Jim McElwain was fired at FU less than 24 hours later after losing to UGA 4 of the previous 7 games. Totally unacceptable as their # 1 Rival. Of course Florida is our # 1 Rival too by a huge large margin. THIS GAME by itself determines the ENTIRE SEASON for BOTH teams.

There is a LOT more on the line than The SEC East Division Championship although Kentucky who beat Florida still has something to say about THAT at # 12 this week too.


# 7 AP Poll Georgia goes DOWN THERE to the site of the annual Gator Bowl Game against the Florida Gators # 9 AP Poll today and frankly not just each team’s season will be decided but in addition one team is propelled BACK into the discussion of how it matches-up with # 1 Alabama whose quarterback has thrown 25 TD to-date this season to zero interceptions.


For Georgia it is what could’ve been.


For Florida too.




Georgia has to go to the site of the annual Gator Bowl Game and win.  A second loss this season including to Alabama in The SEC Championship Game removes Georgia from ANY consideration for the 4-team field.  It’s do or die for Georgia.


Don’t let Florida fool you how much they want this game for it is the SAME.


One obstacle for Georgia 2018 season has been removed with a lowly CUPCAKE beating the shit out of Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Saturday prime time for everyone to witness their 4 TD blowout to a cream puff team even Missouri beat this year but NOT Ohio State.  They’re done.  Put a fork in Ohio State at # 11.  Ohio State can NOT recover from # 11.


Florida if it loses and Georgia if it loses ALSO are out at # 9 and # 7 this week.  The loser drops behind Ohio State whom already is OUT.


The season will be decided by other teams other than # 11 Ohio State and which ever team loses the game Saturday on CBS 3:30 p.m.


17 times I’ve driven down to the Gator Bowl to watch Georgia play Florida.  This year will not be one of those as I have a project here to complete but winning 4 of the last 8 will not coincide with any hope I might have for THIS SEASON.


We are in a MUST WIN situation.


We have to bring it.


Florida’s offense has made Felipe Franks look good which is pretty damn hard to do.  Florida has a fine defense.  Florida wants more than anything to beat Georgia since they fired their coach last year for losing to us.


They fired their coach within a few hours of losing to us.


Dan Mullen knows why he was hired.


Losing to Georgia is totally unacceptable to Florida.


They’re a fine school and have a tremendous athletics’ department.


They are NOT like Alabama.


Florida has it going on.


We better bring it out of the chute.


We are coming-in after a loss in our last game this season.


Florida is NOT.  Florida has not only beat LSU 27-19 but Florida has no loss after today until they would meet Alabama in The SEC Championship Game should they win against us.


Georgia Bulldogs however face-off against Auburn who beat us once last year when we were better and we face-off against Kentucky who beat Florida at the Swamp 27-16.  In fact Kentucky # 12 AP Poll one worse than Ohio State also faces no one after they play Georgia either – like Florida after playing Georgia this year.  So Kentucky as well could be in the catbird seat should they beat Georgia to play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game.


It is looking like Alabama could be in the 4-team playoffs again this year even with a loss in The SEC Championship Game.  The same can NOT be said of Kentucky Georgia or Florida however.


For Georgia and for Florida the entire season boils down to Saturday.  Lose and the loser is OUT.


Win and the winner has an outside chance to get in at # 7 and # 9 this week.


vols are 3 and 4 so they are out.


Vandy for all they have done right in their losses is 3-5 also out.


Missouri at 4-3 only beat Purdue on their home field where Ohio State just got kicked from pillar to post by 4 TD.


We still need a LOT of help at # 7 to get back in this this season.


College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings come out after this game Saturday.


The SEC still has 2 possible playoff teams today in LSU and Alabama.  Clemson is in right now and Notre Dame would be the 4th today.


Georgia Oklahoma and Florida all need help to get in but it is true that another loss by any of them would put them OUT.


Alabama plays at LSU next week after both have a bye week this week like Florida and Georgia did last week.  Alabama could lose that game and still be in.  LSU can not.  LSU lost to Florida the week before they beat the shit out of us.  We were embarrassed humbled and blown-out last week and frankly Kirby made NO EFFORT to try to get in the game falling behind early and trying to make NO ADJUSTMENT.


Florida saw all that.


Florida saw they can jump on us and we give up on our game plan and that our starting QB can not begin to pass the God Damn Football.  Florida also saw that they can run the football on us.  And that they can pass the ball against us.  It’s a bad time for us to face Florida.  It’s not only a good time for them to face us but it’s a good place to face us too the site of the annual Gator Bowl.


Jake Fromm has thrown only 13 TD 4 interceptions been sacked ten times rushed 19 times for minus – 39 yards and has had 8 of our team’s 12 fumbles this season in addition.  It has not only been a SORRY YEAR for Jake Fromm 2018 who has NOT BEAT ANY GOOD TEAM but Justin Fields has out-performed Jake Fromm every game 2018 including the G-Day Game but Kirby refuses to play him.  Faton Bauta ?  I don’t expect Kirby to pull a Mark Richt this week on that one.


Kirby has been slow on the uptake 2016 2017 and 2018.  Lose this game and we can TALK ABOUT 2019 season early this year.






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