Texas and Florida State losing at home and Miami of Florida’s Mark Richt and Michigan’s embattled loser head coach Jim Harbaugh and overmatched Washington of the lowly Pac-12 all look to take a BIG HIT in the rankings this morning. They open-up the rankings for South Carolina to be a RANKED TEAM for us to kick the shit out of at their house this weekend.

We will stay # 3 this morning which is a lot more than can be said for these 5 teams :


Texas – another bad loss

Florida State curious how great FSU thinks it is to HAVE TO HAVE this coaching change

Michigan’s embattled head coach for now Jim Harbaugh (told you he was short timer)

Washington – that is one bad loss for Washington

Miami of Florida’s embattled Mark Richt losing his 4th game in a ROW (ditto)


These 5 pre-season ranked teams are going to TUMBLE here this morning in the polls as my hatred of them ALL would leave them off my ballot in favor of SEC teams instead – you know our opponents :



4 SEC teams set to move-in to replace ranked teams who got the shit kicked-out of them this weekend all 4 of which have head coaches I think very little of :


South Carolina’s embattled Will Muschamp

Florida’s embattled combo of Dan Mullen and Todd Grantham yuk

Texas A&M just before it faces-off against Clemson AND Alabama welcome Jimbo Fisher

Ole Miss’s Matt Luke who sure beat the shit out of Texas Tech



I am guaranteeing a regime change this morning in the polls replacing these 5 with SEC teams instead.   Mark my words.


Massey Poll has Georgia # 2 this morning with Auburn # 5 LSU # 10 and Alabama # 1 four of the top 10 SEC teams.     https://www.masseyratings.com/cf/11604/ratings



7 of 8 throwing the ball for a TD Pass too and another 33 yards rushing and CHIPPER TOWERS fool of AJ-C headlines NO GUARANTEE JUSTIN FIELDS even gets a single God Damn SNAP against South Carolina

Here Chipper Towers !


This one is for you.


Stick it right up your God Damn NOVICE dumbass asshole.








I’d say that Justin Fields proved every single time we have seen him that he is the better quarterback.  I fully expected you to be in the other camp because you are a such a God Damn total dumb shit.