Urban Meyer is under considerable pressure at Ohio State for 2 reasons now. First of course he LIED to EVERYONE about the spousal abuse of the wife of one of his coaches for the last decade during which time Urban Meyer’s wife a nurse stated to the abused wife that she would step-up for her. And now for the just awful horrible loss to a team even has-been SEC team Missouri beat. The cupcake beat Ohio State in Urban Meyer’s last game by MORE than 4 TD. Coaches’ Hot Seat.com ranks Urban Meyer # 22 in the top 25 of most embattled coaches on the verge of being FIRED with cause. Urban Meyer you recall was kicked-out as coach at Ohio State earlier this season for 3 games. Now it seems he has even more problems with his coaching. Or is it that the kids have NO RESPECT for Urban Meyer nor his wife now ?




Urban Meyer is paid $ 7 million 600 hundred thousand dollars per year. This is not what Ohio State expects for such sums I can assure you.


Gus Malzahn is # 7 Coaches’ Hot Seat.com today making $ 7 million dollars a year.


Paul Johnson is # 9 Coaches’ Hot Seat.com today.


Dan Mullen is paid $6 million 103 thousand dollars per year for the next six years.


This ranks Dan Mullen # 8 in highest paid college football coaches today.


1 Nick Saban Alabama 67 yrs old SEC $12,000,000

2 Dabo Swinney Clemson 49 ACC $8,500,000

3 Jim Harbaugh Michigan 55 Big Ten $8,000,000

4 Urban Meyer Ohio State 54 Big Ten $7,600,000

5 Jimbo Fisher Texas A&M 53 SEC $7,500,000

6 Gus Malzahn Auburn 53 SEC $7,000,000

7 Kirby Smart Georgia 43 SEC $7,000,000

8 Dan Mullen 46 Florida Gators SEC $6,103,000






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