Urban Meyer’s contract required him to promptly report to Ohio State University’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics any known violation he was aware of or had reasonable cause to believe is taking place or may have taken place involving any student faculty or staff or an allegation of a violation of Title IX including Ohio State’s Sexual Misconduct Policy all of which covers domestic violence upgrading his leave of absence to an official suspension. Urban Meyer admits he lied about Zach Smith.

Tomorrow the panel of 6 investigating Urban Meyer will make its recommendation for suspension of Urban Meyer and others at embattled Ohio State University.   Urban Meyer repeatedly has stated that he is a firm believer of the Roman Catholic Church which prohibits unjust anger hatred and vengeance.  Gene Smith played football at Notre Dame owned by the Roman Catholic Church which prohibits unjust anger hatred and vengeance. These are precepts of Catholicism.  Ohio State University is an embattled football program embroiled in controversy with a long history of lies and cover-ups. 


Just yesterday it was revealed that Zach Smith was arrested for drunk driving refused to take the breathalyzer test although struggling to appear sober and was let-off that charge 5 years ago by a judge who is a graduate of Ohio State University and member of Ohio State’s football inner circle booster organization. Florida players have come forward about Urban Meyer’s precepts there in the Florida Gator program. Police reports of the 8 arrests of Zach Smith at Ohio State University with multiple felony charges have been covered-up to this point as well.  This publicity nightmare at Ohio State University overshadows that Georgia is # 3 in the AP Poll and Ohio State # 5 without its coach who is on paid leave by said Ohio State University where all this goes on today.  Ohio State is viewed largely as a corrupt football program with a long history of abuse of power.


Gene Smith is the Athletics Director at Ohio State University.  Zach Smith played football for Urban Meyer at Boling Green.  Zach Smith then joined Urban Meyer at Florida where the reports of spousal abuse surfaced and then was hired by Urban Meyer at Ohio State where Urban Meyer said at the Big 10 Media Days last week that he knew NOTHING about ANY allegations against Zach Smith and that the reporter should ask himself where he gets off even bringing up such unfounded allegations ?  Who would create such a fabricated story Urban Meyer asked the reporter at the Big 10 Media Days last week ?


Hey Urban stick THIS up your God Damn lying asshole.  Remember telling me that you had a heart attack and could not coach any longer ?  That is why you left Florida.  You said.  You God Damn Liar.


The NCAA has not yet commented on these facts : They soon will.  NCAA Probation would seem appropriate for all this bullshit.   Ohio State University has financial responsibilities in these regards including obvious lawsuits of their mishandling of Courtney Smith.  A man NEVER raises a hand to a little lady.  NEVER.  Not for ANY reason.  There is NO EXCUSE for ANY of this.




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