ESPN Radio The Will Cain Show “It’s going to be a hell of a deal to deal with the University of Georgia for the next decade.”

A licensed attorney in New York City Will Cain is bullish on The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.  His views influence nationally in podcasts heard on ESPN radio network.   When Composite Rankings ranked Kirby’s first class # 6 he was off to a good start.  Then # 3 ranked recruiting class which was # 2 in Rankings.  Then last year # 1 and this year (2019) also is still ranked # 1 (although we have to lose steam as we have given-out all the scholarships we have for seniors leaving after this season.)


First from Texas Will Cain knows how important recruiting is and he has done his homework to know that Georgia has passed California in producing the highest most elite football players leaving us now behind only Texas and Florida.  Will Cain does not discuss that and frankly his comments miss the mark on Kirby Smart.


I expect follow-up pieces on Kirby by Will Cain if Kirby can have a good season 2018. A good season would be a return to the Play-offs or SEC Championship.  Anything else ANY YEAR is going to be considered WASTING all this talent.


# 6 recruit rankings Composite 2016

# 3 recruit rankings Composite 2017

# 1 recruit rankings Composite 2018

# 1 recruit rankings Composite 2019


Mark Richt NEVER did this.