9 SEC teams get votes in Coaches’ Poll 7 in Top 22 including # 1 Alabama and # 2 Georgia week 7 of 2018 LSU # 12. Florida # 16. # 20 – # 22 are Kentucky Auburn and Texas A&M with 67 votes for Mississippi State and 10 votes for South Carolina. In the AP Poll Mississippi State is # 24 for 8 SEC teams top 24 and South Carolina getting votes in others outside top 25 for 9 teams getting votes AP Poll from SEC.





Georgia is picked by 8 points to win at LSU which will make LSU mad as hell and of course they lost to Florida which also motivates LSU.  These are great fans who always welcome us tail gating with them.  I love LSU fans.


I am unconcerned about College GameDay not being in Baton Rouge Saturday.  It will be electric without it.


Wisconsin what a joke.  Michigan what a joke.


I thought The SEC was supposed to be DOWN ?


Not hardly fools.