Which is the worse lie Jim Tressle or Urban Meyer ? Ohio State University has a bad reputation as a college. Jim Tressle fired over lie players traded memorabilia for tattoos.

Losing by 31 against an unranked opponent can’t happen to a team hoping to make a four-team playoff field. Then there is that “THE” bullshit they put before Ohio State University like there are TWO Ohio State Universities and this one is the one.


Michael Fred Adams began his career on the staff at Ohio State University and perhaps that is the most glaring example of how bad Ohio State is.  No one likes Mike F. Adam$.


George Steinbrenner  not only graduated from Ohio State but he also was on Woody Hayes’ staff.  Remember the bad press of Woody Hayes ?  Remember Woody Hayes in the bowl game punching an opponent ?  Well George Steinbrenner learned well how to be an asshole as Woody Hayes’ assistant coach.


Woody Hayes.  You can’t leave out Woody Hayes as leader in BAD PRESS for Ohio State.


Jeffrey Dahmer serial killer and cannibal


Bobby Knight the most-hated and nastiest coach of all-time any sport finally gone from the profession after years of abuse.


Maurice Clarett  falsely claiming stolen property to the police, accepting $20,000 in special benefits, signing early with an agent (and therefore ceding NCAA eligibility) only to be denied early entry into the NFL draft, racking up $1 million in legal debt, getting indicted for robbery and driving around with a loaded AK-47 and an open bottle of Grey Goose but this is why Ohio State University won the tainted national championship.


Gang member Aaron Hernandez charged with murder then found dead in his cell this great Ohio State University player.


Woody Hayes punching Clemson player on an interception return which Ohio State University FIRED Woody Hayes for.  The punch brought Charlie Bauman status as the man who ended Woody Hayes career in a Gator Bowl Game 1978.  Woody Hayes could not stand losing to Clemson and said the reason he punched Charlie Bauman was because he cost Woody Hayes his job.


Jim Tressle LIED to Ohio State University and to the press about his players trading Ohio State memorabilia so that they could get tattoos.  Ohio State FIRED Jim Tressle over that LIE.


Now we have Urban freaking Meyer lying to the press and to Ohio State University that he did not know anything about the 8 times Zach Smith was charged with domestic violence by the police at every place Urban Meyer ever coached.  Which is worse Jim Tressle lie or Urban Meyer’s lies ?