This schedule just got a WHOLE LOT harder for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2018 our next 5 games in a row 4 ranked 3 top 13. Vanderbilt is # 53 Wes Colley Rankings formerly BCS. They beat Middle TN State 35-7 whose only two losses are to Vanderbilt and Georgia 45-7. Number 6 AP Notre Dame beat Vanderbilt 22-17 at Touchdown Jesus.

Vanderbilt is a good solid football team without penalties and a more effective offense than Georgia has with Jake Fromm this season so far. Their passing offense is much more effective than Jake Fromm last year or this year.


We’ve been burned deep last year and this year too.  So Vandy’s passing attack being good is into our secondary.  And into our linebackers who have not helped out our defensive backs on passing downs this year like our linebackers did last year.  Last year our linebackers  could drop back into coverage better.


I read some Bulldog fans who laughed and scoffed that this year we don’t get pressure on opposing quarterbacks.


The time for laughing is OVER.


The opponents have certainly put the pressure on Jake Fromm who has fumbled 5 of our 7 fumbles and Jake Fromm has been sacked 7 times leaving us with the number 76 passing offense 2018.


We are # 48 in penalty yards.  We’ve got issues.  All this talent and all these issues.


All this talent and Jake Fromm is # 90 in total offense 2018.


We’re not playing # 90 the next 5 games :


  1. # 53 Vanderbilt.
  2. Of course after Vanderbilt we have # 5 LSU.
  3. Then Florida # 22 down THERE. And they are getting it going aren’t they ?
  4. Then Kentucky # 13.
  5. Then Auburn # 8 .


The schedule all of a sudden just got a LOT harder.


Didn’t it ?


We can not sit around with slow starts with the next 5 games we play all in a row.


The season is OVER with a LOSS.  You just have to know that.


Start Justin Fields.  Quit the bullshit.





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