I guess I would transfer if I were Justin Fields if Kirby did not think that Saturday was a good opportunity for Kirby to give the offense a spark with me.

If EVER there were an opportunity for Kirby to keep his promise to Justin Fields – not to Jake Fromm – it was Saturday afternoon at LSU blown-out by 3 touchdowns when Jake Fromm fumbled the ball threw 2 interceptions was sacked 3 times and threw the ball like shit including failing to see wide open receivers for touchdowns.


It was ONE SORRY PERFORMANCE by Jake Fromm Saturday.


This bullshit by Kirby to NOT let Justin Fields play while Jake Fromm lost his 3rd game and sure to be 3 losses this 2018 season too is too much to explain away with oh well I thought Jake Fromm could lead the comeback.


No you didn’t.  Jake Fromm had to be YANKED in the first half.


Kirby not taking Jake Fromm out is EXACTLY LIKE Mark Richt not taking out Faton Bauta against our # 1 Rival Florida.




The offense was MISERABLE Saturday allowing LSU to score the first 4 scores of the game consecutively with nothing put-up by Jake Fromm.  No answer to any of the 4 scores to start the game.


Time to take Jake Fromm out.


And if NOT then Justin Fields should transfer for Kirby NEVER WILL if not Saturday afternoon at LSU.


Never was it MORE CLEAR than Saturday afternoon at LSU that Justin Fields needs to transfer.


Justin Fields will play on Sundays in the NFL.


Jake Fromm NEVER will.






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