So how has Justin Fields done ? If I told you he was the best quarterback to EVER play at Georgia has he had the best first game ? What is his game ? How is he doing so far in your opinion ?

There is no question in my mind that Justin Fields is our top Quarterback.


He has had a tremendous debut Spring G-Day Game and a great Fall followed by now a wonderful game 1.


He’s head and shoulders ahead of Jake Fromm.


Jake Fromm knows it too.


So too do the Jake Fromm fans.


The facts of the matter are that Kirby thinks that Justin Fields brings that extra to the position that makes him his personal choice.


Mine too.


The smart money is that Justin Fields is our finest quarterback EVER.  He’ll again be on the field showing you just that again.  Jake Fromm is a fine young man; he’s just not Justin Fields and never will be.  And he isn’t the day after tomorrow either.    If we wanted to be easier well then we’d keep with the # 106 Passing Offense of Jake Fromm and Jim Chaney.  But we have a test on the road and need that added dimension that Justin Fields gives Kirby and James Coley.


I know that Kirby is intrigued by Justin Fields.  I know I am.  That is why he will play well the day after tomorrow.  After all that is ALL he has done so far.


Really either of them.


Really both of them.


They BOTH have done exactly what you expected them to do.