Will Muschamp : Can’t you shut your poor sport players up how great they are after we beat the shit out of them by 3 TD and a Field Goal ? Honestly somebody needs to do this. After all they did to run their God Damn Mouths pre-game and give us bulletin board fodder – now their players and coaches are doing MORE of the SAME post-game. Someone needs to be brutally honest. Will Muschamp 4 and half million dollar salary. Where are South Carolina compared to Georgia 3 years in for both Will and Kirby now ? Not coached very well and they don’t call good play calls offense or defense. And they can NOT recruit. All they can do is run their God Damn Mouths. Will Muschamp has a LOSING RECORD in the conference at South Carolina. After going 17-15 at Florida in The SEC that is about what I expected at South Carolina. We took Kirby when they were going to and left them with Will Muschamp. So why are they RUNNING THEIR MOUTHS ? “It was a dogfight. Those guys were good but we’re just as good.” Gamecock middle linebacker T.J. Brunson quote after the game. “They aren’t any better than us.” Safety Steven Montac quote after the game.

Cleary Will Muschamp can not recruit like Kirby.


But that is only part of the difference.


Will Muschamp does not shut-up his players pre-game or post-game.




Did you see Will Muschamp when we brought-in Justin Fields after Jake Fromm went 9 for 9 and 3 consecutive touchdowns to start the second half already twice South Carolina’s score ? He just hung his head on national tv. Shook his head a little left to right. And hung it upside down contemplating his navel or higher up than that even.




# 6 Kirby 2016 recruiting rankings

# 25 Will Muschamp 2016 recruiting rankings




# 3 Kirby 2017 recruiting rankings

# 21 Will Muschamp 2017 recruiting rankings




# 1 Kirby 2018 recruiting rankings

# 18 Will Muschamp 2018 recruiting rankings




# 1 Kirby 2019 recruiting rankings

# 16 Will Muschamp 2019 recruiting rankings






It’s pretty sad frankly that that wide a gap in recruiting and the players and coaches pre and post game think they’re just as good if not better than our team’s players.




It’s ALL we heard last week.


Now more same this week.


They’re not better than us.


We’re the better team.


We match-up well.


We’re every bit as good as Georgia.




2019 five 5-stars Georgia South Carolina 1

2018 seven 5-stars Georgia South Carolina 0

2017 three 5-stars Georgia South Carolina 0

2016 three 5-stars Georgia South Carolina 0

18 to 1


Did you get that ?


I know you know South Carolina fans know that their coaches and players do NOT measure-up.


You want to know how to ruin the WILL of the fan base ?


Tell them how you are BETTER than a team who beat the shit out of you by two dozen points.


Tell your fan base that pre-game.


Tell your fan base that post-game.


“Waah – we’re the better football team better coached and better players than Georgia.”


Hog shit.


18 five-star players to one for South Carolina.


THOSE are the FACTS.


South Carolina is NOT competitive the last 4 recruiting classes and THAT is why they have LOST 4 in a ROW fixing to be 5 next year.


Then 6…


They need to ADMIT they need to play better because they are WORSE players and WORSE coached.


Quit running your God Damn MOUTHS.


We READ all that SHIT.


I did not comment on it all much.


Not really.


Enough to let you know what bullshit it was.




Steven Montac is 5 feet 9 inches tall weighing 177 lbs. a 2-Star recruit Georgia NEVER OFFERED the # 60 player in the state of Georgia with a BIG MOUTH who did NOT back it up on the field getting beat all night by our guys all higher-rated who kept their mouths SHUT because Kirby MAKES THEM.  Steven Montac safety had his ass handed to him all night long.  Will Muschamp can’t keep him from BRAGGING after he got beat on EVERY PLAY all night long ?  These statements today are ON Will Muschamp.  That is HIS JOB to keep his players mouths SHUT.


2-star Steven Montac




3-Star # 844 prospect 843 better prospects than TJ Brunson :




This is ON Will Muschamp that he ALLOWS these inferior players to STATE as FACT that THEY are BETTER than the players who just beat the ever-living shit out of them by two dozen points.


If we had left our starters in we beat them by more and they know it.  But we did not need to.  It was a BLOW-OUT of Biblical proportions as it was and we got to empty the bench with 13 minutes and 22 seconds remaining.


And Will Muschamp lets his loud-mouth braggadocio losers tell YOU they were the better players.


Which is what Will Muschamp let them all say pre-game too.


Remember ?


Bunch of silly-ass punks and a coach who lets them show their asses in public like this.


The number 844 prospect doesn’t even get interviewed in Georgia.  At South Carolina AFTER he gets beat by 3 and a half touchdowns he not only gets interviewed but states as fact he is BETTER than the guys who just manhandled him all game long.  A 2-star prospect doesn’t get interviewed here in Georgia either.


THIS is ON YOU Will Muschamp.


Steven Montac and T.J. Brunson – you want to know how I really feel about you or your coach ?




The running game is in VERY good hands. The only one running the ball who can’t is Jake Fromm. Our Offensive Line is in VERY good hands too. We’re DEEP at both positions. We are DEEP at RECEIVER too but when we only pass half the number of running plays they don’t get great numbers receiving and of course we’re not beginning to be a balanced attack.

Jake Fromm was the # 106 Passing Offense last year and this year is no different.


I never thought it would be.


I did expect we would play Justin Fields more.


I still do.


Special Teams are in good hands.


I would NOT want to be one of these opposing teams trying to beat ALL THIS TALENT Kirby gets to come play for national championships with.


Right now our only problem is we have two quarterbacks.