South Carolina is NOT unranked. They’re # 24. Why talk if you don’t know what you’re talking about and don’t look it up ? Kirby says he doesn’t have a plan. But he does. He’s playing Justin Fields. And THAT then is a plan going-in. Jake Fromm had bad game against Auburn first game last year and bad game against Alabama. Frankly at # 106 Passing Offense Jake Fromm did NOT pass the ball well and he isn’t in the same ballpark running it either. NFL analysts are saying that Justin Fields is a better NFL Draft Pick than Jake Fromm.

You hold back the # 1 ESPN recruit in the nation and consensus # 2 recruit in the United States of America 2018.  You make dumb shit statements about him and about Jake Fromm.  The facts are that Justin Fields has out-performed Jake Fromm every single time so far.


Your dumbass comments about redshirting Justin Fields are so full of shit as to render your comments on the topic null and void.


We have a quarterback controversy and EVERY word out of your own mouth proves it.


And yeah Cam Newton and Justin Fields are a comparison.


Jake Fromm and Cam Newton are NOT.


You can NOT hold that back you dumbass piece of shit.