Florida is # 44 in the nation won/lost record starting 2010 eight God Damn Years of Futility and now all this bullshit about gang members illegal gambling and impermissible benefits. Just how bad is it at Florida ? What’s the culture ? Is there any end in sight ? Dan Mullen the answer ?

# 44 in the nation latest 8-year period two full recruiting cycles :




41 LOSSES starting 2010 eight years MORE than 5 losses per season.


That’s how bad this is.


8 years of MORE than 5 losses per year for Florida.


Why are the top in-state talent in Florida 2019 moving-on from FU ?


Well if they were 8 years old or older and looking to play college football in the state of Florida next year – all they have known all their entire life is that Florida is going to lose 5 games a year.




For 8 years and counting.


Now impermissible benefits.


Illegal gambling.


AND losing MORE than 5 games a year for 8 solid years.


All the way back to 2010.




4-7 in 2017

7-5 in 2014

4-8 in 2013

7-6 in 2011

8-5 in 2010






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