Mark Richt 58 years old has a worse winning percentage at Miami of Florida in a far easier conference than Kirby. Kirby Smart 43 years young has a .765 winning percentage at Georgia. So all the Mark Richt Apologists who said we made an indefensible decision to FIRE Mark Richt find that indeed Kirby Smart is doing better now 4 years later. It was THIS TIME 4 years ago that THIS BLOG turned-up the heat on Mark Richt PRIOR to the Florida game.

Mark Richt 58 yrs old Miami of Florida is 24-9 at Miami of Florida

Kirby Smart 43 yrs young Georgia is 26-8 at Georgia .765


Mark Richt was knocked-out of the AP Poll top 25 with his LATEST but certainly not last loss to an unranked CUPCAKE which is what he is now unranked in the AP Poll Top 25 Mark Richt Miami of Florida. LOST to CUPCAKE Virginia last week whom even also-ran SEC team Missouri beat.


I thought I would GLOAT about ALL this.


And to rub salt in those wounds of such Mark Richt fans as I had the pleasure of taking on and utterly destroying online for his last entire 8 years here at Georgia during which time Mark Richt lost to 12 such UNRANKED CUPCAKES like Virginia last week and like he is too in the AP Poll top 25 today. That is to say that Mark Richt is a CUPCAKE unranked team in the AP Poll Top 25 today.


I thought you should know.


2008 to 2015 Mark Richt lost 12 unranked teams time game or season, # 37 vs top 10 season, # 42 vs top 25 for season, # 38 vs top 25 time game, and # 45 vs top 15 time game. # 45 with the average # 7 talent.  Mark Richt was a classic underachiever at Georgia his last entire 8 years here.


Wasn’t he ?




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