“Jake Fromm is the undisputed starter. Justin Fields is not going to unseat Jake Fromm based on what he does in 28 preseason practices and three scrimmages before the first game.” Bullshit. Justin Fields is the best QB The University of Georgia has EVER had. EVER. And Jake Fromm was the # 106 Passing Offense last season.



Jake Fromm is a serviceable QB who demonstrated that he doesn’t run nor pass as well as Justin Fields.


Justin Fields is 6 feet 3 inches tall from Harrison who is 221 lbs.


Jake Fromm was the # 6 QB last year.


Justin Fields is the Nation’s # 1 recruit according to ESPN who happens to also be # 1 Dual-Threat QB prospect.  But Justin Fields as the # 1 overall prospect in nation – CAN NOT BE HELD BACK.  Anyway who gives a shit what Chipper Tower thinks ?  The only reason why he is the beat writer is because Seth Emerson quit.


What dumbass Chipper Towers of the AJ-C says on the subject wills serve to only further demonstrate his biases and decided dumbassness.


The # 106 Passing Offense with all this talent is TOTALLY unacceptable.


THAT is why Justin Fields is here.  To fix that shit.


Justin Fields has ALREADY unseated Jake Fromm dumb shit.