“My father was a youth-league coach and I used to sit in on their Friday night skull sessions. I played from age 6 to 16 and quit only when it was clear I wasn’t good enough — or big enough — anymore to get playing time on my state champion Redan High School team.” Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation 8-20-2018

I am sorry Chipper Towers but THAT is my whole point about you. You are a little shit who thinks his does not stink to high heaven. You write God Damn Lies and always have. You speak viewpoints about a sport you didn’t even freaking play. I dare say all of the rest of us actually played sports and even in college at Division 1 schools either as a player or as a walk-on to qualify us to be able to report on the sports.


You ?


You didn’t do any of that Chipper Towers.


Yet you make up shit.


You write about what you know are God Damn Lies and do so with regularity. And you hate to hear the opposing viewpoint. You your boss and I had this out with you as the subject of such lies. Remember Chipper Towers ?


You pander to The University of Georgia Football because of all of this.


You feel you have to.


Then you act so all high and mighty and whine that you only got 720 seconds to watch our guys warm-up.


You God Damn son of a friqin’ bitch Chipper Towers.


If we gave you 3 days day before day of and day after full access you could not report on this scrimmage if your God Damn reputation depended on it.


Other reporters actually played the sports and it shows in their articles. You show just the opposite. I shall forever have in my memory banks Chipper Towers that you told me and your boss on our conference call sir that NO ONE KEEPS UP WITH THE RECORD OF ANY COACH IN ANY SPORT OF WHAT HIS WON/LOSS RECORD IS AGAINST TEAMS WHO ENDED-UP IN THE FINAL AP OR COACHES’ POLLS.


You God Damn Liar Chipper Towers.


I have provided URL Links to you and your boss that that was a lie before you ever tried to force that down his throat me unable to do anything but be pissed-off at you. I canceled my AJ-C subscription of 50 years over it and promised you both I would. And did.  I have not had one since nor will I.


You just did not want to have Mark Richt criticized because he is a Christian. Here Chipper Towers stick this up your God Damn dumb shit asshole.


Go write your biased opinions of a sport you know not a God Damn thing about Chipper Towers. We are not reading reports in 2018 about a peewee league and being his son doesn’t make you qualified either skull session listening not qualifying you either Chipper Towers.


We were all hurt playing the sports.


You just were not good enough to compete with us.


But you are damn sure that you are qualified to write anyway that you only get 720 seconds of warm-up.


Jesus Christ what a little girl you are Chipper Towers you freaking snowflake.


Any reporting 2018 of The University of Georgia would not question the reports of insiders trying to keep you informed so your bullshit opinions and self-serving lies would not give you away as a panty-waisted little whining girl who didn’t play the sports and now 33 years later thinks is so God Damn relevant in reporting it refusing to use what you should have verified from other reports.


You know ?




If Seth Emerson were here he would have reported on this while you whine away daily on the same topic Chipper Towers that you are butt-hurt that you only got 720 seconds of warm-ups to watch. Yet there you are reporting on the scrimmage anyway having never played the game and don’t even know if Zamir White got injured in a play downfield with a blocker.  Why not Chipper Towers ?  Are you too God Damn lazy to use the resources available to ask the thousands who were there to tell you ?  Don’t you read anything Chipper Towers either ?  What an idiot to complain in 2018 when you easily could have done the research before you ran to press with bullshit opinions of what you have admittedly no knowledge of – nor tried to gather no collaboration of and STILL HAVEN’T.


I am ashamed of you Chipper Towers that Seth Emerson wrote about it from these same 2018 resources available to you here from Tampa Florida.


The only reason you are our beat reporter at AJ-C is because Seth Emerson quit.


He ran rings around you when he stole your job while you went to the Masters during our G-Day Game and took weeks off in a row not reporting shit Chipper Towers.


Stick it up your ass.  Don’t be so defensive about someone disagreeing with you.  You readily admit you don’t know jack shit about what you are writing about.


And you never have.




Who cares that you are butt-hurt Chipper Towers ?


You failed to report it when you were specifically told about it and admit not only that but that you also failed to even try to verify it. Look this is 2018. Either keep up with the times or get the Hell out of the profession.


Do us all a favor.


Clearly as you also readily admit you are being defensive Chipper Towers and for good reason – obviously.


If you have to say you are not the enemy then you need to address why others say you are – not act so high and mighty that you are above reproach when you admit that you don’t know anything about which you are paid for reporting about.  You have to ask yourself in this situation Chipper Towers how relevant your opinions are – don’t you Jesus Christ !  You have opened yourself up for a review of your qualifications to be the UGA Football Beat Writer at the AJ-C.


Cry me a river Chipper Towers !


Just stop already God Almighty Chipper Towers.  You are such whining little girl who never should have been given this job. I will be glad when you’re gone – maybe this will precipitate that.  It does in my opinion.