RiverbendRunDown blog author CB now wants to MAKE EXCUSES for Mark Richt and his God Damn “coaching staffs.” This the same CB who said Ohio State was so great the year before last when Penn State BEAT them who LOST to 8-5 Pitt and when Clemson beat the ever living shit out of Ohio State 31 to freaking NOTHING.

It kept Ohio State OUT of the play-offs last year that these facts persist from the year before last losing to Penn State – who lost 3 games including to 8-5 should have been 7-6 Pitt and who also got blown-out 31 to nothing by Clemson.


So CB stick THIS up your God Damn NOVICE asshole.


CB 3 pissing up a rope years after we FIRED Mark Richt.


CB who has an entire rant about English done in poor English himself yesterday.


CB defending Mark Richt and “staff” by MAKING EXCUSES which is what the DISNEYdawgs.com Mark Richt Apologists did for 8 friqin’ years from 2008 until 2015.  And now again still 3 more years tacked-on.




I hate Mark Richt.


I hate everything about the son of a bitch sorry ass preacher man.


Don’t write articles to ME where you paid a dollar to read shit you disagree with because – well he put shit on Mark Richt 3 years later.


Guess what ?


I gave Mark Richt total Hell in every post from 2008 when all our players got arrested us ranked # 1 consensus preseason Polls AP and Coaches.  And I kept giving him total Hell every day on EVERY BLOG in America until when we FIRED his sorry ass 8 years later.


Mark Richt did NOT do shit in those 8 years of futility for us CB.


See if YOU CAN SAY THAT dumbass ?


Ranked opponents ?  CB says Mike Bobo as his Offensive Coordinator and Mark Richt were NOT GOOD AT ALL against ranked opponents.


How about the 12 unranked opponents time game or for season Mark Richt lost to after 2007 until we FIRED his sorry ass for it CB ?  Can’t bring yourself to DISCUSS that at all ?


What about the bowl game teams Mark Richt played after 2007 until we FIRED his Christian freaking puckered asshole 8 years later ?  Mark Richt 2008 to 2015 inclusive played teams who went on to a bowl game that season (bowl team opponents that year he played them) and was only 3 games over for the entire 8 years at 53 % win percentage.  And that with the average # 8 recruiting classes.


This is because he nursed 63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits who were all 63 kicked-off failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit.


Look CB you God Damn Mark Richt Apologist – who gives a SHIT what you think about how great Mark Richt was or what GOD DAMN EXCUSES you can try to make up for what our program was way back then ?


Mark Richt sucked.  Mark Richt also is NOT doing as well as Kirby is now.


When Mark Richt was here his winning percentage here and his recruiting average ranking were WORSE than Kirby’s are now for us –  in comparing win percentages or recruiting.


AND Mark Richt is not doing as well as Kirby comparing Mark Richt at Miami of Florida to Kirby either such as win percentages and recruiting again now.


Forget Mark Richt.


I fired his ass.  I did so RIGHT HERE on this blog and on EVERY OTHER BLOG IN AMERICA.  I wrote on EVERY BLOG in America how Mark Richt screwed this up or that from 2008 until he was fired.  3 years later now you think you can write a piece making EXCUSES for 2015 season only and I shall not reply ?


You’re dumb as shit then.


Mike Bobo did not do SHIT here except for his one senior season as our QB.  Then he took the demotion to a losing record program Colorado State which has SUCKED since he took it over as well.  This  was what I guaranteed he would do at Colorado State.


Why did you think Mark Richt and “staff” got FIRED CB ?  Because your excuses NOW held water 3 years’ ago for that season 2015 ?


(Or hold water as excuses for 2014 or 2013 or 2012 or 2011 or 2010 or 2009 or 2008) ?  You really think it was all a load of hogwash that Mark Richt was FIRED ?


What the hell circles do you live your life in CB where that is ACCEPTABLE ?


Yes Mark Richt (and Mike Bobo OC) LOST to 18 of their last 24 games against top 15 opponents.


That was the # 42 best team nationally at that stat but with the # 8 average recruiting classes here.


But THAT pales in comparison to his losses to unranked teams with same # 8 average recruiting classes after 2007.  And his loss to Pitt last year another unranked loss for Mark Richt, this time at Miami of Florida.  This just is continuing his tradition here now down there at Miami of Florida – Mark Richt losing to unranked 5-7 Pittsburgh to end his run last year 2017.


As he ended his run at Georgia every year with LOSSES to unranked CUPCAKES.


You are NOT going to tell ME what the EXCUSES are for Mark Richt and “staff” 2015 God Damn it CB.  I have had more than enough of that SHIT for a God Damn LIFETIME.


You can take that to the bank CB.


Quit trying.


Write an APOLOGY to ME CB that you are such a dumb shit that 3 years later you still sit there squirming in your not big boy panties whining about EXCUSES how Mark Richt was mistreated.


Bullshit boy.


When the PLAYERS tell you CB that they DISCONNECTED from Mark Richt and his “staff” when he selected Faton Bauta as his Starting QB vs. our # 1 Rival when he had NOT TAKEN A SINGLE SNAP at QB all season long THEN TRY believing that.  And he left him in after 4 interceptions NEVER calling a running play for the running QB.  Try to listen CB boy.  It was THE DAY Greg McGarity made the decision to FIRE Mark Richt and “staff.”


You are the ONLY person on the planet who thinks Greg McGarity should have done otherwise CB.


Not FIRE Mark Richt for his bullshit against # 1 Rival Florida 2015 ?  Sure that is a FIRING offense.  God damn it CB.  The other Mark Richt Apologists all long-since have kicked Mark Richt from pillar to post for Mark Richt’s offensive game plan against our # 1 Rival Florida 2015.


How in the Hell can you try to make excuses for that CB ?


Honestly it is one of the dumbest coaching decisions of all-time ever anywhere at any level of any sport – his entire offensive game strategy against Florida 2015.


And YOU make EXCUSES for it 3 years’ later CB.


You should be flogged for that blog post yesterday CB.  Consider this your public flogging for it making up excuses.


Oh Jesus Christ !


Even David Greene gave Mark Richt HELL for that.


You know more than he too ?


Trying to cover-up their defense of Mark Richt.


There is no defense of Mark Richt.


2008 to 2015 was miserable football for us.


It became fashionable 3 years’ ago to put shit on Mark Richt for his entire last 8 years here.  Here you defend him 3 years after that CB – the author of RiverBendRunDown blog.




Hey CB how great was Ohio State the year before last again dumbass ?