“Urban Meyer has been relieved of his duties as head coach of the Ohio State football team.” Tom Herman and James Franklin are being approached. Kirby would be considered.

I doubt seriously that Ohio State University would put a man in charge who is short on experience.  A proven winner would be the first consideration.


After the gaffe yesterday by Urban Meyer and his attorneys I can’t see Urban Meyer being taken-off administrative leave.  He’s guilty and admitted it now.  That just makes it all the worse.


The existing Ohio State University staff of Urban Meyer is likewise under scrutiny not to replace Urban Meyer all of them very short on experience for such a job but under scrutiny for what THEY knew about Zach Smith and failed to do anything about.


There is speculation whom the Athletic Director would choose to replace Urban Meyer if he has to but he too is under scrutiny for HIS FAILURES as well with regard to Zach Smith.


It’s a mess to be sure and the biggest news in some time now in college football.  This is yet ANOTHER in a long string of black eyes for Ohio State University.