“It’s play design and play calls that we didn’t do a good job as coaches on offense. We didn’t do a good job of that against Florida. And we have got to improve that.” Kirby on Jim Chaney’s play calls this season and again specifically again against Florida in our most recent game. I still say Kirby is going to replace Jim Chaney.

Where is James Coley Kirby ?



7 of top 20 in College Football Playoff Poll are SEC. Top 10 match-up # 6 UGA at # 9 Kentucky Saturday 3:30 pm CBS. 2 of the top 3 are SEC. We knocked Florida down to # 11. So that is 5 of the top 11 are SEC. I thought The SEC was supposed to be DOWN or something ?




“You grab a dog and shake ‘em” is caption Luke Ancrum posted with this picture on Instagram after Georgia Bulldogs beat the shit out of him by 3 TD. Luke Ancrum is back-up 6’ 6” and 270 lbs. THUG who was the # 1755 best recruit 2015 class and next year 2019 will be senior for Florida gators poor coaching of Dan Mullen to allow all this. Dan Mullen with his LOSING RECORD against The SEC. I told you Dan Mullen wasn’t beating Georgia because he has NEVER DONE shit as a head coach anywhere.

“You grab a dog and shake ‘em” Luke Ancrum on Instagram




How poorly coached is Florida to have THIS post-game after getting the shit knocked out of them by 3 TD by their # 1 Rival The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs for now the 5th time the last 8 games.


Luke Ancrum Florida gator back-up DE the # 1755 best recruit in the 2015 recruiting class listed on Florida’s webpages at 6’ 6” and 270 lbs.






Luke Ancrum brags like this AFTER he got his ass beat up and down the field by 3 TD. That’s right Georgia beat Florida by three (3) TD.


Then we go to the Internet where Florida players bragged for the last two (2) weeks how badly they were going to beat Georgia.




Players should NOT be BRAGGING pregame. And they most assuredly as well should NOT be BRAGGING postgame when they got the ever-loving shit knocked out of them LOSING by 3 touchdowns.


You didn’t see Georgia players bragging pregame.


We did our talking DURING the ROUT of the worse team.


We have out-recruited Florida for years while Florida hires BAD HEAD COACHES.


Look Dan Mullen has a LOSING RECORD vs The SEC.


They are paying 2018 this season Dan Mullen nearly what Kirby makes and Florida is ALSO paying Jim McElwain this 2018 season nearly what Kirby makes too ! Florida is PAYING BOTH this year nearly what Kirby gets.  That’s twice as much as Kirby alone makes 2018 and they got BEAT by 3 TD to have THIS posted afterwards by Florida gator player these 2 wiz bang head coaches recruited there as a THUG.


So for twice as much money Florida has THIS to show for it.


# 14 Florida gators Coaches’ Poll to # 5 Georgia Bulldogs Coaches’ Poll

today October 31 2018


That AFTER the blowout loss to their # 1 Rival Georgia Bulldogs their players run to the God Damn Internet and BRAG how they did THIS to Georgia’s players on the ground. They mauled our players. They poked the eyes of our quarterback for the World to see AS WELL.


  1. They bragged for 2 weeks how Florida would kick Georgia’s ass
  2. Meme was they are older better UGA younger not ready to play
  3. AFTER they took brunt of LOSS to Georgia they post this shit really
  4. Their fans tell us oh it’s nothing
  5. Really ?


NEXT ITEM is this bullshit that this is two in a row wins by Georgia over Florida.




This is 5 wins in the last 8 games against Florida by The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.


Georgia is # 5 in the Coaches’ Poll and we were ranked AHEAD of Florida pre-game.


Jim McElwain works in Ann Arbor now as a staffer after being FIRED with cause by the University of Florida.


Michigan is going to lose 2 more games this year with assistant staffer “coaches” like Jim McElwain.


As for Dan Mullen :




Dan Mullen not only allowed all the bragging by Florida players for 2 weeks in EVERY newspaper how they would kick our ass.


But afterwards when it did not go as Dan Mullen and his players (read THUGS) guaranteed pre-game.  Did it ?  And worse Florida recruiting than Kirby has been getting Georgia from our state.  Thought it would go differently pre-game. STILL Dan Mullen allows his players (THUGS) to run to the Internet and BRAG that THIS is what they did to Georgia players in THE GAME.


You can’t make this kind of shit up.  Seriously.  I will USE this against Florida gators for YEARS.


The Game in which HE LOST by 3 TD he posts this with his 4 tackles all season.  Hey here is one of my 4 tackles all year my junior year as the number 1 thousand 7 hundred and 55 best recruit 2015.


Poor sportsmanship.


If it were NOT poor sportsmanship then why did he remove this picture and captain from Instagram ?


Because there was NOTHING WRONG IT ?


Here Luke Ancrum Florida gator back-up DE :


Stick THIS up your God Damn THUG asshole you piece of shit LOSER.


That’s right.


You LOST Luke Ancrum Florida gator back-up DE


That’s right 6’6” and 270 lbs. of fat and big mouth who got the shit knocked out of him by Georgia so he runs to the Internet to BRAG afterwards…


Here look what I did to Georgia players. See how great I am ?


Look THUG # 1755 means there are one thousand seven hundred and fifty four better players than you in 2015.


Which is WHY you run to the Internet to brag post game.


Your teammates make excuses for the loss.


And you run to the Internet to BRAG what you did DURING THE GAME.


The game which you lost by 3 God Damn Touchdowns.


You God Damn FOOL Luke Ancrum 6’ 6” and 270 lbs. ranked the number one thousand 7 hundred and 55 best player in America in 2015.


Senior next year Luke Ancrum we will KICK YOUR God Damn Ass.


If you are NOT suspended for this reaction to your LOSS.


Bragging on the Internet.


You do NOT see Kirby’s men doing this after the games do you Luke Ancrum ?


This makes you a BIG MAN does it Luke Ancrum ?


Back-up 6’ 6” and 270 lbs. defensive end ranked as a recruit # 1755 in the 2015 class.


Shove THIS up your asshole Luke Ancrum you God Damn FOOL and bad football player coached by INFERIOR coaches to ALLOW you to do this.


And to explain to us what you meant by it.


It is patently obvious what you meant by it Luke Ancrum.


Proper decorum prevents me from telling you what I really want to you God Damn THUG.


But it starts with an F.


And ends with you Luke Ancrum THUG.


Luke Ancrum has played in all 11 games this season and has made a grand total of 4 tackles. So he runs to the Internet to brag with THIS picture and THIS caption HE WROTE and Dan Mullen allows.


SUSPEND the son of a bitch Dan Mullen you God Damn bullshit SEC coach Dan Mullen.


Dan Mullen is to blame for what the Florida gators said for 2 weeks every newspaper bragging how they would beat us and THIS afterwards when we beat the crap out of them by 3 TD for 5 Georgia wins last 8 games against these THUGS and poor sportsmanship demonstrated by Florida gator THUGS.


Compare UGA to Florida Gators





7 SEC teams ranked in the AP Poll Top 25 and Auburn which is NOT in the top 25 beat Washington of the Pac-12 who is # 19 in the Coaches’ Poll. The ACC only has Clemson in the AP Poll top 21 teams. The Big Ten only has half as many teams ranked in the AP Poll as The SEC. Big 12 has half as many teams as Big Ten which is one quarter of SEC. I THOUGHT THE SEC WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DOWN ? 3 of the top 6 AP Poll are SEC. Supposedly there are supposed to be 5 Conferences in the equal position called “FBS.” 5 Conferences and 3 top 6 SEC. What does that tell you ?

So much bullshit from these other conferences and then NONE of their God Damn teams are ranked.


So sad to inform you that your meme that The SEC is DOWN is so much bullshit.


Isn’t it ?


Polls The AP Poll :




5 FBS Conferences and 3 of the top 6 AP Poll are SEC. What does that tell you ?


That tells you that The SEC DOMINATES collegiate football and always has.  SEC always will.


Right now today there is ONLY 1 conference in the playoffs besides The SEC and that is the ACC who has exactly 1 team in the AP Poll top 21.





Here is how far Florida went DOWN after the loss to Georgia 2018 and the 5th loss to Georgia in 8 years hiring their bullshit head coaches they have chosen which I have said were NOT any good to begin with.

1st Down Defense was # 21 pregame Florida now # 24

1st Downs by Offense was # 79 pregame Florida now # 82


was # 90 pregame Passing Offense Florida now # 97


was # 72 pregame Rushing Defense Florida – run the football Kirby now # 74


was # 78 pregame Time of Possession Florida – can’t stop the run average at running now # 79


was # 22 pregame Total Defense Florida now # 28

was # 66 pregame Total Offense Florida now # 78




We kicked their asses just exactly as I said we would pregame when I pinpointed these areas as where we would beat Florida.


Florida has not been recruiting like Kirby has and they could not possibly live-up therefore to their braggadochio those braggarts bragged about every day for the last 2 weeks.  We did have to come back from deficit on the road when Florida took the lead 13-14 in the in the second half but from there we scored 3 more touchdowns and 1 more field goal while all they could add was one stinking field goal for the final margin of 36-17.


I also pointed out that Dan Mullen had not ever done shit as head coach anywhere.


I guaranteed this victory.


THIS is why.



Michigan has Penn State and Ohio State so I am NOT worried about Michigan. While the weenie polls all have UGA inside the top 4 after beating Florida’s big mouths bragging AP and Coaches’ both have UGA outside looking-in. We NEED HELP at # 5 or # 6. Yes we have to beat Kentucky and we have to beat Alabama. Without SEC Championship 2018 we are OUT of the playoffs as it stands today. Got it ? We need help.

# 5 Coaches’ Poll is nice :



# 6 AP Poll not so much :



# 2 Massey Ratings formerly Official BCS Poll :



# 3 Peter Wolfe formerly Official BCS Poll :



# 5 Jeff Sagarin Poll formerly Official BCS Poll :



# 5 Billingsley Report formerly Official BCS Poll :



# 6 Colley Matrix formerly Official BCS Poll :





So Tuesday the first real and only poll that matters comes out.  We expect to hit OUTSIDE the top 4 who have to LOSE to not be in the playoffs.


THIS is why the loss to LSU matters.


Because the top 4 have to lose to be OUT of the playoffs.  You got that ?


We need help.


We can create our own help by beating Alabama.  But last year Alabama was IN the playoffs despite losing to Auburn to knock them from The SEC Championship Game.  We have no such luxury.


Georgia is picked by 10 at Kentucky and Alabama is picked by 14 at LSU :






Barrett Sallee calls for Justin Fields to TRANSFER and as 2nd best player in the nation sitting on his ass the MOST HIGHEST SOUGHT AFTER TRANSFER

Justin Fields is going to have a decision to make: The buzz around Georgia after the loss to LSU two weeks ago wasn’t “if” Justin Fields was going to see more playing time under center, but “when.” Coach Kirby Smart made it clear with his trust in Jake Fromm to take every snap against the Gators and his postgame comments praising his sophomore Jake Fromm that this is Jake Fromm’s team from here on out. So what does that mean for Justin Fields?

His inexplicable absence from the LSU loss coupled with his time as a helmet holder on the sideline against Florida can’t sit well for a player who was the second-ranked player in the entire country in the Class of 2018. The possibility of a redshirt is a distant memory and Jake Fromm now entrenched, will Justin Fields become one of the most sought-after transfer quarterbacks in college football in the near future”




Bleacher Report Barrett Sallee – former and still Apologist Full of Shit – is the big Mark Richt Apologist.  Remember ?  That is why he is pressing this agenda.


DJ Shockley had every opportunity until he got injured with the Falcons to become the Falcons’ starting QB.  Without that injury I am assured that DJ Shockley would have become the Falcons’ starting QB that year.


I am saying that Jake Fromm had a tremendous game against Florida.  I believe Justin Fields would say that too.


I have NEVER LIKED this little shit Barrett Sallee.  He says stupid shit every couple of sentences.


Really stupid shit.



God Damn George Schroeder Oklahoma University graduate and former sports writer for The Oklahoman who doesn’t even have a page on Wiki said pre-game that Georgia was OVERRATED now says postgame that Georgia is STILL overrated as beating Florida didn’t prove ANYTHING. Meanwhile Oklahoma hasn’t beat ANY ranked team.

George Schroeder sour grapes Oklahoma grad


I mean Texas got beat tonight by Oklahoma State a 4-3 team.  And Texas beat Oklahoma.  I don’t see George Schroeder writing about Oklahoma tonight do you ?


No.  I didn’t think so.


Like the rest of the world he was instead glued to # 9 AP Poll Florida inviting # 7 Georgia to Florida to play the Gators who beat # 4 LSU.


Oklahoma whom Georgia beat earlier this year 54-48 put Georgia # 2 in the nation.


Now this twit George Schroeder thinks beating # 9 AP Poll Florida is just for the shits man.


George Schroeder Oklahoma grad.


By the way Wiki has a long list of Oklahoma grads and they don’t even claim this asshole George Schroeder.


George Schroeder was retweeted all over the nation tonight to which he put pencil to paper to state oh beating Florida didn’t mean jack shit.


Really George Schroeder ?


Who the hell has Oklahoma beat ?


That’s what I thought.


No one.


There is not one ranked team Oklahoma has beat all God Damn Season LONG George Schroeder sir.


Georgia just beat # 9 AP Poll Florida George Schroeder and that sir is a LOT better than Oklahoma can say this year whom Georgia beat earlier this year.


Georgia has wins over # 9 AP Poll Florida today and win over what was then # 24 South Carolina until Georgia knocked them off too.  South Carolina beat vols tonight.


Now Georgia plays Kentucky who no doubt will be in the AP Poll Top 10 in the nation George Schroeder.


Here George Schroeder stick this up your God Damn foolish jealous asshole.


Then when we play Alabama we’ll see if the officials from outside The SEC can give the game to Alabama again.


Like they did earlier this year George Schroeder you God Damn butthole.


Jesus son just admit George Schroeder that you misfired on Georgia and overrated Oklahoma ?


Well you did you know ?


You God Damn piece of shit.





USA Today is an afterthought in college football because of biased writers such as yourself George Schroeder.


You don’t know what you’re talking about.  You’re a God Damn fool George Schroeder.


Georgia as its second win over a ranked team tonight beat # 9 AP Poll Florida in a 3 TD beat down setting up our game next week at Kentucky against Top 10 AP Poll Kentucky.  Then Georgia plays Alabama if we can beat Kentucky.  Not that you will give us ANY credit whatsoever for any of this.


Stick it up your asshole George Schroeder.  No one cares what you think.  We just make fun of your bullshit comments trying to put down us whom you spent the day watching glued to your TV.


Georgia very much looks like a playoff contender to the rest of the known college football world you piece of shit.


Congratulations on all the hits on your article George Schroeder.  We all came to laugh our God Damn asses off at YOU !




SEC 11 National Championships in Football Starting 2003

  1. 2017 Alabama SEC vs SEC for national championship
  2. 2015 Alabama
  3. 2012 Alabama
  4. 2011 Alabama SEC vs SEC for national championship
  5. 2010 Auburn
  6. 2009 Alabama
  7. 2008 Florida
  8. 2007 LSU
  9. 2006 Florida
  10. 2004 Auburn * 13-0 undefeated 2004 # 2 every single poll before USC stripped of its NC belongs to Auburn
  11. 2003 LSU

What conference did you think you were watching today George Schroeder ?  The Mighty SEC boy.


2018 # 1 UGA # 6 OK with six 5-star UGA one 5-star OK

2017 # 3 UGA # 8 OK with three 5-star UGA zero 5-star OK

2016 # 6 UGA # 19 OK with three 5-star UGA one 5-star OK

2015 # 6 UGA # 15 OK with two 5-star UGA zero 5-star OK

2014 # 8 UGA # 14 OK with three 5-star UGA one 5-star OK



University of Oklahoma # 109 best college U.S. News and World Report Rankings

University of Georgia # 56 best college U.S. News and World Report Rankings



Bowl Games 29-20-1 Oklahoma Sooners

Bowl Games 30-19-3 Georgia Bulldogs





Jake Fromm relishes playing Florida. Kirby is 2-1 but Jake Fromm is 2-0. Dan Mullen LOST to Georgia 2 years in a ROW now. Dan Mullen drops to 1-4 against Georgia. Mark Richt LOST to Dan Mullen in 2010 when Mark Richt had a LOSING RECORD for Georgia. Dan Mullen has NEVER done SHIT as head coach and certainly NOT against Georgia.

Jake Fromm was fabulous !


36-17 who would have guessed such a runaway score ?




Well College Football Playoff Rankings come out Tuesday and Kirby with his WINNING RECORD against Florida lifting us to now 5 wins in the last 8 games against Florida will be in the thick of it with us # 7 beating Top 10 # 9 Florida by 3 TD.


3 TD stomping.



Florida has a bad QB only # 90 Passing Offense and only average at running the football as a team 2018. Florida has a good defense against the pass but they can’t stop the run.

Felipe Franks is not a good quarterback. He doesn’t throw completions. He was # 54 QB nationally. He sucks. He is # 86 in the nation in completion percentage. Florida # 90 Passing Offense. That is worse than Jake Fromm.


Florida is one of the very most penalized teams in the nation with only a few more teams worse in all of America. Listening to them smart-off about how they are so much better than Georgia for 2 weeks during their off-week and this week should be proof enough of their lack of discipline. Florida is # 110 in number of penalties per game.


Florida’s defense is good against the pass and not good stopping the run. Florida’s offense is NOT good at passing and only average at running the football.


1st Down Defense # 21 Florida

1st Downs by Offense # 79 Florida


# 90 Passing Offense Florida


# 72 Rushing Defense Florida – run the football Kirby


# 78 Time of Possession Florida – can’t stop the run average at running


# 22 Total Defense Florida

# 66 Total Offense Florida





David L. Marshall Starter DL for Kirby all 3 of Kirby’s years and crowd favorite who missed LSU misses Florida too as does Ben Cleveland Starting Right Guard who was injured against Missouri. Monty Rice Starting Middle Linebacker got banged-up at LSU and is somewhat recovered. Starting Tailback D’Andre Swift who led the team in rushing against LSU because Justin Fields only got 5 snaps is probable for Florida but also is banged-up. Justin Fields did NOT transfer during the off-week as it would not have substantially accomplished anything other than sending hard-headed Kirby a MESSAGE. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle is OUT. Solomon Kindley injured against LSU is gimpy on knee. Devonte Wyatt is injured.

D’Andre Swift is a sophomore phenom from Philadelphia who had his CAREER HIGH in rushing attempts at just 12 last week at LSU.  Kirby just doesn’t give him the ball.  It’s hard to explain.  He injured his ankle.

Justin Fields is a true freshman phenom who has out-played Jake Fromm EVERY game since arriving here including the G-Day Game and thus is clearly our best quarterback and surefire NFL quarterback ahead of Jake Fromm but Kirby doesn’t like freshmen and hates anyone telling him anything EVEN MORE.

Monty Rice is the Starting MLB from Alabama whom Kirby stole from Alabama 2 years ago as a sophomore now.

Ben Cleveland is the Starting Right Guard who should have been the Starting Right Guard the last 2 seasons in addition too but his injury to his leg is long-lasting and Ben is a redshirt sophomore now.  Fibula.

Kirby just holds some players back.  It’s unexplainable.  And it’s frustrating with all this talent.  We take losses because of it.

David L. Marshall is the Starter on DL who is from Upson-Lee who has Started for Kirby all 3 years of Kirby’s career so far. Foot.

DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle is OUT.  DT

Solomon Kindley injured against LSU is gimpy on knee. OL

Devonte Wyatt is injured. DT.   Knee.


Kirby’s mantra for the entire 2-week period now is that we didn’t protect for Jake Fromm who gets sacked 3 times every game and who fumbles the ball every game too trying to run and who averages minus several yards per carry as a direct result thereof and of holding on to the football too long.  His freshman season he came to the line knowing he had to get rid of the ball.  Now in his sophomore slump he doesn’t feel he has to and lumbers around back there then throws off-target and misses open players despite playing against what has been proven to be 6 cupcakes and a team beat by Florida.


That’s right LSU was BEAT by Florida.  I told you our schedule just got a lot harder last week.


Florida averages not only 3 sacks a game but is # 3 nationally in turnover margin both bad signs for troubled embattled Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm.


Florida has averaged allowing only 3 third-down conversions per game the last 3 games – a far cry from Kirby’s giving-up last week at LSU.  Kirby did NOTHING RIGHT at LSU last week.


Kirby seems to be making mistakes you often associate with a younger head coach and of course Georgia has no Athletics’ Director who was football head coach so we don’t have any help for Kirby to shake him from his stubbornness.


We’re expecting Florida to get after our smarting Bulldogs Saturday afternoon late.  And it’s the late start that might help us most.  We’re hurting in more ways than one.



Both teams come in 6-1 but we haven’t played anyone other than LSU who beat Kirby’s ass but whom Florida handily beat.



This bears repeating.  We haven’t played anyone except for LSU.  LSU was BEAT by Florida but LSU kicked Kirby’s ass from pillar to post last week.


Did you get that ?


(1) We’ve played NO ONE except LSU

(2) LSU slaughtered Jake Fromm by 3 unanswered TD

(3) Florida easily handled LSU

(4) We’re supposed to beat Florida at the site of the annual Gator Bowl game by double-digits.

(5) Are you seeing ANYTHING wrong with ANY of this ?






I see Mark Richt LOST AGAIN to go to .70 win percentage in stinking ACC as UNRANKED team. Way to go Mark Richt ! You really suck. Kirby Smart is .77 win percentage in far harder SEC and Kirby does not lose to unranked teams and Kirby is not an unranked CUPCAKE like Mark Richt is either.

To all you Mark Richt Apologists who said you would be Miami of Florida fans now, here stick THIS up your God Damn Assholes :


Mark Richt LOST again on national TV.


Mark Richt is NOT RANKED and just when the Playoff Rankings come out now after this game.





John Emery Junior says he is a GOD DAMN WIMP and can’t stand to play on a team with Zamir White Mecole Hardman James Cook D’Andre Swift Elijah Holyfield Demetris Robertson Justin Fields and Brian Herrien running the ball. He is AFRAID he would not shine here.

Guess what John Emery ?


You are NO 5-Star # 2 running back in the nation.  You are a GOD DAMN wimp boy.


Oh.  They have too much competition at Georgia.


I want to go somewhere where there isn’t anyone any good at running back.


I’m afraid I can’t be any good on a team so talented as Georgia :


  1. Zamir White
  2. Mecole Hardman
  3. James Cook
  4. D’Andre Swift
  5. Elijah Holyfield
  6. Demetris Robertson
  7. Justin Fields
  8. and Brian Herrien running the ball is too much talent for me John Emery Jr. to go there


I quit.


They’re too good at running the God Damn Football for me.


I want to go somewhere where they aren’t any good at running the ball.





The meme is that Dan Mullen has a more senior-laden team better than last year at Florida and that Georgia has a young team whose stars haven’t even played much yet and may not this week at Florida. And that therefore the smart money is on Florida to not only cover but probably WIN not just TAKING THE POINTS. Dan Mullen is the 8th highest paid coach and Kirby is # 7 at $7 million dollars per year at Georgia. The only problem with THIS BULLSHIT is that Dan Mullen is ONLY 48 percent win percentage against SEC teams and only 61 percent win percentage all-time to Kirby at .765 Dan Mullen is NOT SHIT except overpaid.

So while they romanticize about Dan Mullen pre-game I thought you should know about Dan Mullen.


It seems to be LOST on EVERYONE that Dan Mullen has not done shit.






Not as head coach.


Did you want to talk about Urban Meyer ?


Georgia has won 4 of the last 7 in this game.  I have zero expectations that it will be 4 of the last 8 after the game.



Mark Richt 58 years old has a worse winning percentage at Miami of Florida in a far easier conference than Kirby. Kirby Smart 43 years young has a .765 winning percentage at Georgia. So all the Mark Richt Apologists who said we made an indefensible decision to FIRE Mark Richt find that indeed Kirby Smart is doing better now 4 years later. It was THIS TIME 4 years ago that THIS BLOG turned-up the heat on Mark Richt PRIOR to the Florida game.

Mark Richt 58 yrs old Miami of Florida is 24-9 at Miami of Florida

Kirby Smart 43 yrs young Georgia is 26-8 at Georgia .765


Mark Richt was knocked-out of the AP Poll top 25 with his LATEST but certainly not last loss to an unranked CUPCAKE which is what he is now unranked in the AP Poll Top 25 Mark Richt Miami of Florida. LOST to CUPCAKE Virginia last week whom even also-ran SEC team Missouri beat.


I thought I would GLOAT about ALL this.


And to rub salt in those wounds of such Mark Richt fans as I had the pleasure of taking on and utterly destroying online for his last entire 8 years here at Georgia during which time Mark Richt lost to 12 such UNRANKED CUPCAKES like Virginia last week and like he is too in the AP Poll top 25 today. That is to say that Mark Richt is a CUPCAKE unranked team in the AP Poll Top 25 today.


I thought you should know.


2008 to 2015 Mark Richt lost 12 unranked teams time game or season, # 37 vs top 10 season, # 42 vs top 25 for season, # 38 vs top 25 time game, and # 45 vs top 15 time game. # 45 with the average # 7 Scout.com talent.  Mark Richt was a classic underachiever at Georgia his last entire 8 years here.


Wasn’t he ?



Urban Meyer is under considerable pressure at Ohio State for 2 reasons now. First of course he LIED to EVERYONE about the spousal abuse of the wife of one of his coaches for the last decade during which time Urban Meyer’s wife a nurse stated to the abused wife that she would step-up for her. And now for the just awful horrible loss to a team even has-been SEC team Missouri beat. The cupcake beat Ohio State in Urban Meyer’s last game by MORE than 4 TD. Coaches’ Hot Seat.com ranks Urban Meyer # 22 in the top 25 of most embattled coaches on the verge of being FIRED with cause. Urban Meyer you recall was kicked-out as coach at Ohio State earlier this season for 3 games. Now it seems he has even more problems with his coaching. Or is it that the kids have NO RESPECT for Urban Meyer nor his wife now ?




Urban Meyer is paid $ 7 million 600 hundred thousand dollars per year. This is not what Ohio State expects for such sums I can assure you.


Gus Malzahn is # 7 Coaches’ Hot Seat.com today making $ 7 million dollars a year.


Paul Johnson is # 9 Coaches’ Hot Seat.com today.


Dan Mullen is paid $6 million 103 thousand dollars per year for the next six years.


This ranks Dan Mullen # 8 in highest paid college football coaches today.


1 Nick Saban Alabama 67 yrs old SEC $12,000,000

2 Dabo Swinney Clemson 49 ACC $8,500,000

3 Jim Harbaugh Michigan 55 Big Ten $8,000,000

4 Urban Meyer Ohio State 54 Big Ten $7,600,000

5 Jimbo Fisher Texas A&M 53 SEC $7,500,000

6 Gus Malzahn Auburn 53 SEC $7,000,000

7 Kirby Smart Georgia 43 SEC $7,000,000

8 Dan Mullen 46 Florida Gators SEC $6,103,000





Champ Bailey says : “I’d like to see more of Justin Fields in the game plan. I’m not sure why it took so long to get Justin Fields in in the LSU game. I’m not sure Justin Fields is ready to be the Starting Quarterback yet but he has to be more in the game plan and I’m ready to see more of Justin Fields in our game plan.” Champ Bailey has EARNED this right to make these statements and here’s why.

Champ Bailey has spoken-up before and he certainly has earned THAT RIGHT.


Kirby will NOT be hiring Champ Bailey ANY TOO SOON following this outburst by Champ Bailey – something that Kirby just hates frankly.


Kirby wants to be in charge.  Anytime ANYONE speaks-up contradicting or challenging Kirby’s decisions on personnel Kirby has gone totally ballistic. And then Kirby does the complete opposite to SPITE the guy.  Kirby is stubborn that way.


It is Kirby who called his own recruit “baby Champ.”


Pick # 7 overall in the 1st Round 1999 NFL Draft

1st contract NFL $ 12 million dollars coming out of The Georgia Bulldogs with Kirby.

Later signed a 7-year $ 63 million dollar NFL Contract

Worth over $ 30 million dollars 2016


Champ Bailey  — who by the way Called for Mark Richt “time to move on, 15 years too long for Mark Richt”


12-Time Pro-Bowl

Led entire NFL in Interceptions 2006

4 Career Pro-Bowl Interceptions

1012 combined NFL Tackles

52 Interceptions NFL


2005-2006 season did not give up a TD pass against him as cornerback all season long


Final UGA season 52 tackles 3 interceptions 47 catches for 744 yards 84 yds rushing on 16 carries 12 kick-off returns for 261 yards 4 punt returns for 49 yards for 103.5 all-purpose yards per game on 957 plays from scrimmage 547 defense 301 offense and 109 special teams’ plays 1998 alone.  Led UGA in Special Teams’ Tackles.  Led UGA in pass break-ups.  Started at CB on Defense AND Started at WR on Offense Started on all Special Teams.  Team Captain. School record in Track and Field he lettered in as well.  SEC Record Track.


Tackled Auburn Quarterback who went on until 2011 playing MLB baseball for Tampa Bay Devil Rays and knocked the ball out of Gabriel Jordan “Gabe” Gross’s hands recovered by Emarlos Leroy.


Psychology degree UGA  Champ Bailey is one very smart man.


1996 1997 and 1998 Kirby and Champ Bailey played together in our defensive backfield both 1st Team All-SEC.  Kirby also played the year before Champ in 1995.  Kirby as I explained his play for us is the 1 who called the defense for us on the field.  You watched him every down every game call our defense on the field.  He also CALLED THE PLAYS at Alabama for 8 years as their Defensive Coordinator, not Nick Saban – half of the time National Champion during which said time Mark Richt was here the same 8 years not even ranked half the time in the Final AP Poll Top 25.


In 16 Seasons NFL Champ Bailey returned punts, returned kick-offs, rushed running the football, played wide receiver catching passes, scored touchdowns, sacked quarterbacks, broke-up passes, defended passes, intercepted passes, made 1012 combined tackles, forced 9 fumbles, recovered 5 fumbles, 464 yards in interception return yards including one for 100 yards against Tom Brady tackled at the 1 inch line by Ben Watson one of many Bulldogs TE New England in the Play-Offs, had 37 goal-line stand stuffs, and played for Denver Broncos, and Washington Redskins who drafted him.


Roland Champ Bailey


Bronko Nagurski Trophy for Top Defensive Player in the Nation 1998

All-America American Football Coaches’ Association

All-America AP Poll

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“Kirby was the guy that got us all lined up.  He was the smart guy in the room: he knew as much or more than the coaches. Him being a head coach right now is no surprise to me. I know how hard he works.  Kirby is a strong willed guy.  I’m sure he knows how he wants to win –  sure he’s got a plan. I’m anxious to see how it goes. Guys are going to respect him. They know what he’s done. He has the top defense in the country. That goes without saying that this guy’s ready to be a head coach.”  Champ Bailey on his defensive backfield teammate here at Georgia together.


If Champ Bailey wants to say that Justin Fields should be playing more then Champ Bailey has EARNED that right to say that to Kirby.




Jim McElwain was fired at FU less than 24 hours later after losing to UGA 4 of the previous 7 games. Totally unacceptable as their # 1 Rival. Of course Florida is our # 1 Rival too by a huge large margin. THIS GAME by itself determines the ENTIRE SEASON for BOTH teams.

There is a LOT more on the line than The SEC East Division Championship although Kentucky who beat Florida still has something to say about THAT at # 12 this week too.


# 7 AP Poll Georgia goes DOWN THERE to the site of the annual Gator Bowl Game against the Florida Gators # 9 AP Poll today and frankly not just each team’s season will be decided but in addition one team is propelled BACK into the discussion of how it matches-up with # 1 Alabama whose quarterback has thrown 25 TD to-date this season to zero interceptions.


For Georgia it is what could’ve been.


For Florida too.




Georgia has to go to the site of the annual Gator Bowl Game and win.  A second loss this season including to Alabama in The SEC Championship Game removes Georgia from ANY consideration for the 4-team field.  It’s do or die for Georgia.


Don’t let Florida fool you how much they want this game for it is the SAME.


One obstacle for Georgia 2018 season has been removed with a lowly CUPCAKE beating the shit out of Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Saturday prime time for everyone to witness their 4 TD blowout to a cream puff team even Missouri beat this year but NOT Ohio State.  They’re done.  Put a fork in Ohio State at # 11.  Ohio State can NOT recover from # 11.


Florida if it loses and Georgia if it loses ALSO are out at # 9 and # 7 this week.  The loser drops behind Ohio State whom already is OUT.


The season will be decided by other teams other than # 11 Ohio State and which ever team loses the game Saturday on CBS 3:30 p.m.


17 times I’ve driven down to the Gator Bowl to watch Georgia play Florida.  This year will not be one of those as I have a project here to complete but winning 4 of the last 8 will not coincide with any hope I might have for THIS SEASON.


We are in a MUST WIN situation.


We have to bring it.


Florida’s offense has made Felipe Franks look good which is pretty damn hard to do.  Florida has a fine defense.  Florida wants more than anything to beat Georgia since they fired their coach last year for losing to us.


They fired their coach within a few hours of losing to us.


Dan Mullen knows why he was hired.


Losing to Georgia is totally unacceptable to Florida.


They’re a fine school and have a tremendous athletics’ department.


They are NOT like Alabama.


Florida has it going on.


We better bring it out of the chute.


We are coming-in after a loss in our last game this season.


Florida is NOT.  Florida has not only beat LSU 27-19 but Florida has no loss after today until they would meet Alabama in The SEC Championship Game should they win against us.


Georgia Bulldogs however face-off against Auburn who beat us once last year when we were better and we face-off against Kentucky who beat Florida at the Swamp 27-16.  In fact Kentucky # 12 AP Poll one worse than Ohio State also faces no one after they play Georgia either – like Florida after playing Georgia this year.  So Kentucky as well could be in the catbird seat should they beat Georgia to play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game.


It is looking like Alabama could be in the 4-team playoffs again this year even with a loss in The SEC Championship Game.  The same can NOT be said of Kentucky Georgia or Florida however.


For Georgia and for Florida the entire season boils down to Saturday.  Lose and the loser is OUT.


Win and the winner has an outside chance to get in at # 7 and # 9 this week.


vols are 3 and 4 so they are out.


Vandy for all they have done right in their losses is 3-5 also out.


Missouri at 4-3 only beat Purdue on their home field where Ohio State just got kicked from pillar to post by 4 TD.


We still need a LOT of help at # 7 to get back in this this season.


College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings come out after this game Saturday.


The SEC still has 2 possible playoff teams today in LSU and Alabama.  Clemson is in right now and Notre Dame would be the 4th today.


Georgia Oklahoma and Florida all need help to get in but it is true that another loss by any of them would put them OUT.


Alabama plays at LSU next week after both have a bye week this week like Florida and Georgia did last week.  Alabama could lose that game and still be in.  LSU can not.  LSU lost to Florida the week before they beat the shit out of us.  We were embarrassed humbled and blown-out last week and frankly Kirby made NO EFFORT to try to get in the game falling behind early and trying to make NO ADJUSTMENT.


Florida saw all that.


Florida saw they can jump on us and we give up on our game plan and that our starting QB can not begin to pass the God Damn Football.  Florida also saw that they can run the football on us.  And that they can pass the ball against us.  It’s a bad time for us to face Florida.  It’s not only a good time for them to face us but it’s a good place to face us too the site of the annual Gator Bowl.


Jake Fromm has thrown only 13 TD 4 interceptions been sacked ten times rushed 19 times for minus – 39 yards and has had 8 of our team’s 12 fumbles this season in addition.  It has not only been a SORRY YEAR for Jake Fromm 2018 who has NOT BEAT ANY GOOD TEAM but Justin Fields has out-performed Jake Fromm every game 2018 including the G-Day Game but Kirby refuses to play him.  Faton Bauta ?  I don’t expect Kirby to pull a Mark Richt this week on that one.


Kirby has been slow on the uptake 2016 2017 and 2018.  Lose this game and we can TALK ABOUT 2019 season early this year.





Georgia moves up to # 7 and Florida up to # 9 AP Poll for top 10 match-up for both ESPN GameDay and SEC Nation thanks to Ohio State getting drubbed 9 spots all the way down to # 11 by previous CUPCAKE whom even Missouri beat but said powder puff team beating Urban Meyer by 4 TD. 4 of the top 9 are SEC. The SEC Network’s pregame show SEC Nation will be there too.




Coaches’ Poll has Georgia up to # 6 with Florida # 11 :




The SEC Network’s pregame show SEC Nation will be there too.


Florida considers us their # 1 Rival and us them while they are not happy that Georgia has beat them 4 of the last 7 years.


Georgia leads 51–43–2 as Georgia won 42-7 last year.






Ohio State buckeyes lose by 29 points – more than 4 touchdowns – to a lousy stinking cupcake whom even SEC has-been Missouri beat

Take that Urban Meyer you God Damn LIAR.


Florida was # 11 before Ohio State got blown-out by a stinking team last night so there is some chance it will be a match-up of two top 10 teams in JAX maybe # 10 Florida and # 7 probably Georgia.


Georgia leads 51–43–2


Georgia won 42-7 last year and Georgia has won 4 of the last 7 against Florida down there in JAX.




Nebraska is 0-6 on the season winless all year. Southern California with 2 losses already is picked to LOSE to Utah Utes. vols are supposed to LOSE their 4th LOSS of the season already. North Carolina State who is undefeated 6-0 and who has not faced anyone faces Clemson now and is picked to LOSE by 17. Florida has the week off and they beat LSU by 8 both scoring twice as many as we did and holding LSU to half their score against us.

Good Lord Nebraska has not won a single game all season.


Florida did a LOT better than we against LSU.  Florida has a lesser quarterback who had a far better game against LSU.


This will be vols loss number 4 ending their misery for the year leaving the only question whether they are one of the 80 bowl teams or not.





On the road against # 13 team they took the opening possession down the field on you but we held them to a field goal. We do the same right back in their face and instead of tying it up with one of the top kickers in the nation as the # 2 team nationally Kirby refused to tie it up and went for fake field goal from point blank range. The game was over RIGHT THEN. We never overcame that opening field goal by LSU. Kirby did NOT TRY. He quit and made no adjustments and gave up.

Our quarterback the # 68 Passing Quarterback nationally is playing our toughest opponent all season the # 13 team and he is off target misses seeing open receivers fumbles throws interception after interception gets sacked time after time after time and Kirby never lets the nation’s # 1 recruit nationally throw a single pass.


Kirby said the game was OUT OF REACH which is why he FAILED to give Justin Fields ANY ATTEMPT to play at ALL.  It’s bullshit Kirby.  Bullshit boy.


We are having great success running the football have stockpiled both top running backs and top offensive linemen our quarterback is having his worst day ever we’re losing by 2 scores because we failed to kick the field goal instead going for the fake field goal and we tell the quarterback having his worst day ever to throw the ball instead. We punt after punt and never run the ball. They score each time and we don’t answer don’t keep pace. The back-up Quarterback is shown on the sidelines steel in his eyes but Kirby stubbornly refuses to give him a shot instead. Better to get blown-out by 3 touchdowns and not use him than to have folks say I told you so to Kirby that Jake Fromm is NOT our best quarterback as we all saw in the G-Day Game and EVERY game since.


Every 4th down LSU goes for it and not once did we stack the box. Each time their average at best quarterback KILLED us. They had four 4th downs. They went for it all 4 times. They made it all 4 times. We acted like they were going to throw it on 4th down and inches and watched them run it all 4 times mostly just quarterback sneaks.


We went for it on 4th down once and failed. Kirby was out-coached by a guy no one gives ANY respect as coach Ed Orgeron. Ed Orgeron did this to Kirby.


LSU scored the first 4 times in a row to start the game. Kirby had no answer for our offense any of the 4 scores.


There have been nothing but questions for Jake Fromm.


Still Kirby refuses to consider his choice might be WRONG.


After this loss Jake Fromm’s third loss everyone is aware that Jake Fromm is going to lose 3 games this year now. Kirby ? What did Kirby say after this latest loss ? Jake Fromm gave us the best chance to win.  And Jake Fromm has led us on comebacks before.


Then Kirby tries on this lie : “Justin Fields didn’t get to play because the game was out of reach.”


No it wasn’t. Their quarterback ran rings around Jake Fromm.  And Justin Fields should have played.


How easy is that Kirby you stubborn son of a bitch ?


Here give us your crap again Kirby how you are in control ?


Put in Justin Fields.


I wouldn’t say that we fans have turned on Kirby but the facts are that this is the worst coaching job of Kirby’s entire career.


Kirby did not do anything right.




Kirby says he did not play Justin Fields because the game was out of reach. Excuse me Kirby ? You said that Jake Fromm gave us the best chance to win. You felt he could lead us on the comeback. Pardon me Kirby ? What the hell is the TRUTH Kirby ?



You said if you thought that Justin Fields would give your team a spark on offense it needed badly that you would have put Justin Fields in.


Kirby you are a GOD DAMN LIAR and these quotes catch you at that LIE don’t they Kirby ?






I guess I would transfer if I were Justin Fields if Kirby did not think that Saturday was a good opportunity for Kirby to give the offense a spark with me.

If EVER there were an opportunity for Kirby to keep his promise to Justin Fields – not to Jake Fromm – it was Saturday afternoon at LSU blown-out by 3 touchdowns when Jake Fromm fumbled the ball threw 2 interceptions was sacked 3 times and threw the ball like shit including failing to see wide open receivers for touchdowns.


It was ONE SORRY PERFORMANCE by Jake Fromm Saturday.


This bullshit by Kirby to NOT let Justin Fields play while Jake Fromm lost his 3rd game and sure to be 3 losses this 2018 season too is too much to explain away with oh well I thought Jake Fromm could lead the comeback.


No you didn’t.  Jake Fromm had to be YANKED in the first half.


Kirby not taking Jake Fromm out is EXACTLY LIKE Mark Richt not taking out Faton Bauta against our # 1 Rival Florida.




The offense was MISERABLE Saturday allowing LSU to score the first 4 scores of the game consecutively with nothing put-up by Jake Fromm.  No answer to any of the 4 scores to start the game.


Time to take Jake Fromm out.


And if NOT then Justin Fields should transfer for Kirby NEVER WILL if not Saturday afternoon at LSU.


Never was it MORE CLEAR than Saturday afternoon at LSU that Justin Fields needs to transfer.


Justin Fields will play on Sundays in the NFL.


Jake Fromm NEVER will.





I am very disappointed in the play calls. When we promoted James Coley I expected to see us open-up this bullshit offense at least against the good teams. This bullshit of not showing opponents what we have is so much crap. We weren’t ready to have a team pass on us and score 36 points and we had NO ANSWER no adjustment and did NOT EVEN TRY to have a solution during the blowout Loss.

We recruit all these players who are all-world then Kirby tells us they are NO GOOD and doesn’t play them.


All you “fans” who told us Jake Fromm was the best quarterback in the country are covered with egg all over their faces.


Repeatedly you told me that Jake Fromm was our quarterback.


Since the G-Day Game I have told you otherwise.


Haven’t I ?





Jake Fromm # 68 Passing Offense and that is just not acceptable for # 8 team in the nation to have that bad a Passing Offense with Jake Fromm.

# 28 Fumbles Lost – our Quarterback can’t hold on to the ball

# 38 Interceptions thrown – our Quarterback throws too many interceptions

# 35 Sacks of our Quarterback – he’s too slow and does NOT hit the open man

# 68 Passing Offense – our Quarterback is more concerned with percentage than throwing football

# 51 Turnover Margin – and we don’t try to throw the football

# 77 Penalties – we’re undisciplined shooting ourselves in the foot



I am sorry but our Quarterback does NOT see the field well.   He has lost 3 games already and could easily lose 3 games this season.  That’s NOT elite.  That’s NOT top 8 in the nation.


This Passing Offense of Jake Fromm is dragging the whole entire team down.


We had this coming.


THIS BLOG told you this would happen with Jake Fromm every day since the G-Day Game.


I was RIGHT again.


Wasn’t I ?


Our Quarterback :

too many sacks

too many fumbles

too many open receivers downfield not completed passes to

too many interceptions

too hesitant to actually throw the God Damn Football






LSU knocked us all the way down from # 2 to # 8 AP Poll which of course puts us behind the 8-ball in our next game against # 11 Florida a week from Saturday then Kentucky who is # 14.

Losing by 3 touchdowns is never any fun.


This is a sobering reminder of just how good a team is when they have played a soft schedule then face good teams.


Eerily it seemed like we were watching a Mark Richt coached team.


We got our asses kicked.


Thanks a lot Jake Fromm.


On the big stage 2018 surrounded by all this talent you got your hat handed to you.


This should not have happened to lose by 3 Touchdowns but there is no time now for worrying about that now with our # 1 Rival Florida up next a week from Saturday.


Right now this has to fester for 2 weeks.


We have 2 ways to respond.


I fear that Kirby has NOT LEARNED his lesson that his passing game sucks.



Jake Fromm threw 2 interceptions fumbled the football and was sacked 3 times besides letting LSU’s quarterback kick Jake Fromm’s ass today scoring the first 4 times in a row to start the game with Jake Fromm scoring NOTHING.

This was a big blowout today and the reason for it was Jake Fromm.


LSU’s quarterback kicked Jake Fromm’s ass today.


Despite all the talent around Jake Fromm today for us Jake Fromm LOST this game today.


Jake Fromm had a shitty ass day.


Jake Fromm

threw interception after interception

fumbled the football

failed to throw on target

did not run the ball well

failed to help his team run the football

got sacked 3 times

Jake Fromm let LSU’s quarterback score 4 consecutive times to begin the game

THAT is on Jake Fromm.  He is supposed to ANSWER opponents’ scores.


The REALLY bad part of this is NOT THAT JAKE FROMM sucked today but that Kirby left him in and only let Jake Fromm throw any passes despite the fact that he absolutely could NOT pass the football today.


There is no excuse that in game 7 our coach doesn’t even know who our God Damn Quarterback is.  I have known it since G-Day Game.


Wake up Kirby.




Why does Jake Fromm continue to REFUSE to throw the ball to Demetris Robertson ? Demetris Robertson had 50 catches for 767 yards with 63 receiving yards per game also adding 10 kick-off returns for a thousand yards at Cal and yet Kirby and Jake Fromm have NOT THROWN Demetris Robertson ONE SINGLE GOD DAMN PASS all season. Game 7 at LSU now.

What Demetris Robertson did his freshman season in the Pac-12 at California was really more of the same in Savannah in high school totaling 1463 yards with 13 touchdowns.  Demetris Robertson scored 7 touchdowns with the California Golden Bears his freshman season with 5 receptions of 50-yards plus for the # 1 WR prospect in the nation a 5-star juggernaut.


Jake Fromm can not throw him one God Damn pass.


Demetris Robertson is hurting our recruiting here at Georgia because by God Above EVERYONE knows Demetris Robertson should not be still on the snide game 7.


Hey Jake Fromm throw the God Damn football to Demetris Robertson.


Jesus Christ.




4.32 speed in the 40-yard dash a track superstar 5-Star # 1 wide receiver in the nation not thrown one football all season long.


Good Lord.


Kirby you had better have someone throw Demetris Robertson a football for the sake of your recruiting of wide receivers. This is embarrassing Jake Fromm.  Game 7 no pass thrown to Demetris Robertson.


Shameful Jake Fromm.  Shameful son.





How bad is the Pac-12? The last national championship in football won by Pac-12 was 1972. This is now 47 years since last the Pac-12 won the national championship. Starting 2003 The SEC has won 11 national championships in FBS College Football. In fact last year 2 SEC teams faced each other. The Pac-12 is an abject flop. This year the Pac-12 has 3 ranked teams. The SEC has 8 including that both the # 1 and # 2 teams are both SEC just like last year.

Currently (just like 2017 too) The Mighty SEC are both # 1 and # 2.

1.2017 Alabama SEC vs SEC for NC (Georgia Alabama)

2.2015 Alabama

3.2012 Alabama

4.2011 Alabama SEC vs SEC for NC (LSU Alabama)

5.2010 Auburn

6.2009 Alabama

7.2008 Florida

8.2007 LSU

9.2006 Florida

10.2004 Auburn 13-0 undefeated 2004 # 2 all polls before USC stripped of its NC

11.2003 LSU


The Pac-12 is not even half as good as The Mighty SEC.


The top ranked of the 3 Pac-12 ranked teams is Washington whom Auburn beat. Auburn has since been beat by BOTH Mississippi State SEC and by LSU SEC.


How bad is the Pac-12?


Unranked in the Top 25 AP Poll for 2018 Stanford lost to Notre Dame. SEC Vanderbilt nearly beat Notre Dame 22-17 at Notre Dame mind you.


In the Land of Fruit and Nuts out there college football is NOT something fans out there care about. They don’t go to the games and don’t care about college football.


Pac-12 fans don’t even follow college football.


Even the Big 12 has higher ranked teams than the Pac-12 for 2018 season.


The SEC has WON 2 national championships in collegiate football since the Play-offs started. The ACC has won 1 national championship and even the Big 10 has 1 national championship. But NOT the Pac-12.


Pac-12 is being shut-out of the national championship game again this season as it was last year too.


So when you are pondering why no one is talking about the Pac-12 again this year I thought you might want to know why.




We lost to LSU the first 7 times we played them until 1947. Since then it’s been a pretty even series us 13-16-2 vs LSU all-time. LSU has won the games that mattered on neutral fields UGA Georgia Bulldogs one win all-time to LSU 4 neutral site wins. At Death Valley UGA could actually take the all-time lead Saturday late afternoon.

7-7 in Athens against LSU.


5-5-1 at Death Valley against LSU all-time.


There is no question Kirby is attempting to make The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs an Elite Football Program and that we MUST beat LSU for that to be the case.


That “we don’t have to win at LSU” mentality is so much bullshit.


If you want to be an Elite Football Program you can’t have a 13-17-1 record against LSU all-time.  You have to fix that.  And this is our opportunity to accomplish these goals of our proud program.


LSU has a weakness at QB for all to see and LSU has a weakness at head coach for all to see.


The time to start fixing this imbalance with LSU all-time is Saturday at 3:30 p.m. our time there at Death Valley.


We just can NOT drop to 13-17-1 and must correct this to 14-16-1 two games under Saturday.


We have to do this.


51-43-2 is ok against our # 1 Rival Florida all-time but the facts there too are that we are 7-21 against Florida starting 1990.


As long as our top rivals are in fact beating us like Alabama too we’re NOT an Elite Football Program all-time at # 11 all-time in Wins.


My goal is NOT to be mediocre nor to give-in to our top Rivals and allow them to have the advantage against us as has been the case recently.


We have to fix these series against our top Rivals.


Obviously LSU stands between us and our goals for 2018.


Don’t go down there with the mentality that we don’t have to win.


That we can lose.


That is for someone else’s program.


NOT Georgia’s.


Got it ?


Well do you ?


Or don’t you ?


We have questions about Kirby’s offense since Kirby took over here the # 96 Pass Offense 2016 and then last year the # 106 Passing Offense 2017 and now this season the # 76 Passing Offense 2018.  We have questions about Jake Fromm then don’t we ?  We have questions about all this talent when our top recruits do not get on the field but are seemingly held back by what appear to be lesser-talented players under Kirby every year now 3 years in a row.


There are questions 2018 about our schedule and here we have a game against Rival LSU at their Death Valley to silence these questions.


And we have fans who say oh well it doesn’t matter.  We don’t have to win Saturday late afternoon.  We can be just fine even with a loss.


You are oblivious to what is going on around us Joe Vitale.


I am greatly disappointed for such a series of points such as we can lose at LSU and be fine.  Really truly we can.  How the hell do you figure that Joe Vitale ?


Don’t you acknowledge what the football world is saying about UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2018 Joe Vitale UGA Wire.com ?


We have to answer these questions and wimping out and stating we are just fine even with a loss at LSU is what is wrong with our program Kirby is trying to fix no thanks to Joe Vitale on UGA Wire.com today.





“Georgia can stand to lose this game but it will have to go undefeated the rest of the season and beat Alabama if the Dawgs want any type of special offseason.” Jesus Christ Joe Vitale UGA Wire.com dumb shit.



“At the end of the day Georgia will show the country why its ranked No. 2.” More dumbass bullshit Joe Vitale. Its is even incorrect since you are trying to say that it is ranked Number two. You could have avoided that error by simply stating that “At the end of the day Georgia will show the country why we’re ranked number two.” But I fear that we’ll not exploit LSU’s poor pass defense 2018.


That is part of our loser mentality our fan base puts on our team where we can LOSE to LSU and it does not matter a hoot that we can still 100 percent have all our goals as a program and as a team 2018 right there in front of us.


No we can NOT.


If Mark Richt loses to South Carolina in a blowout 2012 then when we play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game we can do stupid shit like refusing to spike the ball and have only 1 play for The National Championship against Notre Dame’s players such as KeiVarae Russell, DaVaris Daniels, Ishaq Williams, Kendall Moore and Eilar Hardy all of whom were academically ineligible and they knew it having had their classwork at Notre Dame done for them by an assigned “Academic Trainer” by Notre Dame University.


Mark Richt however did NOT play Notre Dame whom everyone knew either Alabama or Georgia would have beat.


Mark Richt LOST to both South Carolina and to Alabama 2012.


Mark Richt ended-up tied for # 5 in 2012 season – a FAR CRY from national champions.


Wasn’t he ?


In fact instead of winning the national championship 2012 Mark Richt played # 25 AP Poll Nebraska in his bowl game as a direct result thereof of refusing to allow little Aaron Murray to spike the ball to have 3 tries at the end zone.


# 25 AP Poll Nebraska that is whom it was Mark Richt played in his God Damn Bowl Game 2012 season.


Have you got that yet ?


Let me know ok moron ?


Nebraska LOST to 5 loss UCLA an unranked team 2012.

Nebraska LOST to 6 loss Wisconsin an unranked team 2012.

Nebraska therefore had no claim to being a ranked team itself 2012 season when Mark Richt played Nebraska in Mark Richt’s bowl game 2012 season – a LOST team Nebraska a cupcake a should have been unranked Nebraska who in fact was # 25 in the AP Poll 2012 season.


This is whom it was Mark Richt played in his God Damn Bowl Game 2012 season – NOT cheating Notre Dame who had all their wins stripped from them for Academic FRAUD.


Mark Richt LOST 7-35 to South Carolina 2012 season AND to Alabama BOTH.


Mark Richt played # 25 AP Poll a cupcake Nebraska instead as his Bowl Game Reward 2012 season.


Do NOT tell me how Great Mark Richt was 2012 season.


Bullshit Mark Richt 2012 season.


You misrepresent the 2012 season by Mark Richt trying to HIDE that which in fact happened. 2012 is an expressly bad memory of Mark Richt with these INEXCUSABLE LOSSES multiple INEXCUSABLE LOSSES 2012 season.


South Carolina was blown out by Florida 2012 season 44 to 11. South Carolina was also beat by LSU 2012 season. But Mark Richt not only could not beat said 2012 South Carolina but LOST 7 to 35.


Do NOT tell me about Mark Richt 2012 and how he won the national championship 2012.


No dumbass he played # 25 AP Poll Nebraska instead.




Get over it trying to tell ME about Mark Richt and how God Damn Great he was 2012.


No he was NOT.


If Kirby loses to LSU 2018 season our season is shot wasted over finished done stick a fork in it.


We are NOT going to accomplish shit 2018 season if we lose to LSU Saturday afternoon and moreover it is a complete and utter bullshit comment to suggest that 2012 was a great season for Mark Richt a national championship season you want others to believe 2012 for Mark Richt.


2018 is shot to tell and back if Kirby loses to LSU.


Do NOT tell ME that Kirby can lose to LSU that it is ok with you Joe Vitale of UGA Wire.com


Likewise LSU’s season is OVER losing to Florida last week by more than a simple Touchdown.


Florida lost to Kentucky by 11 points at the Swamp 2018.


Trust me on this LSU is # 13 AP Poll this morning and their season is WASTED SHOT GONE DONE finished.


If Kirby loses to LSU our season is OVER.


Any musings to the contrary are so much whistling in the wind past the graveyard.


LSU is a MUST WIN for Kirby and for Jake Fromm.


We have others after LSU who are equally MUST WINS for Kirby and for Jake Fromm.


There is no sense talking about Florida next after LSU who beat LSU last week or talking about Kentucky who beat Florida after that or Auburn after that.


And there is no sense talking about playing Alabama in The SEC Championship Game or the playoff bowl games after that if Kirby and Jake Fromm lose to LSU 3:30 p.m. our time Saturday night in Baton Rouge.


Get it through your thick skull that this is a MUST WIN for us as are the 3 games in a row after LSU and as is Alabama in The SEC Championship Game and as is the first playoff bowl game this 2018 season and of course The National Championship Game Mark Richt did NOT play in 2012.


Jesus Christ Joe Vitale UGA Wire.com you sir are a dumbass DisneyDawgs.com if you think this is NOT a MUST WIN for Kirby and Jake Fromm.


Sure it is just as the next 3 games after LSU are and as is Alabama and the opening round of the playoffs and the NC Game Joe Vitale.


It’s fans like you that hold us back and tell us we are ok with a loss.


No we are NOT.


Dumb shit.


“Georgia can stand to lose this game but it will have to go undefeated the rest of the season and beat Alabama if the Dawgs want any type of special offseason.” Jesus Christ Joe Vitale UGA Wire.com dumb shit.




This mentality that we DON’T have to win has got to end.  Sure we do.


And quit trying to make Mark Richt sound great 2012.  No he wasn’t was he ?


Don’t tell ME how great Mark Richt was 2012 playing # 25 Nebraska in our Bowl Game 2012.





13-16-1 all-time against LSU The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs just have to try to square this back up having lost 2 of the last 3 to LSU. Mark Richt LOST 13-20 to LSU 2009 Mark Richt going only 8-5 in 2009. And Mark Richt LOST to LSU in a blow-out 10-42 to end up only 10-4 in 2011. So this game was pivotal to Mark Richt being fired wasn’t it ?

There are questions about LSU’s quarterback and about LSU’s head coach Ed Orgeron.  Frankly neither are that great.


# 81 on 3rd Down Conversions LSU is not a very good offense are they?

# 114 on Completion Percentage LSU just isn’t a passing team 2018

# 92 in Penalty yards LSU has shot itself in the foot and will look to fix that

# 80 at Kick-Off returns LSU’s special teams haven’t helped them have they ?

# 118 Kick-Off return defense LSU is not any good stopping kick-offs either

# 95 in Passing Offense LSU is one dimensional 2018 aren’t they ?

# 59 in Passing Yards allowed Kirby will not exploit that but try to run right ?

# 50 in Punt Returns Ed Orgeron just has lots of woes right ?

# 69 in sacks allowed LSU expects to have breather vs us since we haven’t done that

# 90 total offense LSU really is just only good on defense right ?

# 34 total defense LSU brings it and looks to shut us down





If we don’t get it going on offense and start out slow again LSU’s defense can dominate a game.


LSU has great talent and has not only stolen great players from Georgia every year but also has stopped us from great success in Louisiana.


I don’t think Ed Orgeron is a very good coach and I don’t think much of his offense either or his special teams.


LSU is poorly coached.


It’s up to Kirby to get his offense passing the football against their weakness.


Fail that and we lose to LSU.



We can’t afford to drop to 13-17-1 vs LSU all-time.


Our season is OVER with a LOSS at LSU Saturday at 3:30 p.m. CBS.


It is said we don’t play good teams 2018.


We do this Saturday at LSU.  Well a good defense against the run anyway Kirby’s strength on offense since he got here.


Kirby has to change his game plans against certain top teams.


THIS is one.


Throw the football Kirby.


Kirby has not exploited weaknesses of defenses but runs the ball only even if that is what they do BEST.





9 SEC teams get votes in Coaches’ Poll 7 in Top 22 including # 1 Alabama and # 2 Georgia week 7 of 2018 LSU # 12. Florida # 16. # 20 – # 22 are Kentucky Auburn and Texas A&M with 67 votes for Mississippi State and 10 votes for South Carolina. In the AP Poll Mississippi State is # 24 for 8 SEC teams top 24 and South Carolina getting votes in others outside top 25 for 9 teams getting votes AP Poll from SEC.





Georgia is picked by 8 points to win at LSU which will make LSU mad as hell and of course they lost to Florida which also motivates LSU.  These are great fans who always welcome us tail gating with them.  I love LSU fans.


I am unconcerned about College GameDay not being in Baton Rouge Saturday.  It will be electric without it.


Wisconsin what a joke.  Michigan what a joke.


I thought The SEC was supposed to be DOWN ?


Not hardly fools.




Jake Fromm was fabulous as Vanderbilt scores last minute touchdown in 41-13 Georgia spread the wealth win. Stanford LSU Oklahoma and Kentucky all 4 LOST their 1st loss of the season. Auburn Oklahoma State and Michigan State all lost their 2nd game this season already now.

Our Strength of Schedule just took a big hit today with all these losses by every one of our opponents.


I cannot gush more about Jake Fromm bouncing back today to remain with a firm hold now on his starting job.



Jordan Rodgers Vandy QB 2011 and 2012 lost to UGA both years on 4 NFL teams never threw NFL pass like Aaron Murray didn’t. Calls the game for SEC Network 7:39 p.m. kick-off Comcast channel 792 and 300. Vandy did well 2011 losing 33-28 to us but 2012 we kicked their asses. Dating Danica Patrick former NASCAR driver.

I don’t think Jordan Rodgers is going to do The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs any favors tonight.  I look especially for him too to jump on the dump Jake Fromm bandwagon and also to talk-up our obvious best QB Justin Fields.


On a side note everyone knows that I selected Justin Fields starting QB at the G-Day Game and I want to say how God Awful it is that Adam Sasser extraordinary baseball player for us .317 batting average with 10 home runs would talk about my man Justin Fields in such fashion.


It just makes me cry.


Danica Patrick has been Jordan Rodgers’ girlfriend since February.  Danica was run off the track at NASCAR.  Different drivers ran her off the track repeatedly.  She was ok driver.  Justin Fields is our best QB and probably EVER.


Adam Sasser is a God Damn FOOL.


One person is better than another person because of their sex or color ?


What stupid bullshit.


That Justin Fields’ career would be marked by this as Danica Patrick’s NASCAR career was, is disappointing to my very core.


Put Justin Fields in as the starting QB Kirby.


Do it now.


Do it for Vandy.


Be ready for


# 53 Vanderbilt tonight all but beat Notre Dame

# 5 LSU next

# 22 Florida then next

# 13 Kentucky after that

# 8 Auburn next


We are NEVER running the gauntlet Vandy LSU Florida Kentucky Auburn with Jake Fromm.




The season hinges on Kirby’s response to this.


I always liked Danica Patrick.  She wasn’t great.  But she damn sure did not deserve to be purposely wrecked out of NASCAR repeatedly by narrow-minded moron bigoted race car driver baseball player or football fan.


Good Lord there are many pursuits where a woman is equal to a man and Danica Patrick certainly was compared to many many NASCAR drivers no better than she.



We are talking about football Adam Sasser.  I had you removed from scholarship and the team and have marked you for your life despite your bullshit phone call to Justin Fields you bastard bigot son of a bitch.


You are a small person Adam Sasser and don’t deserve the stage with Justin Fields.



God Almighty Damn you Adam Sasser.  Stick it up your ass Adam Sasser.


Here we are 2018 and we have to have this discussion again.


Shove it up your ass Adam Sasser.





Can’t talk about the game.  Can’t talk about Justin Fields.


Have to talk about YOU Adam Sasser :  Go screw yourself.



Only 2 teams have won more Bowl Games than Georgia with 31 Bowl Wins. UGA Bulldogs are # 3 all-time in Most Bowl Wins 31.



But before we get to our one bowl game or two bowl games this year we have 5 good tough teams in a row right now.


We have done very well in bowl games.


Go Georgia Bulldogs !



3rd and 9 or longer 14 times for Jake Fromm 2018 sacked 4 times fumbled threw 2 interceptions 6 not complete for 1st Down and made 1st Down Completion only once of 14 tries 2018 by Jake Fromm. SIMPLY AWFUL

Justin Fields time has come.


# 90 Total Offense Jake Fromm with all this talent given him

# 76 Passing Offense 2018 after # 106 last year Jake Fromm

Of our 7 fumbles 5 are Jake Fromm

7 sacks of Jake Fromm 2018



Justin Fields is BETTER than that.


This is making the whole team look bad.



“The number one thing Jake Fromm has to do is protect the ball. What we can’t have is the ball on the ground. We do think he has to protect it well. And he’ll be the first to recognize that if he gets an opportunity to run. Jake is a viable runner. He ran for a lot last year. He hasn’t had that opportunity and instinctively hasn’t taken off yet.” Kirby Smart



There are some tough games coming-up.


  1. Vanderbilt is # 53 in Wes Colley Rankings formerly BCS here
  2. We have # 5 LSU at Death Valley
  3. Then at Florida # 22 down THERE. And they are getting it going aren’t they ?
  4. Then at Kentucky # 13.
  5. Then Auburn # 8  here

I would hate to think that we are purposely keeping our best our most talented our obvious starter at QB on the sidelines with these games coming-up of 5 tough games in a row now.


I believe Kirby sees it.  I know everyone else does.


The opponents have certainly put the pressure on Jake Fromm who has fumbled 5 of our 7 fumbles and Jake Fromm has been sacked 7 times leaving us with the number 76 passing offense 2018.


All this talent and Jake Fromm is # 90 in total offense 2018.


We’re not playing # 90 the next 5 games.




This schedule just got a WHOLE LOT harder for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2018 our next 5 games in a row 4 ranked 3 top 13. Vanderbilt is # 53 Wes Colley Rankings formerly BCS. They beat Middle TN State 35-7 whose only two losses are to Vanderbilt and Georgia 45-7. Number 6 AP Notre Dame beat Vanderbilt 22-17 at Touchdown Jesus.

Vanderbilt is a good solid football team without penalties and a more effective offense than Georgia has with Jake Fromm this season so far. Their passing offense is much more effective than Jake Fromm last year or this year.


We’ve been burned deep last year and this year too.  So Vandy’s passing attack being good is into our secondary.  And into our linebackers who have not helped out our defensive backs on passing downs this year like our linebackers did last year.  Last year our linebackers  could drop back into coverage better.


I read some Bulldog fans who laughed and scoffed that this year we don’t get pressure on opposing quarterbacks.


The time for laughing is OVER.


The opponents have certainly put the pressure on Jake Fromm who has fumbled 5 of our 7 fumbles and Jake Fromm has been sacked 7 times leaving us with the number 76 passing offense 2018.


We are # 48 in penalty yards.  We’ve got issues.  All this talent and all these issues.


All this talent and Jake Fromm is # 90 in total offense 2018.


We’re not playing # 90 the next 5 games :


  1. # 53 Vanderbilt.
  2. Of course after Vanderbilt we have # 5 LSU.
  3. Then Florida # 22 down THERE. And they are getting it going aren’t they ?
  4. Then Kentucky # 13.
  5. Then Auburn # 8 .


The schedule all of a sudden just got a LOT harder.


Didn’t it ?


We can not sit around with slow starts with the next 5 games we play all in a row.


The season is OVER with a LOSS.  You just have to know that.


Start Justin Fields.  Quit the bullshit.