Ed Orgeron is the answer at LSU ?



We’re 13-16-1 vs. LSU all-time and don’t face them again until 2025 as SEC non-divisional foe.  This would be a year to improve to 14-16-1 vs LSU and Ed Orgeron would be the reason.  I have no idea why LSU would think Ed Orgeron is going to help LSU because they know he isn’t.


And what is this crap all about now Ed Orgeron that you want to put some child in a hole just because he dared to think that his team might beat you ?   You are sending your thugs around to put him in a hole for that Ed Orgeron.  That is what you said you told the kid.  Let’s see now Ed Orgeron you are 31 wins and 33 losses as a coach and some kid dares to think that his team can beat your team ?




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