On the road against # 13 team they took the opening possession down the field on you but we held them to a field goal. We do the same right back in their face and instead of tying it up with one of the top kickers in the nation as the # 2 team nationally Kirby refused to tie it up and went for fake field goal from point blank range. The game was over RIGHT THEN. We never overcame that opening field goal by LSU. Kirby did NOT TRY. He quit and made no adjustments and gave up.

Our quarterback the # 68 Passing Quarterback nationally is playing our toughest opponent all season the # 13 team and he is off target misses seeing open receivers fumbles throws interception after interception gets sacked time after time after time and Kirby never lets the nation’s # 1 recruit nationally throw a single pass.


Kirby said the game was OUT OF REACH which is why he FAILED to give Justin Fields ANY ATTEMPT to play at ALL.  It’s bullshit Kirby.  Bullshit boy.


We are having great success running the football have stockpiled both top running backs and top offensive linemen our quarterback is having his worst day ever we’re losing by 2 scores because we failed to kick the field goal instead going for the fake field goal and we tell the quarterback having his worst day ever to throw the ball instead. We punt after punt and never run the ball. They score each time and we don’t answer don’t keep pace. The back-up Quarterback is shown on the sidelines steel in his eyes but Kirby stubbornly refuses to give him a shot instead. Better to get blown-out by 3 touchdowns and not use him than to have folks say I told you so to Kirby that Jake Fromm is NOT our best quarterback as we all saw in the G-Day Game and EVERY game since.


Every 4th down LSU goes for it and not once did we stack the box. Each time their average at best quarterback KILLED us. They had four 4th downs. They went for it all 4 times. They made it all 4 times. We acted like they were going to throw it on 4th down and inches and watched them run it all 4 times mostly just quarterback sneaks.


We went for it on 4th down once and failed. Kirby was out-coached by a guy no one gives ANY respect as coach Ed Orgeron. Ed Orgeron did this to Kirby.


LSU scored the first 4 times in a row to start the game. Kirby had no answer for our offense any of the 4 scores.


There have been nothing but questions for Jake Fromm.


Still Kirby refuses to consider his choice might be WRONG.


After this loss Jake Fromm’s third loss everyone is aware that Jake Fromm is going to lose 3 games this year now. Kirby ? What did Kirby say after this latest loss ? Jake Fromm gave us the best chance to win.  And Jake Fromm has led us on comebacks before.


Then Kirby tries on this lie : “Justin Fields didn’t get to play because the game was out of reach.”


No it wasn’t. Their quarterback ran rings around Jake Fromm.  And Justin Fields should have played.


How easy is that Kirby you stubborn son of a bitch ?


Here give us your crap again Kirby how you are in control ?


Put in Justin Fields.


I wouldn’t say that we fans have turned on Kirby but the facts are that this is the worst coaching job of Kirby’s entire career.


Kirby did not do anything right.





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