Justin Fields flies through the air with the greatest of ease where he put the football over the plane of the end zone. (And to the think you thought he could only pass the ball and run the ball. No he can fly too.) 23-23-2 Justin Fields scores two TD running and leads us all the way down the field on yet another TD.

23-23-2 and the hero this day was Justin Fields.


Jake Fromm had yet again another stinker where he got sacked again again and again and did not register a TD.  He also fumbled the ball twice.


What I saw this day was Justin Fields stole his job.


And of course Jake Fromm gave it to him.


vols simply had no answer for Justin Fields.


Vanderbilt better find one.  If they don’t then like Notre Dame and South Carolina Vanderbilt will lose.


Justin Fields gave the offense the spark it needed on this day.


Come on down Vanderbilt.  We have a QB controversy waiting on you here.





Jake Fromm struggled again. He fumbled again. He failed on offense again. And Justin Fields STOLE THE SHOW.

I think you knew I would say this.


Didn’t you ?


Jake Fromm will NEVER hold-off Justin Fields.


24 percent of the snaps while Jake Fromm had 67 percent of the snaps.  But trust me on this, I would start Justin Fields in the next game.


Frankly the way Jake Fromm was going I think the vols were going to make a game of it were it not for Justin Fields.


I don’t like the way Jake Fromm runs the ball.  His passes are ok but there too Justin Fields has the far superior arm in addition to the far superior legs.


There is no reason to not even-up these snaps between Jake Fromm and Justin Fields.


I call it like I see it.


What did you see ?





How bad are the vols ? How bad have they been over the 2 decades since their tainted “national championship” paying Tee Martin from Alabama to be their QB ? What do recruits today know about vols ?

Ever since Tee Martin admitted he was paid to win the tainted then “national championship” for the vols in 1999 vols have sucked the hind tit.


“I am a Christian now. That was a different Tee Martin back then. I would NEVER take those monies now – those payments of eight grand each at the 7-11 stores back then when I was QB for the vols. Yes I lied at the time when the NCAA asked me about the payments for me to QB for the vols.”




  1. loss number 100 for vols starting 1999 when we beat them this afternoon
  2. vols loss number 11 in a row to SEC teams when we beat them this afternoon
  3. 11 seasons in a row vols not Final AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll top 21
  4. number 106 best college U.S. News and World Report
  5. no recruiting don’t believe this shit they have they haven’t
  6. number 34 won/lost record starting 1999 year after their “NC”
  7. vols’ coach said 1 of his players refused to go in game last week tired losing




MOST NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS Georgia is # 14 all-time with 31. Some of those with FEWER NC than UGA are Alabama Georgia Tech Ohio State Oklahoma UCONN Nebraska Wisconsin Arizona West Virginia Michigan State Duke Notre Dame Auburn and vols.



We’re going to kill the vols tomorrow afternoon.  They have not recruited well and especially so in Georgia where they used to have all their top players from.  Nowadays they have been so bad for so long now that no one even remembers back when they used to be good.


It’s that bad.  But it is not just football and academics where the vols do not compete with Georgia, it’s across the board in all sports.



2016 November 26 vols LOST to Vandy and they’ve LOST EVERY SEC game since 2016 – a span of 10 SEC games in a row vols LOST spanning now 3 seasons. And counting…

  1. 34-45 vols LOST at Nashville 26 November 2016 to Vandy
  2. 20-26 vols LOST at Swamp 16 September 2017 to Florida
  3. 0-41 vols LOST at Neyland 30 September 2017 to Georgia
  4. 9-15 vols LOST at Neyland 14 October 2017 to South Carolina
  5. 7-45 vols LOST at Tuscaloosa 21 October 2017 to Alabama
  6. 26-29 vols LOST at Lexington 28 October 2017 to Kentucky
  7. 17-50 vols LOST at Columbia 11 November 2017 to Missouri
  8. 10-30 vols LOST at Neyland 18 November 2017 to LSU
  9. 24-42 vols LOST at Neyland 25 November 2017 to Vandy
  10. 21-47 vols LOST at Neyland 22 September 2018 to Florida


vols have LOST 10 SEC games in a row spanning 3 years now.  And counting.





Loss number 100 starting 1999 for vols Saturday. 11 years in a row of not being ranked in either AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll top 21 teams for the season. 11 consecutive losses to every SEC team in a row for the vols on Saturday.

20 years of misery continues Saturday with their 11th SEC loss in a row and it is vols loss number 100 starting 1999 as well.


How bad are vols ?


How bad have vols been for two entire decades now ?



“Quart’e Sapp left the field during the game because he wouldn’t go into the game when he was asked to go in. I don’t know how things were done before but you know when you tell somebody to go in and they refuse to go in we’re not going to do that around here. I asked Quart’e Sapp to leave. He didn’t leave on his own. I asked him to leave.” Jeremy Pruitt quote

4-star linebacker from Milton Alpharetta.  The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs # 3 Coaches’ Poll will be the state champion of Tennessee after 11 p.m. a week from Saturday night 6 October when we beat a heady Vanderbilt team having then beat this season vols Vandy Austin Peay and Middle Tennessee.


How embarrassing.








vols LOST to Florida who LOST to Kentucky by double-digits at the Swamp.




Now that we enter game 5 vols who is going to be redshirted besides Zamir White ? Here are 13 for you to ponder.

Tommy Bush 4-star wr only played 1 game

Tray Bishop 3-star and 4-star db arrest take pics sex act not played used redshirt

Latavious Brini 3-star cb played in one game only Game 1 Austin Peay redshirts

John FitzPatrick plays one game off a game plays one game off game guess redshirts

Deangelo Gibbs 5* db not play Missouri has 1 more game to play before decide

D’Marcus Hayes I am disappointed I thought he’d play more than game 1 only

Matt Landers 3* wr used his redshirt last year only played 2 games this year

Azeez Ojulari 4*3* played MTSU off again Missouri ACL medical redshirt

Otis Reese 4-Star lb played in 3 of 4 now he’s not a redshirt at this point

Jamaree Salyer I thought he would not redshirt now I think he might have to

Ameer Speed 4-star db and 3-star played 11 games last year none this year

Zamir White 5-star rb he’s a medical redshirt this year I wanted anyway

Divaad Wilson 4-Star db doing well until injury is medical redshirt this year







ACC takes it on the chin as Kirby inserts Justin Fields in a 10-7 game at the time in the Red Zone and he gets a good run then Jake Fromm fizzles again. vols are next after they were plastered tonight by Florida slaughtered by Florida at Neyland by 26 God Damn points.

Our team is missing something.


I can’t exactly put my finger on it yet but we’re missing something.  We have a ton of talent and many of them have broken-out while others labor to get enough snaps to establish that they are our identity.


I say again Jake Fromm is NOT our quarterback.



Noon ESPN Channel 846 and yeah Drew Lock can pass. There is NO OTHER PART of that team worth a shit.

Missouri has beat us once ever in their entire existence and that was 2013 when Mark Richt went only 8-5 losing to teams like Vanderbilt.  This is the 8th meeting and that their only win ever over us.


51-24 the good guys romp.


Their fans are not rabid about them.  Their coaches are poor.  Their talent level is lacking at every position except quarterback.


It’s a noon rout.



SEC best college football rivalries. I would rather be Georgia than be anyone. How do you feel about UGA Bulldogs 2018 ?

Georgia Auburn (this is not considered Michigan Ohio State but Michigan stays down)

Alabama Auburn (better than Oklahoma Texas because Texas stays down)

Auburn LSU (better than Ohio State TCU did you see Auburn fans stunned ?)

Georgia Florida (lot better than Harvard Yale nowadays)

Florida Tennessee (better than Yale Princeton)

Georgia Clemson (recently better than Southern Cal Notre Dame recently So Cal down)

Arkansas Texas (considered not as good as Oregon Oregon State Oregon State is down)

Missouri Arkansas (better than California Stanford because California stays down)

Georgia Tennessee (better than Southern Cal UCLA recently as UGA better than both)

Florida Florida State (better than Michigan Michigan State and Florida is SEC)

Florida Miami of Florida (better than Wisconsin Minnesota and Florida is SEC)

Alabama Tennessee (better than North Carolina Virginia)

LSU Alabama (better than Oklahoma Oklahoma State)

Florida Auburn (better than Nebraska Oklahoma because Nebraska remains down)

LSU Texas A&M (better than Michigan Notre Dame recently as Michigan is down)

Texas A&M Texas (better than Southern Cal vs California both who are down)

Georgia Arkansas (better than Georgia Tech Clemson Georgia is 10-4 vs Arkansas)

Georgia Florida State (better than Florida State Miami of Florida we’re 6-4-1 vs FSU)

Georgia Ohio State (better than Ohio State Oklahoma UGA is undefeated vs Ohio State)

Georgia TCU (better than TCU Texas A&M Georgia is 4-0 vs TCU all-time)

Georgia Georgia Tech (better than Army Navy because Georgia better than both)

Georgia Oklahoma (better than Oklahoma TCU Georgia is undefeated vs Oklahoma)

Georgia Notre Dame (better than Notre Dame Michigan State UGA 2-0 vs Notre Dame)

Georgia South Carolina (fact is huge rivalry and UGA kicks ass which they hate)

Georgia Missouri (Georgia has won every game vs Missouri since they joined SEC but 1)

Georgia LSU (fact is a huge rivalry not played often but intense)

Georgia Alabama (Georgia always plays Alabama as well as any Alabama opponent)


Facts are everyone wants to watch Georgia against everyone.


The facts are folks want to watch SEC.  The old time rivalries of the OTHER conferences are NOT WATCHED as much as SEC teams are.  When The SEC is on TV folks want to watch The SEC.  It is NOT A BIAS.  The SEC is better football.


11 SEC National Championships in football starting 2003.


There has been a shift in college football AWAY from the old time rivalries as is proven by the facts in this post today by ME.


Nebraska has been down

Michigan has been down

Miami of Florida has been down

Florida State has been down

Texas has been down

Southern California has been down

Oklahoma State has been down

Oregon has been down

Oregon State has been down

Washington has been down

California has been down


These OLD rivalries do NOT mean as much as watching compelling football. If you are a fan of college football and profess to be a fan of college football then you want to watch SEC football.


Don’t you ?


The facts are that we do VERY WELL against rivalry teams in other conferences and we are considered the college football elite this morning.  Did you hear that ?  We are Elite this morning.


No one else has talked about UGA Georgia Bulldogs being ELITE.


That is I who is talking about us being Elite.  Want to see who reads my blog ?  Watch who uses the term elite next.


Ok ?


The dominance of college football by The SEC is evident to everyone who wishes that they could say otherwise.


Missouri is voted on by AP Poll voters this morning.  Missouri is playing Georgia.  LSU just beat Auburn.  LSU plays Georgia.  Auburn beat Washington.  Auburn plays Georgia.  Florida was ranked last week.  Florida plays Georgia.  Vanderbilt nearly beat Notre Dame.  Vanderbilt plays Georgia.  Kentucky got votes AP Poll today.  Kentucky plays Georgia.  South Carolina was ranked before we beat the ever-loving shit out of them.  Alabama is # 1 Georgia is # 2.  Alabama plays Georgia SEC Championship Game and both played each other in the NC game last year too.


Last year this blog predicted SEC Championship Georgia before the first game.  I was right.


Fans like watching us.


We’re fun to watch.


It’s become TRENDY to talk about Georgia.  If you have a blog that ever discusses college football you’re talking about Georgia again this morning.   We’re staying in the news for good news. If you went to another school or have talked-up other teams in the past you are mincing your words this morning about Georgia. You’re not saying we’re the losers in the NC game.  You’re saying you know what ?  Georgia is quite good.  Georgia is ultra talented.  Georgia is not likely to disappoint.  Georgia could be better than folks are saying.  We have some tremendous games coming-up and Missouri is the next one of those.


We argue over redshirting the best player in the nation 2018 who Kirby just signed as our quarterback.  When they look at him he kicks ass and does not disappoint.  This is all we have to talk about.


We’re # 2 in the nation.


Let that sink in.


THIS is a LOT better than being # 1 pre-season 2008 only to have 22 of our men go out on the town that night and CELEBRATE.  We even beat-up a hospital.


I’d rather be # 2 today kick-off game 4.


I would rather be Georgia than be anyone.


That probably goes right over your head.  Let me try getting through to you.


Georgia or Florida State this morning ?  Georgia or Oklahoma this morning ?  Georgia or Texas this morning ?  Georgia or Southern California this morning ?  Georgia or Oregon this morning ?  Georgia or Washington this morning ?  Georgia or UCLA this morning ? Georgia or TCU this morning ? Georgia or Auburn this morning ?  Georgia or LSU this morning ?  Georgia or Stanford this morning ?  Georgia or Notre Dame this morning ?  Well ?  Do you see my point yet ?


Missouri has played Georgia 7 times and lost every game to Georgia except 2013 when Mark Richt went 8-5. I said then that Mark Richt had to be fired.  You told me that was crazy talk that you wanted your son to play for Mark Richt.  I said to what ?  Lose ?


I do not even want to talk about 2013.  I hated Mark Richt long before that 8-5 bullshit season and you know I did.  And you know you made excuses for Mark Richt 2013 like you are this morning for him loser of 4 of his last 5 games this morning.


Mark Richt lost to Vanderbilt 2013 going 8-5.  Don’t talk to me how Missouri beat Mark Richt 2013.


We have always had great recruits in the state of Georgia.  Kirby makes mistakes but you know what ?  I told you how intelligent he was when he was the only one on my list of replacements for Mark Richt when you told me Mark Richt was not going anywhere and I was the fool to suggest he was when Kirby was the only coach I listed on my list of replacements for Mark Richt who was not a proven head coach.


We’re in good hands.


Kirby is not perfect.


Kirby is also NOT STUPID.


The same can not be said for Mark Richt who is no Kirby.



We might be the most talked about team in the nation.  And folks don’t hate us.


Well our opponents do…


Who’s elite ?


Who is ?




4 days from now we face a special teams and defense we can kick the asses of but frankly Drew Lock can pass the football well. They won’t be able to run the ball against us either.

We’re expecting them to air it out.


24 points for them.


51 points for us.


Missouri has beaten The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs once ever in their entire lifetime.  This won’t be the second.



Missouri has not recruited the talent to compete with Georgia on special teams or on defense and frankly they won’t be able to run off their passing game against us either.


It is not as well-coached a football team as ours either.


So they don’t have the talent and can’t coach what they do have while their fan base doesn’t even follow them.


It’s Missouri.


They haven’t done anything in The SEC like they thought they would.


Georgia is a BIG REASON for that.





Missouri beat Mark Richt 2013 when Mark Richt went 8-5 including losing to Vanderbilt. That is the only time Missouri has EVER beat Georgia in football in 7 previous games.

I do not even want to talk about 2013.  I hated Mark Richt long before that 8-5 bullshit season and you know I did.  And you know you made excuses for Mark Richt 2013 like you are this morning for him loser of 4 of his last 5 games this morning.


Mark Richt lost to Vanderbilt 2013 going 8-5.  Don’t talk to me how Missouri beat Mark Richt 2013.


Don’t you hate being wrong about Mark Richt because it was I who was right ?


Well don’t you punk ?



We beat Middle Tennessee State University 49-7 and Clemson beat Georgia Southern University 38-7 and they JUMPED US over Clemson to # 2. EVERYBODY NOTICES THAT SHIT.

I am sorry but that doesn’t make any sense at all except that it is a VOTE FOR The SEC.


FACTS are we are # 2 in the nation.


SEC # 1 and # 2 and LSU # 6.  Auburn # 9.  Mississippi State # 14.  Texas A&M # 22 for LOSING.


Kentucky Missouri and South Carolina in other votes.  9 of the 14 SEC teams getting votes.


3 of the top 6.  4 of the top 9.  5 of the top 14.  SEC certainly does NOT look down.


I guess Georgia playing Alabama for the national championship shut-up the assholes who talked all year last year about how The SEC was down.




SEC 11 National Championships in Football Starting 2003.


I do not believe that ANYONE thinks that they can get away with saying The SEC is DOWN.


SEC 11 National Championships in Football Starting 2003.


Do you want to know why the AP voters voted UGA to # 2 today ?


  1. 2017 Alabama SEC vs SEC for NC (Georgia Alabama)
  2. 2015 Alabama
  3. 2012 Alabama
  4. 2011 Alabama SEC vs SEC for NC (LSU Alabama)
  5. 2010 Auburn
  6. 2009 Alabama
  7. 2008 Florida
  8. 2007 LSU
  9. 2006 Florida
  10. 2004 Auburn 13-0 undefeated 2004 # 2 all polls before USC stripped of its NC
  11. 2003 LSU


This is a VOTE FOR The SEC by AP Poll voters today to jump us up over Clemson.






“We think Justin Fields is a good player. We’re trying to find ways to get good players on the field.” Quote from Kirby today after he scrambled for a TD and threw a TD Pass.




Justin Fields leads the team in RUSHING per carry for those with more than 3 carries on the team averaging 10 yards per carry including his exciting touchdown run today in his 70 rushing yards on only 7 rushes. (Jake Fromm has 6 rushes for minus 16 yards -3 yards per carry and -0- rushing TD.) Justin Fields has -0- fumbles and -0- fumbles lost. (Jake Fromm has 2 fumbles and 1 fumble lost.) Justin Fields has -0- times been sacked. (Jake Fromm has been sacked 4 times for minus 25 yards.) Justin Fields has -0- Interceptions. (Jake Fromm has 1 interception.) Justin Fields has completed 82 % of his passes. (Jake Fromm has completed 80% of his passes.) Justin Fields has completed 16 % of his attempts for TD Pass or scramble for TD on such a Pass Attempt. (Jake Fromm has completed 13% of his Pass Attempts for a TD Pass with no scramble for a TD run on such plays.) JUSTIN FIELDS HAS OUT-PERFORMED JAKE FROMM ON EVERY CATEGORY AND SHOULD THEREFORE GET MORE PLAYING TIME THAN HE HAS BEEN GETTING.

Ho hum another 40-point blow-out win and AGAIN Justin Fields out-performed Jake Fromm in all categories.


The facts are that Justin Fields has established WHY Kirby insists that Justin Fields plays every game.


Now you know too.


Justin Fields is a better quarterback than Jake Fromm and always will be.


Jake Fromm is my starting QB against Missouri at 11 a.m. Saturday and Justin Fields comes in to play again.


You heard ESPN tell you that Justin Fields is the # 1 overall prospect in the United States of America for 2018 and thus you are not holding him back.


Some of you might wish you could.


Guess what ?


You have no God Damn Hope of that happening because Kirby is intrigued by Justin Fields and the facts that Justin Fields has out-performed Jake Fromm 4 times now including G-Day Game and the 3 regular season games.


More to come.


Yeah !


I am right again.



ESPN Radio The Will Cain Show “It’s going to be a hell of a deal to deal with the University of Georgia for the next decade.”

A licensed attorney in New York City Will Cain is bullish on The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.  His views influence nationally in podcasts heard on ESPN radio network.   When 247Sports.com Composite Rankings ranked Kirby’s first class # 6 he was off to a good start.  Then # 3 ranked recruiting class which was # 2 in Scout.com Rankings.  Then last year # 1 and this year (2019) also is still ranked # 1 (although we have to lose steam as we have given-out all the scholarships we have for seniors leaving after this season.)


First from Texas Will Cain knows how important recruiting is and he has done his homework to know that Georgia has passed California in producing the highest most elite football players leaving us now behind only Texas and Florida.  Will Cain does not discuss that and frankly his comments miss the mark on Kirby Smart.


I expect follow-up pieces on Kirby by Will Cain if Kirby can have a good season 2018. A good season would be a return to the Play-offs or SEC Championship.  Anything else ANY YEAR is going to be considered WASTING all this talent.


# 6 recruit rankings 247Sports.com Composite 2016

# 3 recruit rankings 247Sports.com Composite 2017

# 1 recruit rankings 247Sports.com Composite 2018

# 1 recruit rankings 247Sports.com Composite 2019


Mark Richt NEVER did this.



Sophomore db Richard LeCounte of Liberty High leads in 2018 tackles Monty Rice LB of James Clemens High Madison Alabama Junior db J.R. Reed Prestonwood Christian High Texas Freshman db Tyson Campbell of American Heritage High Florida Deandre Baker Senior db of Miami Northwestern High Florida Deangelo Gibbs Sophomore db Grayson High Georgia and Juwan Taylor Senior LB of Hallandale High Hollywood Florida leading tacklers for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2018 season so far.




Will Muschamp : Can’t you shut your poor sport players up how great they are after we beat the shit out of them by 3 TD and a Field Goal ? Honestly somebody needs to do this. After all they did to run their God Damn Mouths pre-game and give us bulletin board fodder – now their players and coaches are doing MORE of the SAME post-game. Someone needs to be brutally honest. Will Muschamp 4 and half million dollar salary. Where are South Carolina compared to Georgia 3 years in for both Will and Kirby now ? Not coached very well and they don’t call good play calls offense or defense. And they can NOT recruit. All they can do is run their God Damn Mouths. Will Muschamp has a LOSING RECORD in the conference at South Carolina. After going 17-15 at Florida in The SEC that is about what I expected at South Carolina. We took Kirby when they were going to and left them with Will Muschamp. So why are they RUNNING THEIR MOUTHS ? “It was a dogfight. Those guys were good but we’re just as good.” Gamecock middle linebacker T.J. Brunson quote after the game. “They aren’t any better than us.” Safety Steven Montac quote after the game.

Cleary Will Muschamp can not recruit like Kirby.


But that is only part of the difference.


Will Muschamp does not shut-up his players pre-game or post-game.




Did you see Will Muschamp when we brought-in Justin Fields after Jake Fromm went 9 for 9 and 3 consecutive touchdowns to start the second half already twice South Carolina’s score ? He just hung his head on national tv. Shook his head a little left to right. And hung it upside down contemplating his navel or higher up than that even.




# 6 Kirby 2016 recruiting rankings

# 25 Will Muschamp 2016 recruiting rankings




# 3 Kirby 2017 recruiting rankings

# 21 Will Muschamp 2017 recruiting rankings




# 1 Kirby 2018 recruiting rankings

# 18 Will Muschamp 2018 recruiting rankings




# 1 Kirby 2019 recruiting rankings

# 16 Will Muschamp 2019 recruiting rankings






It’s pretty sad frankly that that wide a gap in recruiting and the players and coaches pre and post game think they’re just as good if not better than our team’s players.




It’s ALL we heard last week.


Now more same this week.


They’re not better than us.


We’re the better team.


We match-up well.


We’re every bit as good as Georgia.




2019 five 5-stars Georgia South Carolina 1

2018 seven 5-stars Georgia South Carolina 0

2017 three 5-stars Georgia South Carolina 0

2016 three 5-stars Georgia South Carolina 0

18 to 1


Did you get that ?


I know you know South Carolina fans know that their coaches and players do NOT measure-up.


You want to know how to ruin the WILL of the fan base ?


Tell them how you are BETTER than a team who beat the shit out of you by two dozen points.


Tell your fan base that pre-game.


Tell your fan base that post-game.


“Waah – we’re the better football team better coached and better players than Georgia.”


Hog shit.


18 five-star players to one for South Carolina.


THOSE are the FACTS.


South Carolina is NOT competitive the last 4 recruiting classes and THAT is why they have LOST 4 in a ROW fixing to be 5 next year.


Then 6…


They need to ADMIT they need to play better because they are WORSE players and WORSE coached.


Quit running your God Damn MOUTHS.


We READ all that SHIT.


I did not comment on it all much.


Not really.


Enough to let you know what bullshit it was.




Steven Montac is 5 feet 9 inches tall weighing 177 lbs. a 2-Star recruit Georgia NEVER OFFERED the # 60 player in the state of Georgia with a BIG MOUTH who did NOT back it up on the field getting beat all night by our guys all higher-rated who kept their mouths SHUT because Kirby MAKES THEM.  Steven Montac safety had his ass handed to him all night long.  Will Muschamp can’t keep him from BRAGGING after he got beat on EVERY PLAY all night long ?  These statements today are ON Will Muschamp.  That is HIS JOB to keep his players mouths SHUT.


2-star Steven Montac




3-Star # 844 prospect 843 better prospects than TJ Brunson :




This is ON Will Muschamp that he ALLOWS these inferior players to STATE as FACT that THEY are BETTER than the players who just beat the ever-living shit out of them by two dozen points.


If we had left our starters in we beat them by more and they know it.  But we did not need to.  It was a BLOW-OUT of Biblical proportions as it was and we got to empty the bench with 13 minutes and 22 seconds remaining.


And Will Muschamp lets his loud-mouth braggadocio losers tell YOU they were the better players.


Which is what Will Muschamp let them all say pre-game too.


Remember ?


Bunch of silly-ass punks and a coach who lets them show their asses in public like this.


The number 844 prospect doesn’t even get interviewed in Georgia.  At South Carolina AFTER he gets beat by 3 and a half touchdowns he not only gets interviewed but states as fact he is BETTER than the guys who just manhandled him all game long.  A 2-star prospect doesn’t get interviewed here in Georgia either.


THIS is ON YOU Will Muschamp.


Steven Montac and T.J. Brunson – you want to know how I really feel about you or your coach ?




The running game is in VERY good hands. The only one running the ball who can’t is Jake Fromm. Our Offensive Line is in VERY good hands too. We’re DEEP at both positions. We are DEEP at RECEIVER too but when we only pass half the number of running plays they don’t get great numbers receiving and of course we’re not beginning to be a balanced attack.

Jake Fromm was the # 106 Passing Offense last year and this year is no different.


I never thought it would be.


I did expect we would play Justin Fields more.


I still do.


Special Teams are in good hands.


I would NOT want to be one of these opposing teams trying to beat ALL THIS TALENT Kirby gets to come play for national championships with.


Right now our only problem is we have two quarterbacks.



UGA Thomas Brown . WordPress.com gives Tim Tebow HELL over Tebow’s BULLSHIT guarantee pre-game that South Carolina wins when UGA Thomas Brown . WordPress.com guaranteed a huge big BLOW-OUT of over-matched South Carolina who couldn’t hang and couldn’t run.

God Damn it I hate Tim Freaking Tebow :

Tim Tebow the God Damn moron fool said


“South Carolina matches-up well with Georgia this year. This is the best South Carolina matches-up against Georgia in years. Early in the year at home. I think South Carolina has a chance to make that happen. Extend the game and keep it close. If South Carolina can get one or two turnovers then I think South Carolina can win. Georgia isn’t proven yet this year. Georgia lost key players. Georgia is a new young team. Georgia doesn’t come together for this game. South Carolina can definitely get them this year.”


Tim Tebow GPOE



Florida’s loss to Kentucky cements that The Georgia Bulldogs play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game again 2018. All the talk of the TRENDY pick to pick South Carolina proves that South Carolina NEVER HAS competed in football. They just haven’t. Meanwhile Southern California LOST. Notre Dame and Clemson proved we might be better than both of them too again 2018. LSU proved it will have to be beaten by Georgia Alabama and Auburn. Mississippi schools hanging tough with Kentucky and so are Vanderbilt and Missouri.

South Carolina has not been hanging with Kirby in recruiting.  They are NOT IN THE SAME BALLPARK with Kirby’s recruiting rankings of # 6 in 2016, # 3 in 2017 and now # 1 in 2018 with a strong # 1 still for 2019 possible again.


That is NOT South Carolina and it is NOT Florida.  It’s not LSU or Auburn either.  Certainly Missouri Vanderbilt and Kentucky can NOT hang with Kirby in his recruiting rankings either as Kirby is relentless in seeking-out top talent not just in-state in Georgia but also obviously nationally.


We own the city of Philadelphia.


We are the state champions of Tennessee 2018 obviously.


Florida schools can’t compete with Kirby now can they ?


Oklahoma ?  Oklahoma has NOT done what Kirby has done with their new head coach now has he ?


Southern Cal been doing this ?


Michigan ?




One way a college football coach can be determined to be a good one is to have in fact better talent.


Justin Fields could not even get on the field until 13 minutes 22 seconds remaining as Jake Fromm came out on fire in the second half and swamped South Carolina and shut-up their crowd.


That is 3 in a ROW Kirby has won after Mark Richt lost 4 of this final 5 to South Carolina going into his final season.


South Carolina has LOST 4 in a  ROW to us.


The talent gap is WIDE.  As I told you pre-game despite all the bullshit how South Carolina was matching-up with us so well.


Uh no.  No they aren’t matching-up with us.  Are they Tim Tebow you God Damn Dumbass ?


No they’re NOT !


41-17 a two dozen swamping of South Carolina by Kirby just the way Kirby wanted it to go.




The nation was put on notice tonight.


Kirby’s back.


South Carolina is NOT our equal or close.





I told you Dawgs KICK SOUTH CAROLINA’S ASS – all this bull shit from Tim Tebow 41-17

Jake Fromm had one hell of a 2nd half and completed his last 9 passes in a row to go 15-18 for 194 yards a TD Pass and an interception.


Justin Fields got in for the last 13 minutes and competed his only pass also running the ball.


So far Justin Fields has played in every game.


It was a ROMP.


41-17 two dozen points – that close Tim Tebow you dumbass I told you so.


South Carolina is NOT ranked any longer since we knocked them out of the Top 25.


South Carolina









And then the game against the team I said we should remove from our schedule Georgia Tech who got wiped by South Florida.


We beat South Carolina 41-17 while Georgia Tech LOST to South Florida by double digits.






South Carolina can’t run the ball but Jake Fromm is having ANOTHER BAD game up 20-10 at the half.

37 seconds and Juwan Taylor scores.


14-0 Switft.


14-7 then Jake Fromm throws an ill-advised forced pass up for grabs interception.




Jake Fromm 4-6 for 25 yards and an INT.


Camarda punts to the 3-yard line but they duked us and faked the fair catch so it rolls into the end zone.


13-22 for 105 yards Jake Bentley coaches’ son.


150 yards 38 plays 19 plays us 105 yards Jake Fromm.


Then the last drive field goal









“South Carolina matches-up well with Georgia this year. This is the best South Carolina matches-up against Georgia in years. Early in the year at home. I think South Carolina has a chance to make that happen. Extend the game and keep it close. If South Carolina can get one or two turnovers then I think South Carolina can win. Georgia isn’t proven yet this year. Georgia lost key players. Georgia is a new young team. Georgia doesn’t come together for this game. South Carolina can definitely get them this year.” Tim Tebow the God Damn moron fool this morning on ESPN says all this shit pre-game.

Tim Tebow the God Damn moron fool this morning on ESPN says all this shit pre-game.


Here Tim Tebow.  Stick THIS up your God Damn NOVICE asshole.





Mark Richt who has LOST 4 games in a ROW TWICE NOW at Miami of Florida not only now is currently on a 4-game LOSING STREAK but Mark Richt struggled mightily with South Carolina LOSING 4 of his last 5 against South Carolina going into Mark Richt’s final season here.

The struggles of Mark Richt against South Carolina are well-documented.


2007 – Mark Richt was supposed to have this juggernaut of a team but South Carolina who would not even put-up a winning record 2007 and did not even play in a God Damn Bowl Game 2007 season either BEAT Mark Richt at Sanford.  Mark Richt apologists try to state what a great damn team Mark Richt had 2007 but the facts of the matter ARE that South Carolina beating Mark Richt 2007 ends that discussion.  Arkansas who should have been 7-6 in 2007 beat South Carolina but Mark Richt could NOT.  Vanderbilt who was 5-7 in 2007 beat South Carolina 2007 but again Mark Richt could NOT.  That game was at Williams-Brice Vanderbilt beating South Carolina right after Mark Richt lost to South Carolina at HOME for Mark Richt.


2010 – Mark Richt traveled to Williams-Brice stadium and LOST to South Carolina who should have lost 6 games 2010 but did not thanks to Mark Richt.  South Carolina lost to LOSING RECORD Kentucky 2010 but Mark Richt could not beat them.  It started a 4-game LOSING STREAK for Mark Richt who was supposed to be a Top 25 team and Mark Richt went on 2010 to put-up a LOSING RECORD for the season 2010 at 6 wins 7 losses thanks to THIS LOSS to South Carolina by Mark Richt.


2011 – Mark Richt made it 2 losses in a row to South Carolina with them beating Mark Richt at Sanford again.  Remember ?


2012 – Mark Richt earned the hat trick losing 2010 2011 and 2012 to South Carolina all 3 in a ROW.  South Carolina beat the ever-loving shit out of Mark Richt 7 to 35 at Williams-Brice.  Mark Richt apologists again made great noise about how Great Mark Richt was 2012 but they don’t discuss THIS GAME now do they ?


2014 – the year before Mark Richt finally got FIRED for all this shit he again was supposed to be this great God Damn Coach with wonderful team full of talent and he again went to Williams-Brice and LOST.


When they compare Georgia and South Carolina they DON’T discuss what Mark Richt did NOT do to South Carolina his career on the line here at the end of his career here but they brag on South Carolina.


No ! Mark Richt struggled mightily to South Carolina and more than any team other than Florida this team cost Mark Richt his job.


Didn’t they ?



Well it’s game day and simply put South Carolina does NOT measure-up to Georgia. Frankly South Carolina other than their great fans has NEVER played football. Their program their school their stadium their won/loss record their coaching staff their talent – they do NOT compare.

The Georgia Bulldogs should win by double-digits even on the road because we’re the better team right down the line.


We have been killing it in recruiting.  Where Mark Richt let South Carolina get top talent Kirby has fixed that.  They do NOT even compete with their talent and it will NOT be close with their lack of recruiting compared to our depth of talent.  If there were Big 10 officials or Big 12 officials they might make it close with their fans.


But frankly their fans are a source of disappointment that they root for their boys so hard when it is obvious they NEVER have competed with The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.


Run your mouths players former players coaches former coaches recruits pissed-off recruits who we never even offered and run your God Damn mouths fans of South Carolina.  THIS is the ONLY time you have to do that.


Before the game.


There isn’t anyone picking God Damn South Carolina.




South Carolina is NOT unranked. They’re # 24. Why talk if you don’t know what you’re talking about and don’t look it up ? Kirby says he doesn’t have a plan. But he does. He’s playing Justin Fields. And THAT then is a plan going-in. Jake Fromm had bad game against Auburn first game last year and bad game against Alabama. Frankly at # 106 Passing Offense Jake Fromm did NOT pass the ball well and he isn’t in the same ballpark running it either. NFL analysts are saying that Justin Fields is a better NFL Draft Pick than Jake Fromm.

You hold back the # 1 ESPN recruit in the nation and consensus # 2 recruit in the United States of America 2018.  You make dumb shit statements about him and about Jake Fromm.  The facts are that Justin Fields has out-performed Jake Fromm every single time so far.


Your dumbass comments about redshirting Justin Fields are so full of shit as to render your comments on the topic null and void.


We have a quarterback controversy and EVERY word out of your own mouth proves it.


And yeah Cam Newton and Justin Fields are a comparison.


Jake Fromm and Cam Newton are NOT.


You can NOT hold that back you dumbass piece of shit.





So how has Justin Fields done ? If I told you he was the best quarterback to EVER play at Georgia has he had the best first game ? What is his game ? How is he doing so far in your opinion ?

There is no question in my mind that Justin Fields is our top Quarterback.


He has had a tremendous debut Spring G-Day Game and a great Fall followed by now a wonderful game 1.


He’s head and shoulders ahead of Jake Fromm.


Jake Fromm knows it too.


So too do the Jake Fromm fans.


The facts of the matter are that Kirby thinks that Justin Fields brings that extra to the position that makes him his personal choice.


Mine too.


The smart money is that Justin Fields is our finest quarterback EVER.  He’ll again be on the field showing you just that again.  Jake Fromm is a fine young man; he’s just not Justin Fields and never will be.  And he isn’t the day after tomorrow either.    If we wanted to be easier well then we’d keep with the # 106 Passing Offense of Jake Fromm and Jim Chaney.  But we have a test on the road and need that added dimension that Justin Fields gives Kirby and James Coley.


I know that Kirby is intrigued by Justin Fields.  I know I am.  That is why he will play well the day after tomorrow.  After all that is ALL he has done so far.


Really either of them.


Really both of them.


They BOTH have done exactly what you expected them to do.





7 SEC teams make Coaches’ Poll with UGA jumping Ohio State to # 3 and 7 SEC teams make 2018 AP Poll September 4 five of whom are on our schedule 2018 before the play-offs if we play SEC Championship Game South Carolina Florida Auburn LSU and probably Alabama along with then Ohio State in the play-offs and Clemson in the play-offs if we can knock-off all these RANKED 2018 SEC TEAMS. Only 5 Big Ten teams remain. Only 4 Pac-12 teams remain. Only 3 Big 12 teams remain. Only 3 ACC teams remain.







Texas and Florida State losing at home and Miami of Florida’s Mark Richt and Michigan’s embattled loser head coach Jim Harbaugh and overmatched Washington of the lowly Pac-12 all look to take a BIG HIT in the rankings this morning. They open-up the rankings for South Carolina to be a RANKED TEAM for us to kick the shit out of at their house this weekend.

We will stay # 3 this morning which is a lot more than can be said for these 5 teams :


Texas – another bad loss

Florida State curious how great FSU thinks it is to HAVE TO HAVE this coaching change

Michigan’s embattled head coach for now Jim Harbaugh (told you he was short timer)

Washington – that is one bad loss for Washington

Miami of Florida’s embattled Mark Richt losing his 4th game in a ROW (ditto)


These 5 pre-season ranked teams are going to TUMBLE here this morning in the polls as my hatred of them ALL would leave them off my ballot in favor of SEC teams instead – you know our opponents :



4 SEC teams set to move-in to replace ranked teams who got the shit kicked-out of them this weekend all 4 of which have head coaches I think very little of :


South Carolina’s embattled Will Muschamp

Florida’s embattled combo of Dan Mullen and Todd Grantham yuk

Texas A&M just before it faces-off against Clemson AND Alabama welcome Jimbo Fisher

Ole Miss’s Matt Luke who sure beat the shit out of Texas Tech



I am guaranteeing a regime change this morning in the polls replacing these 5 with SEC teams instead.   Mark my words.


Massey Poll has Georgia # 2 this morning with Auburn # 5 LSU # 10 and Alabama # 1 four of the top 10 SEC teams.     https://www.masseyratings.com/cf/11604/ratings



7 of 8 throwing the ball for a TD Pass too and another 33 yards rushing and CHIPPER TOWERS fool of AJ-C headlines NO GUARANTEE JUSTIN FIELDS even gets a single God Damn SNAP against South Carolina

Here Chipper Towers !


This one is for you.


Stick it right up your God Damn NOVICE dumbass asshole.








I’d say that Justin Fields proved every single time we have seen him that he is the better quarterback.  I fully expected you to be in the other camp because you are a such a God Damn total dumb shit.





Mark Richt has LOST his last 4 games in a ROW now today – the God Damn asshole coach of Miami of Florida and it has been UGLY including last night’s # 8 Miami of Florida absolutely embarrassed by # 25 LSU 17 to 33. Then there was that LOSS to CUPCAKE Pittsburgh who was 5-7 and should have been 4-8. Mark Richt sucks.

All I can say about Mark Richt losing 4 games in a row now is :




Last night on national TV with NO OTHER GAME ON TV Mark Richt was # 8 Miami of Florida Hurricanes U of Miami U The U losing 3 to 33 vs # 25 LSU.


Please write me some MORE Bulldog blog posts about Mark Richt and how great you think he is ?


Guess what ?


I don’t.




Here Mark Richt stick this up your God Damn asshole.


Mark Richt when he was here and you were telling me how he wasn’t going anywhere and how you wanted your God Damn son to play for Mark Richt and how he is the greatest coach ever – in fact he was :


(1) after 2007 winning only 53 % of his games vs teams who went on to a bowl game year played

(2) after 2007 losing 18 of his last 24 games vs teams who were top 15 time of game

(3) after 2007 lost 12 games to unranked teams cupcakes time of game or for season or both

(4) after 2007 averaged # 7 Scout.com recruiting rankings but only # 45 vs top 15 time game

(5) after 2007 could not win the big games winning only 6 of his last 24 vs top 15 teams time game

(6) after 2010 his last entire 6 years here lost 63 of his last 146 signed scholarship recruits gone from roster either having them flunk-out fail to qualify kicked-off never showed-up or quit 43 % of his most recent signed scholarship recruits and the team played undisciplined football as demonstrated on TV last night again.


It did NOT matter how you measured Mark Richt after 2007.


After 2007 against top teams against cupcakes against teams worse ranked in pre-season polls against his own pre-season rankings to post season rankings against top 15 teams against teams away from Sanford against ranked teams time of game away from Sanford against teams who went on to one of the now 40 Bowl Games that season against teams with worse recruiting than Mark Richt – he embarrassed our football program on and off the field after 2007 – just like he God Damn did last night again for Miami of Florida.




This is why he was FIRED from HERE.  This is why he HAD to be and why every post I made starting 2008 was about me hating on Mark Richt and wanting him replaced.


Did you watch that game last night ?


Well did you PUNK ?


I absolutely hate Mark Richt.


We paid him over $ 50 millions of dollars to coach here and what you saw again last night was exactly why you will NEVER BE CONFUSED that I am making-up EXCUSES for Mark Richt last night or ANY day after 2007.




The half a dozen players who did NOT get in the game with 82 playing are : (1) Terry Godwin WR injured (2) Netori Johnson OL diabetes (3) Tyrique McGhee DB 6 weeks foot injury (4) Kearis Jackson WR wrist injury (5) Zamir White RB injured ACL scrimmage Sanford punt coverage Redshirt more than possible (6) Azeez Ojulari November high school last year ACL he told us 6 months he hopes. The new polls come out Tuesday. I NAILED IT ON MARK RICHT LOSING TONIGHT.


  1. Terry Godwin Senior WR – we knew he got injured
  2. Netori Johnson Redshirt Freshman OL – this one is most troubling
  3. Tyrique McGhee Junior DB – we knew he got injured
  4. Kearis Jackson Peach County 4.53 in 40-yard dash # 26 national prospect # 4 WR Early Frosh – knew injured
  5. Zamir White Scotland NC 5-star  6′ 1″ 220 lbs. # 6 national prospect # 1 RB be redshirted Frosh – knew injured
  6. Azeez Ojulari Marietta  6′ 3″ 230 lbs. # 79 national prospect # 7 Defensive End Frosh – high school injury ACL last November saying he hoped 6 months hoped not redshirt he said.


Mark Richt indeed LOST as I stated before the game AND the new polls will have us # 3 again next week.  A fine job all around.




Well we’re off to Columbia with a 330 Kick-Off on CBS as our respective SEC Openers as # 3 UGA travels to # nothing. Well South Carolina is unranked a CUPCAKE who is overmatched by Georgia. Auburn won over Pac-12 Washington who has now lost 10 in a row to top 10 teams and Ole Miss won. But the vols LOST. ESPN BLUNDERS reviewing the replay.

45 to nothing a shut-out and a fine performance by all aspects of Kirby “Smith’s” third edition.


DawgsOnline called it his second edition.  Uh no it’s not his second edition either whatever his name is.


dawgs online- Opening the curtain on Kirbys second act


ESPN Beth Mowins called Kirby Smart Kirby Smith then was corrected afterwards in her ears.


Justin Fields was 7 of 8 including TD completion and Jake Fromm was 12 of 16 including 2 TD passes.


The JF combination.  Jake Fromm called “Justin Fromm” to Kirby “Smith” by ESPN too.  “How did you think Justin Fromm did today Kirby Smith?”  “How did Jake Fields do out there for you today Kirby Smith?”  Nice job there ESPN.  Glad I got to watch these replays to hear them all.


Jesus Christ.


ESPN had some real winners out there today – watching these replays now.




Well thank you Beth Mowins for that from a Syracuse girl covering only the # 3 team in the nation.  Your voice is a bit raspy to my taste.  A basketball player covering # 3 Georgia for the first and hopefully the last time watching the replay now.


Justin Fields also added-in 33 rushing yards bettered by only 3 other Bulldogs today in rushing.


I thought he stole the show as Jake Fromm was also very good solid but NOT Justin Fields…


You call it like you want.


Officially now WE have a quarterback controversy as JUSTIN FIELDS has outdone Jake Fromm EVERY SINGLE TIME we have watched him.


Including especially yesterday.




Justin Fields is our BEST QUARTERBACK.


Even if ESPN can not even get the God Damn Question out to Kirby correctly nor even call Kirby by his right name either.


God Damn Idiots.


Kirby Smart

Justin Fields

Jake Fromm


How hard is THAT ESPN ?


I am NOT impressed ESPN.


You should be embarrassed for that call of the game by your 3rd string announcers on ESPN main channel.


But I did figure you would revert back to reminding us all about LOSING to Tua who IS their starting QB just as Justin Fields JUST HAS TO BE OURS.  11 minutes in the 2nd quarter but clearly was the class of our quarterbacks.


You think there is no controversy because ESPN screwed-up asking Kirby about it?


Sure there is.


Don’t fool yourself.


You take me on at YOUR OWN RISK as I have been proven correct right down the line for years and years and years and years now haven’t I ?


Well punks ?


Quarterback controversy not at all unlike your bullshit about how great you said Mark Richt is who had to be FIRED and was proving you wrong on that.


Justin Fields is a better quarterback than Jake Fromm and that is patently obvious.


Lady Sportswriter – Kimberly Nash said she did not care about Demetris Robertson whom she did not care if he went elsewhere.


Demetris Robertson had a 72 yard end around.


Take THAT Kimberly Nash.


I would love to see Mark Richt screw-up AGAIN and lose to LSU tonight.  I hate his ass for everything he did NOT do he last entire 8 years here and for all he did do such as losing to 12 cupcakes his last 8 years, having 63 recruits he signed not play here gone from the team at the time when he finally got fired for it, and losing 18 of his last 24 games vs top 15 teams – oh and being only 53 percent win percentage his last 8 years against any ole team who went on to a bowl game here.


Clearly you remain a Mark Richt fan and clearly I patently hate his God Damn Ass.


Excuse me for calling you out when you screw-up.


James Cook would have stolen the show but he is now suspended for the first half of South Carolina for targeting missing the early-on fair catch clearly signaled.


284 rushing 224 passing a fantastic game for us.


Shut-out for our Defense led by JR Reed and DeAngelo Gibbs.


I was very pleased with Ahkil Crumpton and Brian Herrien leading on our special teams who were that for sure today.  Quite the up man Brian Herrien makes a sure NFL player as I see it.


Mecole Hardman Jr was spectacular.


Tyson Campbell got the start and wasted no time breaking up a pass.


D’Andre Walker from Fairburn recovered the fumble when we really got after Austin Peay’s miscue.


82 got to play today and that is a best effort for Kirby “Smith” so far.






Why don’t you tell ME how excited you are to watch Mark Richt tonight ?


I am too but only to CONTINUE to prove you WRONG as hell about him too.


Let me remind you again that Kirby Smart is quite intrigued by Justin Fields as someone who puts constant pressure on the opponents with his better skills than Jake Fromm.  So am I.


Jake Fromm NOR Justin Fields signs with Mark Richt.  There is NO WAY Mark Richt signs EITHER.




Compare Georgia and Clemson

Clemson 2 National Championships Georgia 6

Clemson 18 wins Georgia 42 with 4 ties between us

Clemson LOST the last game to Georgia in 2014

Clemson LOST to Georgia in 1920 Georgia 55 Clemson NOTHING

Clemson LOST to Georgia 10 games in a row from 1920 to 1954

Clemson 729 wins Georgia 808 wins all-time

Clemson .609 win percentage Georgia .651

Clemson 729-459-45 all-time Georgia 808-420-54 all-time

Clemson 22-20 Bowl Record Georgia 31-20-3 Bowl Record

Clemson 25 Consensus All-America Football Players Georgia 32

Clemson 0 Heisman Trophies Georgia 2

Clemson 248 NFL Draft Picks Georgia 323

Clemson 30 NFL 1st Round Draft Picks Georgia 35

Clemson 420 weeks AP Poll Georgia 564

Clemson 10 weeks AP Poll # 1 team Georgia 15

Clemson 73 miles hour and half farther North Georgia more Southern

Clemson plays in the STINKING ACC Mighty Georgia The Mighty SEC

Clemson $621 million endowment Georgia 1.15 billion

Clemson 24 thousand students Georgia 37 thousand students

Clemson 14 hundred acres Georgia 41 thousand acres

Clemson August 31 of 2024 facing Georgia Bulldogs Kick-Off Classic

Clemson average score 12 Georgia 20

Clemson 3 team National Championships Georgia 31 team National Championships






Clemson # 67 National University Georgia # 54

There isn’t anything where Clemson is better than The University of Georgia.

Not one God Damn Category.

Muck Clemson.