 true freshmen starting Georgia quarterbacks.


Jake Fromm went 13-2 won The SEC Championship won the God Damn Rose Bowl and was way ahead in the national championship game when the God Damn Officials STOLE the game from Jake Fromm calling EVERY call by the Big 10 Officials for Alabama to get Alabama back into the game.


Aaron Murray LOST to Colorado 2010 for crying out loud.  Colorado went 5-7 LOSING RECORD and FIRED THEIR COACH but little Aaron Murray gave the game away.


Florida should have been a 6-loss team 2010 but they too beat little Aaron Murray.


Even George O’Leary 2010 beat little Aaron Murray with God Damn UCF.


41 Interceptions

32 Fumbles

98 Sacks

171 Interceptions, Sacks, Fumbles.

10 % Interception Sack Fumble Percentage of Total Player Plays


295 Made 3rd Down Conversions.

688 Opportunities 3rd Downs on Offense.

42 % for 3rd Down Conversion Percentage.


Lost to 6 UnRanked Cupcakes.

0 Passes Thrown in the NFL.

7 Number of Quarterbacks Taken NFL Draft before he is taken.

0 SEC Championships.

0 National Championships.

0 All-SEC 1st Team.






32-5 record

65 % completion percentage

96 TD Passes

56 Sacks

27 Interceptions

22 Fumbles






vs Ranked Teams Time of Game :




3-12 record

54 % completion percentage

25 TD Passes

42 Sacks

14 Interceptions

10 Fumbles


35-17, Aaron Murray at the most in-opportune time threw interceptions, fumbled and got sacked.


41 interceptions, 98 sacks, 32 Fumbles


171 Interceptions, Sacks and Fumbles 10 % of his plays – unpropitious moments, badly timed.


Let’s compare Jake Fromm Year One versus Aaron Murray Year One.


God Damn FOOL.