Jake Fromm # 68 Passing Offense and that is just not acceptable for # 8 team in the nation to have that bad a Passing Offense with Jake Fromm.

# 28 Fumbles Lost – our Quarterback can’t hold on to the ball

# 38 Interceptions thrown – our Quarterback throws too many interceptions

# 35 Sacks of our Quarterback – he’s too slow and does NOT hit the open man

# 68 Passing Offense – our Quarterback is more concerned with percentage than throwing football

# 51 Turnover Margin – and we don’t try to throw the football

# 77 Penalties – we’re undisciplined shooting ourselves in the foot



I am sorry but our Quarterback does NOT see the field well.   He has lost 3 games already and could easily lose 3 games this season.  That’s NOT elite.  That’s NOT top 8 in the nation.


This Passing Offense of Jake Fromm is dragging the whole entire team down.


We had this coming.


THIS BLOG told you this would happen with Jake Fromm every day since the G-Day Game.


I was RIGHT again.


Wasn’t I ?


Our Quarterback :

too many sacks

too many fumbles

too many open receivers downfield not completed passes to

too many interceptions

too hesitant to actually throw the God Damn Football







LSU knocked us all the way down from # 2 to # 8 AP Poll which of course puts us behind the 8-ball in our next game against # 11 Florida a week from Saturday then Kentucky who is # 14.

Losing by 3 touchdowns is never any fun.


This is a sobering reminder of just how good a team is when they have played a soft schedule then face good teams.


Eerily it seemed like we were watching a Mark Richt coached team.


We got our asses kicked.


Thanks a lot Jake Fromm.


On the big stage 2018 surrounded by all this talent you got your hat handed to you.


This should not have happened to lose by 3 Touchdowns but there is no time now for worrying about that now with our # 1 Rival Florida up next a week from Saturday.


Right now this has to fester for 2 weeks.


We have 2 ways to respond.


I fear that Kirby has NOT LEARNED his lesson that his passing game sucks.