Mark Richt who has LOST 4 games in a ROW TWICE NOW at Miami of Florida not only now is currently on a 4-game LOSING STREAK but Mark Richt struggled mightily with South Carolina LOSING 4 of his last 5 against South Carolina going into Mark Richt’s final season here.

The struggles of Mark Richt against South Carolina are well-documented.


2007 – Mark Richt was supposed to have this juggernaut of a team but South Carolina who would not even put-up a winning record 2007 and did not even play in a God Damn Bowl Game 2007 season either BEAT Mark Richt at Sanford.  Mark Richt apologists try to state what a great damn team Mark Richt had 2007 but the facts of the matter ARE that South Carolina beating Mark Richt 2007 ends that discussion.  Arkansas who should have been 7-6 in 2007 beat South Carolina but Mark Richt could NOT.  Vanderbilt who was 5-7 in 2007 beat South Carolina 2007 but again Mark Richt could NOT.  That game was at Williams-Brice Vanderbilt beating South Carolina right after Mark Richt lost to South Carolina at HOME for Mark Richt.


2010 – Mark Richt traveled to Williams-Brice stadium and LOST to South Carolina who should have lost 6 games 2010 but did not thanks to Mark Richt.  South Carolina lost to LOSING RECORD Kentucky 2010 but Mark Richt could not beat them.  It started a 4-game LOSING STREAK for Mark Richt who was supposed to be a Top 25 team and Mark Richt went on 2010 to put-up a LOSING RECORD for the season 2010 at 6 wins 7 losses thanks to THIS LOSS to South Carolina by Mark Richt.


2011 – Mark Richt made it 2 losses in a row to South Carolina with them beating Mark Richt at Sanford again.  Remember ?


2012 – Mark Richt earned the hat trick losing 2010 2011 and 2012 to South Carolina all 3 in a ROW.  South Carolina beat the ever-loving shit out of Mark Richt 7 to 35 at Williams-Brice.  Mark Richt apologists again made great noise about how Great Mark Richt was 2012 but they don’t discuss THIS GAME now do they ?


2014 – the year before Mark Richt finally got FIRED for all this shit he again was supposed to be this great God Damn Coach with wonderful team full of talent and he again went to Williams-Brice and LOST.


When they compare Georgia and South Carolina they DON’T discuss what Mark Richt did NOT do to South Carolina his career on the line here at the end of his career here but they brag on South Carolina.


No ! Mark Richt struggled mightily to South Carolina and more than any team other than Florida this team cost Mark Richt his job.


Didn’t they ?



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