We won 13 games last year. Saturday we kick-off the new year many promising 13-win season this year. But if we go 13 wins 2018 we won’t play in national championship game. It’s a 15-game season as I tried to explain to Mark Richt fans.

There is no goal for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs without discussing our bowl games.  If we don’t play in the right bowl games and if we don’t win our bowl games – then we have not accomplished our goals for that season.


I saw a post this morning by a guy who said Athlon Sports says we can go undefeated and 12-0 as our FINAL RECORD 2018 season.


Jesus Christ !


What difference does that make if we go 12-0 and then :


(1) don’t win The SEC Championship Game

(2) don’t win our qualifying bowl game

(3) don’t get to and win the national championship game


Well I tell you that a discussion of our record in the regular season is a mighty shallow discussion and a colossal waste of time to talk about our 2018 season in that manner.


Or frankly any team’s season any year.


Look it’s a 15-game season for the top teams.


Variously through the years I have had fans try to tell me that they don’t know who our opponent is in The SEC Championship Game therefore they cannot include that in their prediction for our 2018 season.  They whine that they don’t know who our opponents are in the up-coming bowl games either to include them either.  And so they waste your time and my time discussing our goals for this upcoming 2018 season and disregarding anything not already scheduled as all they REALLY KNOW we play 2018 to predict the win and loss of.


But that is THEIR BIAS BOX they are stuck in.  Not mine.  I know if we can go 11-1 or 12-0 that we can play Alabama Texas A&M Auburn or LSU in The SEC Championship Game and I know if we win that that we can be in the Play-Offs this up-coming 2018 season.


I know if we win that bowl game qualifying us for the national championship game that whomever are our officials for the national championship game 2019 that they would have to give us the benefit of the doubt after so many blown calls last year and still we almost won it all.


So there is that.


And I think with James Coley and Justin Fields 2018 season that we won’t be the # 96 passing offense of 2016 with Jacob Eason and Jim Chaney and won’t be the # 106 passing offense 2017 of Jake Fromm and Jim Chaney.


And so there is that too.


Look we had a 15-game season last year.


THAT should be our goal.


Play in 15 games.


I submit 2018 if we go 13 wins as a FINAL RECORD like we did last season that this up-coming 2018 season we shall NOT have accomplished our goals.


Work your ways backwards from playing your 15th game this up-coming season.  Anything short of that is wasting time discussing.  What is this bullshit you don’t know your opponent.  So all you can discuss is the first 12 games.  Look after the first 12 games 12 teams could still be national champions this up-coming season.  What the hell does that matter what your record is for 12 games –  unless of course you’re not one of the dozen teams still in the hunt after the first 12 games ?


I can see discussing vols regular season record or Vanderbilt’s assuming the vols actually beat Vanderbilt for a change.  But for us the bar is higher.  For us the goals more lofty than a regular season record.


Frankly I don’t give a shit what our regular season record is as long as we play in 15 games.


THAT is what I want to discuss.  THAT is ALL I will discuss starting with playing in a 15-game season this up-coming 2018 season and working our way backwards from THAT – not forward from here.


When you set goals and then work backwards from your goals for the season then you are discussing reality not some pipedream that 12-0 is important.  Ask Mark Richt.  The goal is to WIN once you’re in those Big Games AFTER THAT.


SEC Championship Game

Semi-Final Play-Off Game

NC Game


Now THAT is what matters and nothing else !


Unless you’re the hapless vols who can’t even beat frigin’ Vanderbilt then sure discuss the regular season.


With 80 Bowl Teams I hardly think you can have a meaningful discussion of any up-coming season disregarding those 40 Bowl Games.


Mark Richt likely as not LOST to any ole team who made a bowl game his last entire 8 seasons here at 53 % win percentage vs teams who went on to a bowl game Mark Richt’s last 8 years here.  And he lost to 12 cupcakes who were unranked for the season or for game time his last 8 years too.  And he was 18 losses his last 24 games vs top 15 teams time of game his last 8 years.


So with the backdrop of how freaking sorry Mark Richt was I suggest what is important what is relevant to discuss this time each year and it is NOT that Mark Richt did NOT average 10-win season in 15-game seasons for the top teams.


145 wins 15 seasons.


Is that averaging 10-win season ?


Jesus Christ !


Even a moron can see that is NOT.


Not even averaging 10-win season in 15-game seasons for the top teams got HIS ASS FIRED.


Meaningful discussions have to start with one you have to play a 15-game season.


And two there is NO GOAL of NOT averaging a 10-win season in 2018 and hasn’t been in MANY YEARS.


Mark Richt did NOT average a 10-win season with 145 wins in 15 seasons obviously.


He was SHORT of that.


And THAT is NOT our goal.


It has not been our goal for many years now.


As I tried to tell you way back then.


I can tell you this however that not averaging even a 10-win season at Georgia in these 15-game seasons nowadays for the top teams is pretty God Damn piss poor.


That is why he got FIRED.


Flapping our gums signifying nothing.  THAT is what discussing our 2018 season is where it does not start-off with stating the goal is to play in 15-game season.  If you don’t discuss the up-coming season and state that your goal is to play in 15 games that season then you’re not even discussing that your goal is to be in that national championship game and if you do play in a 15-game season then you are in the national championship game.  So start your discussion with play 15 games.  What a useless discussion to discuss the first 12 games only as some God Damn Prediction for the “season.”  The season doesn’t really even start until after that – so you are indeed flapping your gums signifying nothing.


“Oh I think UGA can go 12-0 as a final record 2018 season.”  Well there you have my discussion of that on many sites this morning leaving their discussions in the dust – I know what our goals are and I know what our prediction just has to be.


Next time we play 15 games we won’t have Big 10 referees to miss EVERY call.


You want predictions ?  I have got your predictions right here.





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