California Golden Bears 5-7 both years Demetris Robertson was out there in the Land of Fruit and Nuts in San Francisco Berkeley with his 4.32 speed in the 40-yard dash with one 5-star one 4-star and the rest all 2 and 3-star recruits. I told Demetris Robertson not to go there. Welcome back.

Not Stanford.  2813 miles on I-40.  They do NOT play football there.  I told Demetris Robertson that this is EXACTLY precisely what would happen at California.  His brother Carlos it is said was TOLD by Demetris that two 5-7 seasons is NOT what he expected.


We had idiotic blog writers who since have quit posting who said that they did not care where Demetris Robertson plays football.


They wrote that BEFORE he chose California on his brother Carolos’ suggestion.


I wrote here that that was WRONG that UGA would be a far better destination in his profession.


I always wanted Demetris Robertson here.


I am vindicated.  Look at all the 5-star players he joins here at UGA Georgia Bulldogs.