4 days from now we face a special teams and defense we can kick the asses of but frankly Drew Lock can pass the football well. They won’t be able to run the ball against us either.

We’re expecting them to air it out.


24 points for them.


51 points for us.


Missouri has beaten The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs once ever in their entire lifetime.  This won’t be the second.



Missouri has not recruited the talent to compete with Georgia on special teams or on defense and frankly they won’t be able to run off their passing game against us either.


It is not as well-coached a football team as ours either.


So they don’t have the talent and can’t coach what they do have while their fan base doesn’t even follow them.


It’s Missouri.


They haven’t done anything in The SEC like they thought they would.


Georgia is a BIG REASON for that.






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