Jake Fromm struggled again. He fumbled again. He failed on offense again. And Justin Fields STOLE THE SHOW.

I think you knew I would say this.


Didn’t you ?


Jake Fromm will NEVER hold-off Justin Fields.


24 percent of the snaps while Jake Fromm had 67 percent of the snaps.  But trust me on this, I would start Justin Fields in the next game.


Frankly the way Jake Fromm was going I think the vols were going to make a game of it were it not for Justin Fields.


I don’t like the way Jake Fromm runs the ball.  His passes are ok but there too Justin Fields has the far superior arm in addition to the far superior legs.


There is no reason to not even-up these snaps between Jake Fromm and Justin Fields.


I call it like I see it.


What did you see ?





How bad are the vols ? How bad have they been over the 2 decades since their tainted “national championship” paying Tee Martin from Alabama to be their QB ? What do recruits today know about vols ?

Ever since Tee Martin admitted he was paid to win the tainted then “national championship” for the vols in 1999 vols have sucked the hind tit.


“I am a Christian now. That was a different Tee Martin back then. I would NEVER take those monies now – those payments of eight grand each at the 7-11 stores back then when I was QB for the vols. Yes I lied at the time when the NCAA asked me about the payments for me to QB for the vols.”




  1. loss number 100 for vols starting 1999 when we beat them this afternoon
  2. vols loss number 11 in a row to SEC teams when we beat them this afternoon
  3. 11 seasons in a row vols not Final AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll top 21
  4. number 106 best college U.S. News and World Report
  5. no recruiting don’t believe this shit they have they haven’t
  6. number 34 won/lost record starting 1999 year after their “NC”
  7. vols’ coach said 1 of his players refused to go in game last week tired losing