THIS BLOG maintained Urban Meyer and Gene Smith BOTH were going to be SUSPENDED while EVERY OTHER source told you NOTHING WILL HAPPEN to them. Yeah it DID too. I was RIGHT AGAIN.

Investigators said that Urban Meyer and AD Gene Smith knew about text messages between Courtney Smith  ex-wife of Zach Smith and Urban Meyer’s wife and Investigators state that Urban Meyer wiped his text messages clean before turning it in to them about 2015 accusations of domestic abuse.


Urban Meyer has told investigators during interviews this month and told reporters Wednesday night that he had no knowledge of those messages.  That’s bullshit.  Even Zach Smith admits that.  So did Urban Meyer.


And so his AD Gene Smith and Urban Meyer are suspended.  Did you get that this time or do I have to tell you again that I told you so all along ?  Jesus Christ what a God Damn Liar Urban Meyer is and Gene Smith did not come forward either.




Urban Meyer denied knowing anything about 2015 incidents when asked on July 24 if he knew of any other domestic-related issues involving Zach Smith during their time together.


His phone was wiped clean of all messages more than a year old and Urban Meyer asked for assistance in how to do that specifically August 1 of this year when Courtney Smith said Shelly Meyer and she discussed this with Shelly saying she would have to tell Urban.


To which Courtney said good.


Gene Smith knew so much about all this that he specifically told Urban Meyer to ADMIT this to reporters.  When Urban Meyer did NOT admit it Gene Smith failed to tell the reporters himself that he told Urban Meyer to admit he knew.


Urban Meyer LIED and did so in direct contradiction with his boss.


Zach Smith’s spousal abuse went therefore look the other way for BOTH Gene Smith AND for Urban Meyer.  And for Urban Meyer’s RN wife Shelly.


He’d be GONE from here and his wife and the AD but Ohio State University has a LONG PATTERN of abuse of power by its football program heads and so he is suspended for 3 more games along with his AD.  And presumably for his God Damn wife nurse as well.


As I said all along.


Right again.


So Oregon State Rutgers and TCU.


Back in time for Penn State.


Further abuse of power by Ohio State football heads admitted by Ohio State University.  Again.  And insufficient punishment.


Again as always with Ohio State embattled football program.



There are 8 police reports of spousal abuse just at Ohio State so this is NOT over.  Urban Liar Meyer.






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