If your Scouts knew what the F they were doing, GM Ryan Pace then why are you insisting on a clause that IF Roquan does not make the team, then you can reduce the $18 million the NFL says you MUST PAY Roquan ? And what is this shit that you want to pay Roquan in LATER YEARS when you OWE Roquan NOW the mandated $ 18 million ?

-decreases the Bears’ financial responsibility if Smith is cut and signs with another team

-decreases the money in earlier years and increases the money in later years

-decreases if Roquan Smith is charged with lowering his helmet making one tackle

-gm Ryan Pace 14 wins 3 years


The Bears wouldn’t owe Roquan Smith the full amount of what their contract of $18 million says in a host of different situations if Roquan signs what Ryan Pace is offering.


Well yeah they do. And they have to pay Roquan that $ 18 million earlier not later.


The Bears want to be able to kick Roquan off the team and not pay him the total if he is cut by the Bears and gets another job with another team. What Roquan haggles with a new team in that scenario, is Roquan’s business – not the Chicago Bears’ business. After all the Bears fired Roquan in that scenario.


That is what this is all about.


For the Bears to put THAT CLAUSE in the contract for Roquan to argue about, the Bears have to fire Roquan – and still think they can reduce what the Bears pay Roquan.


That is just wrong. Look this Bear’s GM Ryan Pace has gone 5-11 last year without Roquan. They need him.  Bears need difference makers.  Instead he is playing on Roquan to just cave-in and sign anyway.  What if Roquan gets injured ?  He would be getting the lesser amount up-front and he would let the Bears off the hook for part of his $18 later-on too.


That’s bullshit.


2016 Ryan Pace was 3-13 for the Bears.


And 2015 Ryan Pace was 6-10.


Ryan Pace hasn’t done shit since taking over as GM for the Chicago Bears and now he has a new unproven head coach too.


The Bears are doing all they can to get better than 14 wins the last 3 years?


I do NOT see it personally.  Not in these negotiations.  The bears are trying to get out of paying Roquan what the NFL mandates they must pay Roquan.


Now the NFL is TELLING Ryan Pace that he MUST pay Roquan Smith $18 million. The players negotiated for this in the latest bargaining agreement with the NFL and the players’ association.


Now Ryan Pace is trying to send the message to the world that he’d like to NOT PAY Roquan $18 million if he can get Roquan to sign that.


I am NOT signing that if I were Roquan.  It is too easy to get injured.  Now he has MISSED time to learn his LB position and how the new coach plans to fix the team.


And make no mistake the Chicago Bears with 14 wins total in the most-recent 3 years, need fixing.


That is not my fault that I say Roquan should NOT sign this bullshit contract from this loser GM Ryan Pace.




Ryan Pace has ADDED WORDS to Roquan’s contract that Ryan Pace does NOT have to pay Roquan the signing bonus in a timely manner EITHER.


Pay the mandated signing bonus but over a longer number of years.  That is bullshit too.  Pardon my God Damn English.


It’s a bad contract.


Everyone knows that.


So here’s the argument : I scouted the nation and determined our pick would be Roquan but if he doesn’t make the team I don’t want to pay him the full $18 million NFL says I must. I also want to pay him the $ 18 million not in today’s money but in 2023 money. There is a time value to money. Pay Roquan later. Now whose damn fault is that Dave Wannstedt that Roquan hasn’t signed such a silly-assed worded contract ?



Dave Wannstedt you’re a fool of the highest order to criticize Roquan Smith on this you God Damn idiot.


And Roquan takes exception to MORE in the contract offer from Ryan Pace such as the helmet rule.  The Bears want to be able to not pay the $ 18 million if Roquan ever is called with that penalty of lowering his helmet.  That was not a concern in his college days but Ryan Pace wants to MAKE IT ONE now.


This is the 14th day of hold-out and 9th missed practice with Bears in dire need of a linebacker today.  Don’t expect Roquan anytime soon unless the Bears fix this shit.  The season starts this week for the Bears.




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