Well we’re off to Columbia with a 330 Kick-Off on CBS as our respective SEC Openers as # 3 UGA travels to # nothing. Well South Carolina is unranked a CUPCAKE who is overmatched by Georgia. Auburn won over Pac-12 Washington who has now lost 10 in a row to top 10 teams and Ole Miss won. But the vols LOST. ESPN BLUNDERS reviewing the replay.

45 to nothing a shut-out and a fine performance by all aspects of Kirby “Smith’s” third edition.


DawgsOnline called it his second edition.  Uh no it’s not his second edition either whatever his name is.


dawgs online- Opening the curtain on Kirbys second act


ESPN Beth Mowins called Kirby Smart Kirby Smith then was corrected afterwards in her ears.


Justin Fields was 7 of 8 including TD completion and Jake Fromm was 12 of 16 including 2 TD passes.


The JF combination.  Jake Fromm called “Justin Fromm” to Kirby “Smith” by ESPN too.  “How did you think Justin Fromm did today Kirby Smith?”  “How did Jake Fields do out there for you today Kirby Smith?”  Nice job there ESPN.  Glad I got to watch these replays to hear them all.


Jesus Christ.


ESPN had some real winners out there today – watching these replays now.




Well thank you Beth Mowins for that from a Syracuse girl covering only the # 3 team in the nation.  Your voice is a bit raspy to my taste.  A basketball player covering # 3 Georgia for the first and hopefully the last time watching the replay now.


Justin Fields also added-in 33 rushing yards bettered by only 3 other Bulldogs today in rushing.


I thought he stole the show as Jake Fromm was also very good solid but NOT Justin Fields…


You call it like you want.


Officially now WE have a quarterback controversy as JUSTIN FIELDS has outdone Jake Fromm EVERY SINGLE TIME we have watched him.


Including especially yesterday.




Justin Fields is our BEST QUARTERBACK.


Even if ESPN can not even get the God Damn Question out to Kirby correctly nor even call Kirby by his right name either.


God Damn Idiots.


Kirby Smart

Justin Fields

Jake Fromm


How hard is THAT ESPN ?


I am NOT impressed ESPN.


You should be embarrassed for that call of the game by your 3rd string announcers on ESPN main channel.


But I did figure you would revert back to reminding us all about LOSING to Tua who IS their starting QB just as Justin Fields JUST HAS TO BE OURS.  11 minutes in the 2nd quarter but clearly was the class of our quarterbacks.


You think there is no controversy because ESPN screwed-up asking Kirby about it?


Sure there is.


Don’t fool yourself.


You take me on at YOUR OWN RISK as I have been proven correct right down the line for years and years and years and years now haven’t I ?


Well punks ?


Quarterback controversy not at all unlike your bullshit about how great you said Mark Richt is who had to be FIRED and was proving you wrong on that.


Justin Fields is a better quarterback than Jake Fromm and that is patently obvious.


Lady Sportswriter – Kimberly Nash said she did not care about Demetris Robertson whom she did not care if he went elsewhere.


Demetris Robertson had a 72 yard end around.


Take THAT Kimberly Nash.


I would love to see Mark Richt screw-up AGAIN and lose to LSU tonight.  I hate his ass for everything he did NOT do he last entire 8 years here and for all he did do such as losing to 12 cupcakes his last 8 years, having 63 recruits he signed not play here gone from the team at the time when he finally got fired for it, and losing 18 of his last 24 games vs top 15 teams – oh and being only 53 percent win percentage his last 8 years against any ole team who went on to a bowl game here.


Clearly you remain a Mark Richt fan and clearly I patently hate his God Damn Ass.


Excuse me for calling you out when you screw-up.


James Cook would have stolen the show but he is now suspended for the first half of South Carolina for targeting missing the early-on fair catch clearly signaled.


284 rushing 224 passing a fantastic game for us.


Shut-out for our Defense led by JR Reed and DeAngelo Gibbs.


I was very pleased with Ahkil Crumpton and Brian Herrien leading on our special teams who were that for sure today.  Quite the up man Brian Herrien makes a sure NFL player as I see it.


Mecole Hardman Jr was spectacular.


Tyson Campbell got the start and wasted no time breaking up a pass.


D’Andre Walker from Fairburn recovered the fumble when we really got after Austin Peay’s miscue.


82 got to play today and that is a best effort for Kirby “Smith” so far.






Why don’t you tell ME how excited you are to watch Mark Richt tonight ?


I am too but only to CONTINUE to prove you WRONG as hell about him too.


Let me remind you again that Kirby Smart is quite intrigued by Justin Fields as someone who puts constant pressure on the opponents with his better skills than Jake Fromm.  So am I.


Jake Fromm NOR Justin Fields signs with Mark Richt.  There is NO WAY Mark Richt signs EITHER.