Zach Smith spent hours being grilled by Ohio State University panel and told the investigators today he understood why Ohio State had to fire him. The investigation of Urban Meyer continues where Urban Meyer TOLD EVERYONE that he did not know ANYTHING about ANY allegations against his longtime assistant coach. Zach Smith told the investigators that Urban Meyer DID KNOW ALL ABOUT his multiple felonious assault investigations at the University of Florida AND at Ohio State and that Urban Meyer was just covering-up to say he DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING about the charges that for YEARS AND YEARS Zach Smith had 8 police reports of SPOUSAL ABUSE.

Gene Smith Ohio State University Athletic Director ALSO KNEW ALL ABOUT THE ALLEGATIONS OF ABUSE BY ZACH SMITH according to Zach Smith to the Ohio State University investigating panel today.


There are 4 MORE days of grilling before the panel investigating Urban Meyer and OTHERS is finished with its extensive interviews.


Expect that there will be SEVERAL who will lose their jobs over these on-going COVER-UPS and on-going LIES.


Urban Meyer has been forced-out as head coach.  Zach Smith has been FIRED.  There will be others.


Ohio State University has a SOILED REPUTATION in collegiate football scandals and this the latest.