Urban Meyer placed on administrative leave by Ohio State after reports surfaced that Urban Meyer knew about spousal abuse allegations against assistant coach Zach Smith prior to Zach Smith’s firing last week. Ohio State University is INVESTIGATING URBAN MEYER now.

You recall of course that Urban Meyer held that press conference where he told us all that he was too sick to ever coach with heart attack.  Then instantly he immediately shows-up to Ohio State University where he has remained as coach there.


No heart issues ?


So Urban Meyer quit coaching Florida Gators claiming heart attack. And Florida has NEVER RECOVERED.


Now this.


Well there was the 2016 season with 2 really bad losses which the Playoff Committee held against Urban Meyer last year 2017 season.


Now this.


4 years of documented proof that allegations long-since existed against Urban Meyer’s assistant coach Zach Smith where Urban Meyer’s wife told Zach Smith’s wife that she would be telling Urban Meyer. It’s against the law to cover-up spousal abuse. We haven’t heard Urban Meyer say he was told 4 years ago or since. We do have the proof that Urban Meyer’s wife a RN told Zach Smith’s wife that she just had to tell Urban Meyer and Zach Smith’s wife said that was why she told Urban Meyer’s wife. This Urban Meyer LIAR is a sleezeball LIAR who continually has stated to recruits in-state here in Georgia that coming to Ohio State would insure they get # 1 Round NFL Draft Pick selections while coming to Georgia insures they don’t.


Actually this dates back 9 years with Zach Smith and documented allegations of abuse.


So Urban Meyer 100 percent KNEW about Zach Smith since at the University of Florida Zach Smith was again Urban Meyer’s coach on his staff for the Florida Gators in 2009 when Zach Smith was charged with aggravated battery of his wife.


So this is NOT news to Urban Meyer.




Please note the law.


Urban Meyer can NOT cover-up allegations of abuse of a lady. It’s 100 percent against the law.


THIS is why everyone says Urban Meyer WILL BE FIRED.


THIS is why Ohio State University instantly put Urban Meyer on leave.


THIS is why Ohio State University instantly began a complete INVESTIGATION of Urban Meyer.


In 2001 Zach Smith played football for coach Urban Meyer at Boling Green University. So Urban Meyer knows EVERYTHING about Zach Smith.


There are SEVERAL POLICE REPORTS from 4 years’ ago where Zach Smith had to have the Police called on him.  Police called and Police Reports.  Police were called there because of 2 calls of physical abuse of Zach Smith’s wife. She has to press charges. She divorced him instead.  They were separated then.  Zach Smith faces NEW CHARGES NOW.  His attorneys have pushed the court case out several months.




One a man should NEVER raise a hand to a lady.


Two this is a PRIORITY among all of us that it IS NOT ALLOWED.


Look women go back for more.  We have to protect little ladies and prosecute those who hide cover-up and actually do the abuse.


I say Zach Smith and Urban Meyer are GOING DOWN and they are NOT the only ones.



Ohio State starts practice today and Urban Meyer is NOT the coach.


Ryan Day is the coach of Ohio State. Acting head coach Ryan Day August 3 of 2018.


Ryan Day has been the acting head coach of Ohio State for 3 days in a row now. Now he starts Fall practice and NOT Urban Meyer.


Ryan Day likely will be called as a witness himself.


Ryan Day not only was Zach Smith’s boss before he was fired but Ryan Day goes all the way back to Florida as Urban Meyer’s coach there as well.


So Ryan Day KNOWS ALL ABOUT Zach Smith as well.


He too could and obviously should be part of the INVESTIGATION of not just Urban Meyer but of Ryan Day.


Expect to hear that Ryan Day is put on leave by Ohio State University and expect fully that Ryan Day KNEW ALL ABOUT Zach Smith.


Like Urban LIAR Meyer.


Look Urban Meyer has ADMITTED he KNEW ALL ABOUT Zach Smith before Zach Smith was FIRED by Ohio State University.


Urban LIAR Meyer.



Jim Tressel was FIRED by Ohio State University for LYING.


Urban LIAR Meyer uses THAT as his MIDDLE GOD DAMN NAME.