Fourth 5-Star Travon Walker added for next Fall with classes starting now 2 weeks and 5 days from now moving Kirby to # 4 class 2019 beating-out Alabama and Clemson for this state’s # 1 overall player and # 7 best overall in the nation who also is a star Upson-Lee basketball player. The other schools have a LOT more available scholarships for 2019 than Kirby but at 6′ 5″ and 270 lbs. THIS is MAJOR GET now 4 of the top 10 in-state and 8 of the top 40 in-state for 2019.

When our 4th recruit of this stature and 9th of the ESPN Top 150 pushes us from # 11 all the way to # 4 ranked recruiting class for 2019 – obviously this is huge.

Kirby now has 11 of the ESPN coveted Top 300 overall football recruits for the next recruiting cycle.  There is no question that Kirby is just way better than Mark Richt at recruiting.

Mark Richt was an easy-going guy who let whatever happens happen with his hands-off approach to football as unimportant compared to leading the boys to Christ.

The top football players like this just want to win and when for his last 8 seasons here Mark Richt averaged 4 losses a season Mark Richt was a JOKE among the top football players.

Mark Richt might have only left Kirby with only a dozen scholarship seniors 2018 but Kirby is certainly doing a great job of filling those damn few open scholarships for next year with the best available he can get with his hands-on approach to seeking and going-after with dogged determination the elite in-state and across the nation.


# 6 class Kirby 2016

# 3 class Kirby 2017 (one service has Kirby at # 2)

# 1 class Kirby 2018

# 4 class Kirby 2019


With the general lack of seniors provided by Mark Richt for Kirby 2018 of a dozen only we can not expect to remain the # 4 class nationally 2019 but Kirby is doing all he can do to fill the slots available with the best men.


Congratulations to  Travon Walker and to Kirby in our quest for our football program to be better than averaging 4 losses a season for the last 8 years of the Mark Richt era 32 losses starting 2008 through when he was finally FIRED for it in 2015.


Kirby has lost 7 games his first two seasons and averages MORE than 10-wins a season which Mark Richt did NOT do.


21-7 Kirby with one national championship game

19-7 Mark Richt at Miami of Florida


.75 win percentage Kirby whom everyone said would play Hell matching Mark Richt’s

.73 win percentage Mark Richt at Miami of Florida since we FIRED him here


When we FIRED Mark Richt Mark Richt told little Aaron Murray that he was SURPRISED he was FIRED.


Readers of this blog were NOT.


It was way overdue.


Mark Richt averaged the # 8 recruiting class. Kirby is averaging # 3 recruiting class.


The difference is Kirby is KEEPING his recruits AND they are far better at the top-end.


Mark Richt LOST his recruits because of his lack of control LOSING CONTROL of his God Damn FOOTBALL PROGRAM.


It was some kind of a God Damn JOKE among the Mark Richt Apologists that Mark Richt was somehow NOT RESPONSIBLE for the actions of HIS recruits. Sure he was.  Mark Richt was 100 percent accountable for the fact that 63 of his last 146 signed scholarship recruits were kicked-off the team flunked-out never qualified failed to show up or quit.  I kept a RUNNING LIST which MANY BLOGS posted to YOUR CHAGRIN.  You joked that Mark Richt did NOT LOSE CONTROL of shit you said.  I remember you said that Mark Richt was NOT responsible for this.  He not only was but was FIRED for it you God Damn Dumbasses.


Mark Richt has only won 164 of 222 games a .7387 win percentage when you add back in what Mark Richt did 2001 through 2007 inclusive his first 7 years here when we ALL me included were NOT on Mark Richt’s case because we were winning.


But we quit winning.  It started with the Alabama black-out game at home and Mark Richt NEVER recovered from being FAVORED TO WIN and being blown-out nothing to 31 at halftime on national TV.


It was quite the statement with Mark Richt looking like he did not give a shit on the sidelines.




He let the coaches do whatever the hell they wanted to do and the players as well.


He didn’t give a shit.


.7387 is NOT as good as Kirby’s .7500


# 8 is not as good average recruiting ranking as Kirby’s # 3 and a half either.


I told you we would recruit BETTER AFTER Mark Richt was FIRED.


You said he wasn’t going anywhere.


THIS is what YOU SAID you God Damn LIAR.

THIS is what I promised you and guaranteed to you would be the case today.

To which YOU SAID I was wrong and you a better Bulldog than I because I dared to want more.


You said Mark Richt was the greatest coach we ever had.


I said bullshit he was and should be FIRED for what he has NOT DONE after 2007 his last entire 8-year period here.


I was RIGHT and you gave me HELL that I was wrong.


You were WRONG.




Weren’t you punk ?


Go ahead.


You can say it.


We all know.


YOU SAID and still try to that Mark Richt averaged 10-win season.  Bullshit he did.  THAT was the problem. In 15-game seasons for the top teams which we were NOT he average 9.6 wins a year.  Liar.

Of 196 games at Georgia Mark Richt won 145 in 15 seasons obviously NOT 10-wins a year.

.7398 Mark Richt win percentage at Georgia (32 losses after 2007 avg 4 per season)

.7157 win percentage 73-32 Mark Richt’s last entire 8-year period here


You slapped each other on the back and said BAN THIS BOY’S POSTS as he is NOT a Georgia Bulldog but a Georgie tek fan despite the fact that you know and did know I am and have been a far better fan than you ever will be of my beloved football program of my alma mater.  You just didn’t want to hear that Mark Richt did NOT walk on God Damn Water.


63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits either flunked-out were kicked-off failed to qualify never showed-up or quit 43% from 2010 to 2015 just were NOT HERE for Kirby.


THIS is what they don’t tell you when they KEEP BRINGING BACK UP THIS MARK RICHT SHITHEAD COACH and why they don’t.


Mark Richt not only did not recruit as well as Kirby and I told you we would be better at recruiting after we FIRED Mark Richt and lost 63 of his last 146 signed scholarship recruits but as a direct result thereof lost 18 of his last 24 games against the top 15 time game # 42 nationally at that with # 8 average recruiting class and threw in for good measure 12 losses (12) to unranked teams time of game or for season 2008 until he was FIRED for it.  You did NOT want to hear that.  So here we are years later and STILL you try to SAVE FACE discussing MY FIRING OF MARK RICHT.


There is NO END to your bullshit trying to save face about you standing behind Mark Richt and defending him against me.


So not only does Mark Richt NOT RECRUIT as well as Kirby does but Mark Richt LOST CONTROL of HIS GOD DAMN FOOTBALL PROGRAM and couldn’t keep his recruits inline nor his coaching staff and got FIRED for it to YOUR CHAGRIN and to my complete vindication.