Ohio State primarily is viewed as a corrupt football program with a long history of abuse of power by its head coaches in football culminating in their firing for gross dereliction. It’s what they do.

The University of Georgia would have fired him 3 weeks ago and his God Damn RN Nurse Wife with him and that God Damn Notre Dame football player AD Gene Smith as well.


When the 8 police reports from Ohio State are FINALLY God Damn released perhaps then they all 3 will be fired.  I am still waiting on an apology to Zach Smith’s ex-wife beat to hell and back repeatedly.  Jesus Christ.  He should be in prison and needs serious help not 4 days or a week of counseling he quit 3 days in.  This is all appalling the way Ohio State University can not even issue a God Damn apology to Courtney Smith.


A Registered Nurse does not do anything ?   WTF ?  Shelley Mather Meyer absolutely needs to have her RN removed from her name permanently.



Zach Smith should have been put in prison when he choked his wife and he knows that – don’t you Zach ?


When do we put this man behind bars now that we all know about it finally after years of covering it up by Urban Meyer and his wife.


And the AD of Ohio State University Gene Smith an asshole who could have come forward and still needs to.


We protect the Courtney Smith ladies of this world because they go back for more.  It is what they do.  We have to protect them.  It is OUR JOB.  US.  Not someone else.  US.  Got it ?


Zach Smith brought a drunk slutty woman to his home where he pushed his pregnant wife Courtney at the University of Florida and Urban Freaking Meyers and his wife don’t know jack shit about anything this asshole has done to Courtney ?  Excuse me Zach Smith was ARRESTED obviously for this.


This blog has also long reported the drunk driving by Zach Smith reporting to an Ohio State alum judge who donates heavily to the inner circle of Ohio State football sponsorship. Urban friqin’ Meyers and his wife don’t know anything about this either – right – I believe that and Gene COVER-UP Smith AD either.




I buy into all this.


3 weeks and no apology.  Ohio State University you are going to lose your God Damn shirts over this when Courtney’s lawyers get finished with your sorry asses.


I guarantee it.


Give me all the Police Reports.  Me.  Give them to ME God Damn it.  Every one when coaching Ohio State University Buckeyes  and University of Florida Gators all under Urban Meyer who doesn’t know a God Damn thing about ANY of this.


Uh huh.





Jarrett Stidham Auburn is 2nd String All-SEC QB 2018 and Drew Lock is 1st String All-SEC QB 2018 with Jake Fromm bringing-up the rear at 3rd String QB All-SEC



According to The SEC Coaches themselves who voted on this today.




There is a reason to not do self check-out at Walmart anyway.  It is so difficult to get their improperly programmed and maintained equipment to work in the first place Dyshon Sims.