Joe Vitale aka dumbass states Auburn was not Auburn in 2nd Georgia game last year but Auburn LOST FOUR (4) GAMES last year 4 including Central Florida BEAT AUBURN last year and LSU BEAT AUBURN last year. LSU LOST 4 games themselves last year and THEY BEAT Auburn.

I submit Auburn WAS Auburn in the second game.    The only reason Auburn won the first meeting was that it was a HOME GAME for Auburn who also had a HOME GAME against Alabama since Auburn got to play us back-to-back HOME GAMES 2012 and 2013.


Give us our HOME GAME back-to-back Auburn and quit your bullshit God Damn whining about a 4-loss team was so friqin’ great with your 2 HOME GAMES against Georgia and Alabama last year at YOUR HOUSE.


U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges :

# 1 Princeton

# 2 Harvard

# 35 Georgia Institute of Technology

# 56 University of Georgia

# 92 Florida State University

# 99 Auburn University


Auburn has had only 232 players drafted in the NFL Draft, and mostly they are from here in the state of Georgia is where they came from as high school players here in the state of Georgia they stole from us with lies.


Georgia has had 291 players drafted in the NFL Draft and damn few of those came from the state of Alabama since Alabama high school football does not hold a damn candle to state of Georgia High School Football and NEVER HAS.

808–420–54 (.651) Georgia Bulldogs


766–437–47 (.633) Auburn



Auburn is 23–17–6 (.53) in bowl games.


Georgia is 31-20–3 (.60) in bowl games.


Who has Won This SEC Conference Championship the MOST ?  Auburn with 8 or Georgia with 13 ?


Consensus All-Americans 30 Auburn
Consensus All-Americans 32 Georgia



UGA is the # 1 mascot all-time.

And Athens compared to Auburn Athens is named the # 1 college football town in the nation.  Auburn certainly is not.  What a hell hole.


Only 8 Auburn players while 12 Georgia Bulldogs are in the College Football Hall of Fame from each school.  So there is that as well of 50 % more Georgia Bulldogs.



See you and your loud mouth high school coach Gus Malzahn at OUR HOUSE this year in The Deep South’s Oldest Football Rivalry 58-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry Mighty Georgia Bulldogs # 2 best team in the nation AHEAD in our Rivalry by SEVERAL GAMES and counting…


Quit your whining you God Damn BABIES.


And Joe Vitale you can KISS MY ASS that that was NOT Auburn in YOUR FREAKING opinion.


Auburn Players Discuss SEC Championship Loss To Georgia: "It Simply Wasn't Us"


“We whipped the dog crap out of them – didn’t we?”  So after you said THIS pre-game then post game you run your God Damn Mouths again that it just wasn’t you.  Sure it was.  We kicked your ass like we ALWAYS do at EVERYTHING.


It damn sure was Auburn – the Auburn we DOMINATE anyway.